Jul 092007

Happy Monday! I’ve been buried in the studio that last few days stamping away. The only problem is, I have nothing that I can show you! I’m working on projects for my last uploads to the Splitcoast Fan Club Gallery. It’s hard to believe that my rotation is coming to an end – these last six months have flown by.

Yesterday I had a few requests both by email and comments on the blog, to give you my opinion of Copic markers. I do have a very small set of the Prisma markers, which is what I first bought. I used them a few times and I really had a difficult time getting them to blend well. The tips are broad at one end and a fine point at the other. I think I colored one card with them. The ink took a little while to dry. I smeared it with my hand – so much for those. After reading up on the Copics and seeing what others were doing, I actually purchased them without even trying them. I knew that I wanted something that I could blend well and had vibrant colors. I purchased all four sets of the Copic Ciao Markers from My Favorite Things one day while browsing the website. They had some of the best prices that I had found. The Copic Ciao Markers have a brush tip like the Stampin’ UP! Markers on one end and a wider (chisel) tip on the other end. The wide tip can be used for making broad lines, skinny lines, etc. The major factor that led me to the Copics, is that they are refillable and the tips can be replaced. I have already used two of the markers up in their entirety and need to order refill ink as soon as I can.

I can’t recommend what sets you would need if you were only going to buy a couple. There is a wonderful color chart on the Copic website and I would advise looking them over and picking what set of colors you work most with. I myself, being the color addict that I am, had to have them all at one time.

Now, I understand the Copic Sketch markers work with an airbrush system but they are pricier than the Ciao. What I did find the other day was that I could hold the Ciao close to the Stampin’ UP! Color Spritzing Tool and it worked. The marker won’t fit into the barrel, but if you can hold the marker and the tool with one hand, with the marker adjusted at the right angle, they will spritz very well.

Copic markers have been around for some time. They are the markers that illustrators and professional artists have used for years. Stampers are just now finding the markers and using them for coloring. They cannot be colored on your stamps like water-based markers and some black inks will bleed. I have found the best black ink for use with the Copic markers is either Adirondack Pitch Black or Brilliance Graphite Black. Different inks work with different papers.

While I’m answering questions, I was asked many months ago what I use as dimensionals. I use simple mounting tape that comes in rolls in the picture frame department of discount stores. It’s typically used for hanging posters, pictures, bulletin boards, etc. I can cut the length I need and then just peel the backing off. I have found it in 1″ wide rolls and half inch rolls. Just recently I found a very large roll at Home Depot. That is one of my many errands I need to run this week – I’m almost out of mounting tape.

I apologize for taking a little long in getting the answer out to you about the mounting tape. Have a great day and hopefully I’ll have some stamping for you in the next few days!

By the way, what do you think of my new banner? I made it myself — yep uh huh, pattin’ myself on the back here. My daughter’s boyfriend brought her some roses on Friday and while I hand the camera in had I started making some pictures. The background is one of the roses from the bouquet just cropped, highlighted, etc.

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