I’m so excited and I just couldn’t wait to show you this picture!  Sydney and I had to make a little road trip this morning — Mallory forgot her lunch and mom doesn’t do anything during the day at all!  When we got back home and walked through the side yard, I was ecstatic!  The daylilies are blooming — WOO HOO!


By looks of things in a few days I should have a sea of orange.  I can hardly wait!  I will have some stamping for you later today — what I did have unfortunately can’t be used today.  So, I’m in the studio creating but wanted to share!

5 Responses to “Oh My Badness!”

  1. I can tell from this picture that your yard must be gorgeous! I love that beautiful orange!

  2. i love your hydrangea “annabelle” even more.
    i have tried to put one in my yard last year and managed it to kill the plant. the store was quite surpised that and asked how i did that? great 🙂 this so far to my gardening skills

  3. The day lilies are beautiful. I love them. I had some back in our house when we were stationed in Germany.

  4. Your garden looks beautiful! My day lilies aren’t even close to blooming yet.

  5. Oh, Sherry! I didn’t see this before! Oh, my! My daylilies are still waiting to exhale. Tons of buds, though. I’d love to see your garden!

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