Happy Monday! I’m sorry I have no stamping for you today. As some of you know, my oldest daughter had an accident at work yesterday morning and I’ve been running around making doctor appointments and and trying to get radiology reports faxed here and there. For those of you who don’t know, my oldest daughter, Kate, was diagnosed with epilepsy close to two years ago. We believe she may have had a seizure yesterday morning, fell off the stool she was sitting on and the concrete floor came up and met her in the face. When she finally woke up, her employer had already called EMS, who arrived within a few minutes time and they were quickly on their way to ER. They were able to call us once Kate came too, and EMS was practically out the door with her. I have to say, when I finally got to the ER and saw my daughter lying there my heart fell to the floor. She was such a pitiful sight. Thank goodness this happened very shortly after she arrived at work and not while she was driving. Luckily she came away with only a broken nose, a few gashes from her glasses (7 stitches) and a busted lip.

Anyhoo, in lieu of stamping today, and after seeing Leslie’s pictures of her garden over on her blog, I walked around the yard a few minutes ago and took a few pictures. Spring has come to the Ohio Valley!!! These are the last of my daffodils, they were in full bloom a few weeks ago. But, what I did find was my lilac bush and weeping cherry tree in bloom today! Ah I love spring time. Now just need to find the time to get out and dig in the dirt a little. Nothing rejuvenates me more than playing in the dirt and getting those first plants out for the growing season — I always feel like I’ve come home!



weeping cherry

14 Responses to “In Bloom!”

  1. Oh no! Poor Kate! I hope she’s feeling better and has a full and unevenful recovery. Hugs to you, I can’t imagine what its like to see you baby laying there in the hospital.

    Your flowers are gorgeous! My daffodils peeked up in Jan, when we had a warm trend, and didn’t recover. I’ll have to wait for next year for them to come up.

  2. Sherry I am so very sorry to hear about your daughter! Thank goodness she wasn’t driving when this happened! And also I have to send a big thank you for sharing your lilac photo!! It made my day. I LOVE lilacs, I grew up in Michigan and they were my favorite sign that spring had finally sprung – now I live in Texas, and while we have plenty of other flowery lovelies in the spring, I so miss the lilacs! Please do me a favor and smell it for me when it’s in full bloom! 🙂 (PS… you don’t know me, I just stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago, loved it and had to subscribe to your email list!!) 🙂

  3. Oh Sherry.. I hope she is feeling better soon!

  4. Sherry, I am so glad that Kate didnt get hurt worse and that she has you to take care of her! What a lucky girl she is:)

    Beautiful flowers!

  5. So sorry to hear about Kate. My thoughts are with your family. Take care!

  6. Sherry, So sorry to hear about Kate and glad she didn’t get hurt worse! Hope you are doing well – a mother’s continual worry! The flower pictures are awesome – thanks for posting them. Take care.

  7. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. So thankful that she will be alright, and yes, that she wasn’t driving or anything else worse didn’t happen.

    BTW, the flowers are just gorgeous!

  8. Bless her heart…I hope she is doing much better in the coming days.

  9. Sorry to hear about your daughters accident. Your flowers are really beautiful! Nothing is blooming here yet, we might even get snow this week! It is nice to see that spring is around the corner!

  10. Give Kate some hugs from Florida! How scary! On a different note, your pics are so gorgeous!

  11. hugs to you and your dd.

    the pics are gorgeous!! thanks for sharing them!

  12. Sending some hugs your way Sherry and to your daughter Kate. I wish her a speedy recovery! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! With freezing temperatures headed back my way…I love seeing the glimpse of spring!

  13. Hope your daughter is doing a lot better…. What a terrible story….saying prayers for both of you!

  14. I really feel for you and your daughter, Sherry! That’s pretty hard on both of you! A similar thing happened to me in 1990–surprise!!! Out of the blue, a grand mal seizure. I was at work and fell head first into a door. Scared the heck out of everyone! Gorgeous flowers–you know I love them! Mmmmmmm, I can smell those lilacs!

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