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  1. I have two. The last Valentine’s Day that my mom was alive she gave me a little pillow that says I love you on it. I have it sitting right where I can see it now. The other is my first anniversary with my DH. He got me a fabulous 3 stone anniversary ring…I love it! And, I love your card today…that is something I would totally give my husband…I may have to look at getting those stamps!

  2. My most memorable Valentines Day gift was a weekend away in the mountains. My boyfriend and several of our friends al rented a cabin and off we went. Once we got there is snowed 12 inches and we ended up having to stay an extra day to dig our cars out so we could get home!

  3. My “real” gold necklace when I was in junior high … I still have the charm.

  4. The most memorable gift I received was from my then boyfriend (now DH!). I was a little miffed at the fact that it didn’t seem he’d gotten me anything (no card – nothing!) and quickly kissed me on the eay out the door to work. We had plans for dinner later, so I thought maybe I’d see at least a card then.

    I finished getting ready for work nd grabed my purse to head out the door. As I reached into my purse for my keys, I realized there was something else in there – a little wrapped present. I opened it up to find diamond earrings! Sneaky guy! He loves surprising me though and it’s fun!

  5. The most wonderful Valentine gift I’ve received is my engagement ring! My boyfriend had been sending me flowers for 4 years and suddenly he misses Valentine’s Day? I was a tad miffed. Then he shows up at dinner with a fuzzy, velvet rose. What the heck? Inside was my diamond. That memory still gives me tingles almost 13 years later.

  6. I had a boyfriend in jr. high that, for about three years, gave me a gigantic heart shaped box full of chocolate candy. I was embarrassed at the time, but now I remember it fondly! What awesome treats!

  7. When my dh and I were very newly dating, he cancelled a ski trip with the guys and stayed home to cook me a gourmet dinner, complete with chocolate flourless cake for dessert! thanks for the chance…

  8. I would love to volunteer to be your someone to send the chili pepper card! LOL
    My youngest daughter was born on Valentine’s Day. How could anything top that?

  9. You most definately were productive–cute card! As to my favorite Valentine gift, there is no specific one, rather just the memories of my father giving me one every year, even after I was married. I always felt so special because it didn’t matter if I had a romantic interest at the time or not, I knew that I would always be his sweetheart!

  10. great card even if you used the wrong pen. what an offering! I remember one year my DH left me ‘clues’ sort of like a scavenger hunt with little goodies along the way in the house. eventually it led me to our linen closet where he had my bigger gifts with balloons & other decorations all in there, it was cute.

  11. Valentine’s Day always reminds me of the boxes we would decorate in school to hold our valentines. I can’t really recall a gift standing out in my mind for this day; just the decorated boxes.

  12. I love your card. It is so, so adorable. My husband snuck into my office while I was out, and when I came back I found a teddy bear on my chair holding a box with a gold necklace.

  13. Well my most favorite gift isn’t really original but it was such a unexpected surprise that it made me love it all the more. The last time my hubby was deployed to Iraq he ordered online for me a massaging foot bath and of course flowers with a note saying he knows I’m working so hard taking care of our 3 kids that I deserved some “me” time! I was truly impressed! Thanks for the chance at some tawdry treats! {SMILES}

  14. My most memorable Valentine’s day gift was the year I turned 13. We had just moved from WI to Florida, to live with my new step father, and I was feeling pretty crappy about it. I didn’t like my step father, as he was quite mean. My mom gave me a snowglobe that had a unicorn inside of it (I love unicorns) and it had hearts as the *snow* part. She gave me a card that talked about how she loved me no matter what and how no matter how hectic things were she still cared about me. I still have the snow globe even though most of the water leaked out of it from somewhere, can’t part with it..lol

  15. Well, Sherry, you could send the card to me. hehe 🙂 Just kidding. My most memorable Valentine’s gift would have to be the blind date my mom set me up with one year for our church dinner with the youth pastor’s best friend. Long story, but needless to say, Dec 29th that same year, I married the man 🙂 and my mom passed away 5 months later.

  16. LOL….Long story, but my ex husband did NOT buy jewelry (bad investment)…I am a Star, Sun, Moon Freak and I love purple and never wear yellow gold….ok, so that is the back story. One year I was cruising the jewelry store and saw a White Gold, Amethyst Star Pendant! (WOW, TOTALLY Made for Me!) Soooooo, I gave the lady $10 to put it on layaway, went home and told DH (not so dear) what he was buying me for VDay! 🙂 He didn’t have the nerve to cross me on that one! 😀 I still have the necklace and wear it often!!!

  17. a song played out in his gruff voice, with a guitar and on the phone..we were on two corners of the country.

    I still can hear the guitar play ( i try to ignore the toad voice that comes with the memory :))

    Thanks for the treats Sherry!

    Love the hot stuff card! that is so in the spirit of valentine!

  18. I was in college and dating a young man – not my husband. He was very unusual in his “creative gifts”. Well, before I continue, let me tell you that I love, love, love tuna fish. I can eat it three times a day and then some! Instead of candy or flowers, he brought me a case of TUNA FISH!!!! It was fabulous!

  19. Fabulous card Sherry, love that heart background!!

  20. I was a terrific “champion” marble shooter when I was a kid. I’d always win. We shot marbles in a circle drawn in the dirt and if your shooter knocked anyone’s marbles out of the circle AND yours stayed in, you won all the knocked out marbles. Me and this kid named Kenneth got into a shooter’s match and he won, taking all my marbles. The next day just happened to be Valentines Day and he showed up with a Crown Royal bag of marbles but said he wasn’t gonna kiss me cause I wasn’t a regular girl, I was his shooting buddy. And beside, my big brother woulda whipped him! I still have the bag AND the marbles.

  21. I don’t know if this is a sweet story or it’s sad that this is best I can offer up, but anyway…at my high school, one of the student clubs had this fundraising drive every Valentine’s Day where you could purchase three carnations – one red, one white, and one pink – for like $3 and they would deliver them to the student you chose. Well my freshman year I received some of these flowers, along with a little card, from a boy named Sean, who was new to the school and was sending me the flowers to thank me for being so welcoming. I had no idea I’d had any impact on him and I was so touched. And that, 12 years later, remains the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received!

    P.S. Don’t worry about the glitter instead of glaze pen – IMHO, a little sparkle has NEVER made a card worse!

  22. To tell you the truth I never get valentine gifts. My husband treats me like it’s valentines every day.

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  24. Hi Sherry, the most memorable valentine gift I had was from my first boyfriend, he bought me flowers as he said I was too fat for chocolates, needless to say, I dumped him ( I wasn’t fat either) Andrea

  25. I have to say Valentine’s Day is not normally that memorable for me. We don’t make that big of deal out it.

    Probably the most memorable is getting the flowers at work instead of him carrying them in from the street vendor ; )

    I have to admit that I haven’t given him anything wow either.

    Now that I’m depressed……..I better go eat some chocolate!

  26. This is the cutest! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Love the Hot Stuff card!! Don’t remember a particular Valentine’s Day, my DH makes them all “special”.

  28. I have two that rate right up there as the best. The first was my engagement ring and the second was a trip to Myrtle Beach including air tickets, a great place to stay and lots of extra. Besides the first- engagement ring – this one has been too much to beat!

    You have to understand two things: 1) how much I love to go to Mrytle Beach and 2)that it was all arranged, paid for, and a card made with “tickets” included without me knowing or suspecting anything.

  29. Love this…esp. the sponging around the corners (it tones down those peppers!). My best Valentine’s Day gift? Hmm…I dunno. See my husband has spent over 100 dollars on a box of chocolates…these chocolates were primarily truffles and alcoholic. I am a cheap gal and prefer milk chocolate and peanut butter (Reese’s are great for that!). In the end, DH ended up eating all those chocolates (since he loves them!)…he just won’t learn that it ain’t the cost of the gift but what I would like. He always says he couldn’t imagine buying me a cheap gift for Valentine’s or our anniversary but as I said…I am a cheap gal! Ideally this year he will get me some flowers from the supermarket (roses are so overpriced in February!) and some chocolate bars from the counter near the till!

  30. What great treats!!!
    Hmmm, we don’t really do V day gifts…we usually go eat and get each other our favorite chocolates….we do make it a special day.

  31. Awesome card!

    My most memorable valentines day was when my husband *then boyfriend* made me an apple pie (he knew it was my favorite!)

    And…..it was really good!

    That pretty much sealed the deal! lol!

  32. My most memorable gift was when a quartet arrived at my workplace an proceeded to sing love songs to me, like “let me call you sweethart”, and fools rush in. This was before 911 so they were allowed into our building and sang in front of my other30 someodd workers.

  33. This is a hard one…..I guess it would be when we were dating, some 40 odd years ago, and he brought me the typical big fancy heart with candy, and a lacy card….just what you would expect for a Valentine. It must have worked, we’ve been married 40 years and counting and are still in love!
    Mary Puskar

  34. I would have to say the most memorable is a dozen rose bushes. It was the year that we moved into our house and I had been looking at shrubs and trees to add to our bare yard so, I told my husband that I would love a rose bush for the front yard instead of the normal cut roses that he gives me. When I got home from work that day sitting on my dining table was this big huge box. I opened not having a clue what was inside, I could not believe it but inside was a dozen rose bushes in every color I could think of. If we have a fuss, I know that he is really sorry when he brings one in a vase on the counter.

  35. Ok, here’s my 100% honest story. My now husband, then fairly new boyfriend sent me a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day. I’m at the gynecologist who asks me if I “need birth control” to which I say no thanks. He asks me if I am dating and I say yes, my boyfriend just sent me a dozen roses and I’m all excited telling him and he says “A dozen roses = birth control in my book.”

    Seriously, this happened!

  36. I just found your blog today! I am new to card making and stamping and I just love the cards you make. Such an inspiration.

    Anyhoo, my best valentine’s memory is actually last year when I made a cake and my son put valentine sprinkles on it for when his dad got home from work.


  37. My then boyfriend, now husband surprised me and cooked dinner and then had I love you spelled out in roses for me. What a great day!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  38. Love your Hot Stuff card ! Sorry to say I do not remember a memorial valentines day , I sure wish I did but nothing sticks in my mind .

  39. Hot Stuff is one hawwwt valentine, Sherry! I love it!
    My favorite Valentine was a dinner out with my (now) hubby, when we were just dating. It wasn’t really a fabulous restaurant … just one that became our favorite. I guess I’m just a softie, eh?


  40. Looks like you have a lot to look forward too… new space for your stamping – yahoo! I love the red hot chilli peppers card. Thanks for sharing!
    My husband has done a lot for me and we have had many romantic valentines days… the one I remember the most was our first valentines day as a couple… we had only been going out for a few weeks at that time… he brought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses and took me to Dairy Queen. Then we went walking in Stanley park (when we lived in Vancouver) and he said, “What do you think about marrying me?” I was so stunned because like I said, we had only been going out for a few weeks… I said, “Ah! I think we should see other people!” His face went green. I went home and told my parents and they made me run after him and make things okay. We didn’t get engaged that day, but we did about a month later and six months later we were married. Now it has been 14 years of marriage and going strong!
    Thanks for sharing!
    [email protected]

  41. Besides red roses and chocolates, I think my most favorite Valentine came from my best friend back in Jr. High who gave me a big stuffed White polar bear with a big red bow around his neck. He was the cutest:)

  42. My most memorable Valentine’s was when my husband and I were dating–we broke up and went back together all of the time. He gave me a Valentine’s card and gift. I opened the card and it said “let’s break up”. He said he was kidding, but who knows. Somehow we made it thru it—our 40th anniversary is January 19th.
    I liked your story about your daughter moving out and using her room. When my daughter got married, she came back to the house the next day and was very upset that her room was already a sewing room.

  43. My best Valentine’s Day gift was from my husband the first year we were married. It was a cushioned toliet seat. Some may think that it wasn’t very romantic, but it was very comfortable and got plenty of use!

  44. hey Sharon, my hubby gave me a padded toilet seat one year for Christmas (I asked for a basketball hoop). I have never forgiven him. We dont do Valentines day for just this reason.

  45. My best valentine’s day gift was given to me in 1999. First, a quick recap to that point up to 1999…there was a boy, he really liked me…but I was taken. We became friends in 1995. He used to tell me he would marry me some day. I used to call him when I was leaving my hometown returning back to university. I got engaged to another boy. Things didn’t go very well. My friend (the first boy in the story) supported me through the ups and downs. I broke up with my fiance. I moved in with a friend from work (yet another boy *lol*) things didn’t last long. Now, flash forward to January 1999. This boy, the one who said he would marry me way back when…announces he was single. I too, for once was single. On February 14th, 1999, he sent me virtual flowers. They were the very first virtual flowers I had ever received. He wanted me to know that he cared for me and if I wanted to go out on a date with him. I replied and said yes. 4 months later we were engaged, a year later we were married, and 9 years later we are still together and love each other more with every day! Recounting that TOTALLY just made me smile. Thanks for asking that special question.

  46. Wow, my most memorable has to be when I was a Senior in HS. My HS sweetheart had so painstakingly gone to so much trouble, he gave me a little kid valentine day card, after I had thought he’d forgotten all day long, then we went for a ride, and it was a scavenger hunt of sorts. We ended up behind his house, up on a hill that over looked the valley of our little town, I still to this day remember that incredible sunset. After all the chocolate and flowers were exchanged, and sparkling cider of course, some smoochin’…………LOL I thought we had an amazing night. But to my surprise another gift came out, a small box, which of course I knew was jewelery………..a beautiful black hills gold ring, (which I still have to this day) After all the oohing and awing over it, and a few more kisses, he proudly put my ring on my finger a promise of forever……………(hmmm at least we both thought so) LOL NOT. But after arriving home and going in the house to show my mom in excitement, I didn’t have the ring on. I burst into too tears…….my sweet sweet boyfriend went back to the hill with a flash light and searched forever, but still no ring, he looked for days and yes he did finally find it, OH my knight in shining armor……….:) I will never forget that, in fact I still have that goofy little valentine, and it was 18 yrs ago. Oh to be young and in love again!

  47. My hubby usual gets me flowers for valentines day and that’s memorable to me because he rarely surprises me with flowers!!! Thanks for the chance at winning such awesome candy!! 🙂

  48. Ohh, what wonderful treats. The most memorable gift I received is a pair of Nike sneakers, knew at that point the relationship was over.

  49. my fiance got me pretty ring (xoxoxo with diamonds) that is my first valentine gift from him.. and second valentine gift is drop earring with beautiful diamonds… he doing wonderful job gifts ..

    thanks for chance awesome candy!!! :))


  50. Mine was 4 years ago when my hubby bought me a house…we closed and our first night in our new house was Valentine’s Day… I substitute taught and when the students were getting cards, flowers, and candy delivered they asked me what I got for V-day, I replied ‘….only a house!’ The look on their faces was priceless! 🙂 Thanks for the chance! By the way, love the v-day card!

  51. When I was 7 I got 2 goldfish for Valentine’s Day and I was so excited! I named one of them Jumpy but never named the other!

  52. Love the card! Wow sweet candy you have for your readers. My favorite is when my daughter had to get this special ring for ME! She asked her dad everyday when they were going to get it for me. Of course she started asking him 4 weeks in advance. If she only knew that men wait till the last minute. It was a beautiful ruby heart with diamonds. Thanks for a chance.
    [email protected]

  53. My most memorable Valentines gift (the ONLY one I can actually remember) wasn’t even really a gift, I mean don’t get me wrong the same year I got a beautiful white gold necklace but the fact that after I had fallen asleep my DH went into my stamp room and painstakingly hand crafted a Valentines card (even figuring out how to work the cuttlebug) is the most wonderful and touching thing I’ve ever received on V-Day!

  54. Sherry- love the Valentine card, those peppers are hot girl!!
    Been receiving your updates from your blog and really enjoying your cards and humor!
    One of my most memorable Valentines is one from four years ago. We really never celebrated V-day with gifts , usually just cards. I opened the one from my husband …and it was a hand made card! My husband actually used my craft supplies to make me a card! It had 2 layers and he used stamps. I was stunned. Not only because he took the time to make it, he’s a total sports fan, not artist, but he figured out my papercutter and actually found his way around my craft table and supplies!

  55. I just saw the other post! I think Kris and my dh deserve a medal- most men wouldn’t dare go into their wife’s craft area!! ;O)

  56. So this sticks out: I was dating this guy in HS. I can’t remember his name. I was, until I met DH, a horrible comitment phobe! So this guy and I are dating and he’s nice enough.

    Valentines day comes up, I get him some cologne or something boring and he gets me a DIAMOND NECKLACE I mean we are like 17!!! So you know what I had to do… Yea, I gave it right back and walked out of his life. FREAK.

    At least I thought FREAK at the time. Looking back I feel badly, I probably broke that poor guy’s heart. Oh well, maybe he saved it for some girl who would appreciate it. Like his mom or something.

    on a better note:
    last year DH made this card that was really a book and it was a story about how he and the boys love me told all in stamps! ADORABLE!!! That’s the BEST Valentines Day gift I ever got.

  57. Love your work thanks to kittie for passing along your blog.

    My most memorable valentine gift. hmm well I have always thought of valentines day as a made up holiday and never expected a gift. we usually just celebrate it with a nice dinner together and enjoying one anothers company. My husband does give me a card that he spends a long time searching for in the store that I do know.

    But if I have to say the most memorable it would be the years as a grade schooler when we would go around the room putting the little valentines in our handmade valentines bags and boxes at our desk. then later looking over all of them.

  58. My DH took pieces of an old map and taped them around a Styro ball. He ‘made’ me a card on which he wrote “If I could, I would give you the world”. He’s a keeper….

  59. A few yrs back i received a big box with a bunch of lil boxes wrapped inside all with diff gifts from jewelry ,chocolates ,pjs,Tickets to a movie,A whole bunch of stuff IT was great I loved it !!!!!!!

  60. mine would have to do last years, as it was first time ever ever ever i had got anything for valentines off anybody ( first time for a card aswell) , well OH surprised me! he got me white gold diamond earrings!!!! bling bling lol later on i found the receipt £350!!! i could of killed him. but i do love them and he thought of me , as i said i always wanted some decent diamond earrings but had to be in white gold for the wedding.

  61. For me it was last year when my 12 yr old son made me a clay pink pig on a heart shaped mud. (you can see it in my inspiration station thread on my blog)
    I absolutely love it! He is so talented and has made me several clay figures, the this one with mud dripping off the pig’s nose is just the cutest!!

  62. Hi Sherry – love your card – thanks for enabling me to go to Rubbernecker so frequently – my wallet and checkbook are now flat.

    Valentine gift? Ya know, I can’t think of any Valentine gifts – ever! Is that sad or what. My dad’s birthday was Valentine Day, but he wasn’t a gift.

    Can I qualify for the prize just on “Poor me”?

    Lovin’ your creations always – this one is no exception!


  63. I would say my most memorable Valentine gift is when my children were in grade school and they would make Valentine cards at school for us. I miss those!

  64. The all time favorite Valentine’s gift, was my engagement ring…that was 7 years ago. During my Feb./March break from College, I went to Ontario to visit my boyfriend at his college…I brought the ring with me (I didn’t know I had it though). Then a few days later we went for a walk and he proposed to me, it was a Valentine’s belated gift, but it didn’t matter to me. I said yes, and we will be married for 8 years this June :)!

    Thanks for this chance at some great treats :)!

    [email protected]

  65. Hello! That stamp set would be perfect for my husband since he loves hot things. My most memorable Valentine was on our first Valentine Day together, my boyfriend(now my husband Matt) told me to meet him at a newby restraurant. So my sister dropped me off, as I was on my way in, there was a limo sitting along side the restraurant and Matt got out. He called over to me. What a shock. I had been thinking about it all week, but never in a million years would I ever had thought of that. He then escorted me in the limo and went to a different Restraurant. At the table there was a vase of red roses, which had a envelope with a card, it had be delivered there by him. As we were waiting for our meal, he asked if he could play something on there piano. It was pretty special because it was the piano where his former piano teacher always plays. After that we took a ride around the town and then were dropped off at a mall with a movie theater. We went to a movie. After the movie he drove me home. I gave him a card but he wanted to open it later. I signed the card “I love you”. At that point in our lives, I hadn’t told him that yet even knowing that I did. I come from a family that never hugs or tells that we love each other. He comes from one that does hug and tell you that they love you. He said this was our first Valentines Day together so he wanted to make it special even though he was not real rich. We probably will never ride in a limo again, but we still have the memory. Anyway thanks for the chance for the treats.

  66. My most memorable valentines present was a book made by my niece Taylor. She was 4 at the time, and she wanted to put together a book for me, so she and her mom sat down and drew pictures and wrote a story for me. It is completely adorable. Of course, Taylor insisted on doing all the writing, so every time I have her read it to me, the story changes, because there are no words, just scribbles. It is the cutest thing ever. I keep it wrapped in a plastic bag, so nothing ever happens to it. Running a close second, is my dog Sophie. She was a present from my husband, Travis, last year and the light of my life, besides my nieces!!

  67. Great card!!! I love the colors! My most memorable Valentine’s Day was last year when my two boys snuck in my craft room and each made me a card. They couldn’t wait to give them to me on valentine’s day.

  68. Great card! And great candy!!! I don’t really have a memorable Valentine but I do remember that every year my husband gets me flowers and a card and now my daughter always makes me a card (stamped, of course) and a little something. I guess what’s memorable is they never forget.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. Oh I love your hot chili peppers card. that is too cute, HOT and sizzlin lol. One Valentine I remember, 1st yr. living on my own (1980), barely affording an apt. with a roommate, a boyfriend that could care less if it was Valentines. My parents moved very suddenly, I had no preparation, nothing to my name. In those days it wasn’t quite as big as now, but mainly between ‘ lovers’, husbands and wives etc. This parcel came for me, it was such a surprise, my mom had mailed me a valentines card and a big rug hooking to hang on my wall. I was thrilled as we barely had furniture, let alone anything on the walls and it was my first Valentines gift from my mom. We missed each other miserably.
    HAPPY DAY 🙂 [email protected]

  70. What a fabulous and hot card for Valentine’s Day. Love your sense of humor!

    My favorite Valentine’s gift came from my dad when I was a little girl. He wasn’t big into gift-giving leaving that task to my mom, but one year he surprised me with a little sterling silver bracelet and jade turtle charm. That was at least 30 years ago and I still cherish that small gift.

    Take care – Regina

  71. Hi Sherry,
    “Hot Stuff” is a perfect valentine! I have lots of lovely Valentine memories, but my favorite is a letter my DH gave me one year when we were both working like crazy and seemed to be like ships passing in the night. He wrote how he was always thinking of me and how when we were together was the best part of every day for him! It just melted my heart and I still treasure it!

  72. I still wear it on my left hand!

  73. When I was about 7 my first True Love gave me a silver heart shaped locket with his picture inside!! I still have it in my Jewelry box. I wore it for years. We were always together he was my best friend.
    Tragically he died when we were 15.

  74. When I was 11 or 12 years, I got a watch from my mom. It was a huge, fluo pink one. I really liked it back then and I was very sad when it broke down.

  75. I love your card! How great is that?!
    I’m going to bore you and say that I also don’t have any special “valentine’s” gifts — my husband usually takes me to dinner but waits until the end of the month to do my birthday up special! He has been thoughtful with some of the Valentine’s gifts but they were things that I needed i.e. a new cell phone or a gym membership!
    TFS your cute card and the chance at some goodies! Jeanne

  76. My favorite V-day gift is a TOASTER from my now ex-husband. I knew when I got that one that soon he’d be toast! HAHAHAHA. After I’d shared the story with a nice male friend, he said, “Well, every V-day after this will be special, I just know it.” He was right, because I ended up marrying HIM, and have lived happily ever after ever since!

  77. I think my most favorite was last year when my DH sent me my saphire and diamond ring in the mail from Bahrain… he was deployed back then and I was so nervous about it getting lost.

  78. My favorite Valentine’s memories were when I was in elementary school. The parties, the cards WITH tiny envelopes, just all of it! One year my parents gave me a small heart box of conversation hearts- WOW! Another year I got a red heart necklace! I just thought it was the best! I have tried to carry this on with my own kids, I don’t think they’ve been as impressed as I was!

  79. Valentine’s Day happens to be my birthday too, so I have received many special gifts over the years. The most special gift was actually a gift of friendship when I was in the 6th grade.

    My birthday (and V day) was nearing and I had just had a big fight with my best friend. Being 11 years old and fairly dramatic by nature, I was convinced no one but my mother would remember my special day. I cried on the shoulder of my two older friends Crystal and Debi (they were 16 and like big sisters to me).

    So the day of my birthday I went to school and at lunchtime we had a Valentine’s Day dance. No one had acknowleged my birthday so I was pretty bummed out when all of a sudden my two older friends burst through the door of the gym with my principal! They grabbed a mic and told the whole school it was my birthday. They presented me with a bouquet of flowers and had the whole school sing happy birthday to me.

    The sweetest gift, was their thoughtfullness and I still get teary-eyed remembering how special I felt that day!

  80. I love the Hot Stuff card. Brilliant and not too soppy.

  81. the most memorable vday gift i ever received was from my husband… a delicious spa treatment and a platinum tiffany’s diamond necklace! talk about pampered… 🙂

  82. I’d never thought about my favorite Valentine’s Day gift, but I think it would have to be a pair of white socks (anklets) with lace trim and embroidered flowers. How funny!

  83. My husband surprised me with a weekend away at an Inn.
    When we arrived at our hotel, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were waiting for me. Also a dozen roses in our room and rose petals sprinkled on the bed. We had a romantic dinner for 2, a horse drawn carriage ride. The most romantic weekend I ever had! Shannon

  84. A dozen red roses is my favorite gift.

  85. My most memorable Valentines Day is when I was pregnant 28 years ago. I know a long time ago, but I wanted the baby to be born on Valentines Day so desparately…so I decided that I would try moving the furniture around in the living room to see if it would make me go into labor. Of course, it didn’t work and he didn’t come until Feb. 26.

    I know, this isn’t a romantic Valentines Day story, but it is my most memorable one…truthfully.

  86. I had to think hard on that one. Even though I have been married almost 20 years the one Valentines Day Gift I will always remember was from my parents. I was in my twenties and had no boyfriend so my parents bought be a glass heart flower vase with flowers in it. I still have it to this day. I really enjoy reading you every day. I feel like we are neighbors because I live in Louisville.


  87. my most memorable was probably from my highschool boyfriend…he had an enormous balloon sent to the school. you know the kind – a huge bear with hanging arms and legs. it was probably almost as tall as me! thanks for the giveaway!
    regina cornelius

  88. Omigosh, these are awesome goodies, Sherry! My most memorable Valentine’s gift was a pair of “something” edible that my DH (then my boyfriend) got me to open in a crowded restaurant. I was mortified! Hugs, K.

  89. Very *cool* card! One of the best Valentine’s gifts I remember getting is a gaw-geous diamond heart pendant from my dh!! It has 3 rows of diamonds all around, probably 30 or more of ’em!! It was a complete surprise because we usually don’t give big gifts on V-day, typically just do the dinner and a movie thing. Anywho, thanks for sharing your work!!! hugs ~ Angel

  90. Girl, I can’t even remember what I did yesterday let alone what happened on Valentines…heehee!! I do remember recieving a dozen roses last year from my DH…I’ll count that one as one of the most memorable! By the way, I love your fabulous card…great stamps and beautiful coloring!!

  91. My favourite Valentine’s Day gift was a rose from my dad. I was about 11 or 12, and he had always bought me a stuffed animal or other treats, and my mom always got flowers. I guess my dad must have thought I was grown up enough for flowers that year, and I felt really special and mature.

  92. The best valentines gift I received was the first valentines day after I got divorced. I was alone and feeling blue and my best friend and her husband took me out for dinner. They invited anyone who was alone (their husbands worked nights or was out of town). We had a blast and I will always remember how kind they were to think of how hard that first one alone was for me! Heres to good friends!!!

  93. My most memorable Valentine’s “gift” was not necessarily a thing one can name. It was more like magic…. My sweetheart has 11 brothers and sisters who all have a boat load of children. My FIL has a family party building that we gather in for family parties. I met my honey in January so the first family party I was invited to was the Valentine Party at the Earls’ party building. I was so nervous that I played hooky from work that day and worried myself sick over whether to get him something with hearts and love “crap” on it. I opted out of the love “crap” and bought him a board game to play with his 6 children and my 2 children. Imagine my surprise when we got to the party, he had arranged us a “quiet” table in the corner in a room full of over 120 family members. At this point he was unaware that I did not go to work that day. As the night went on, he wondered why I had not mentioned the roses that I got at work. I wondered where MY valentine present was and thought how wise I was not to get any hearts and flowers present for him since he obviously was not thinking hearts and flowers about me! Finally he asked if I liked the flowers that he had sent me. “You sent me flowers?” I asked. And with that we laughed and I told him about how I had played hooky because I was nervous and was worried that it was too soon to be thinking hearts and flowers. At the end of the family party, I called security and told them that I was coming in to my office to get my Valentine’s flowers since it was Friday and I did not want them to die on my desk. Security let me in and on my desk were beautiful red roses with these little glittery heart picks stuck in them. I floated out of the office and grinned all the way home. Hearts, flowers and love “crap” all in one vase! I was soooo happy. We got married that April 26 after only knowing each other since January and that was almost 11 years ago. He is the absolute best, most important, perfect love of my life. We now have 10 children between us (his 6, my 2 and our 2), 8 grandchildren (1 more coming in Feb) and more love “crap” than any one couple should have. He writes me the sweetest letters. Sadly I got what may be my last written letter from him this past Saturday. His vision is going and has been since July of last year. He started his disability from work today. We are going to Duke University to see if there is anything that can be done to restore any of his vision or at least stop the loss of any more of his vision. Thanks for letting me share and remember how it felt to fall in love with my husband.

  94. The best Valentine’s gift was a surprise gift I got from an ex-boyfriend who was turning back into a boyfriend. It was so unexpected that it really touched me. anyway, the boyfriend is my dh now. We’ve been going strong ever since!

  95. I love your card. I really dont have a really memorable day, I liked last year as I got a Victoria’s Secret gift card and with all that dough got about 2.5 pairs of panties. That is way too expensive for me! I have 4 kids. We obviously do not need fancy undies!lol! Thanks for the chance to win the *stuff*

  96. how sad am I, but I have never received a “real” valentine gift, by that I mean from someone who truly wanted me. I have received gifts from my children, little cards they have made at school and such, but never has a man or woman for that matter given me something just because they truly wanted to be my valentine.
    but the valentine I have ever given is a Sewing machine to my husband! He was not thrilled with me, he doesn’t sew. After that we have never even spoke about valentine’s day.

  97. Last Year my DH and I were in a snowmobile accident. I was lucky, I walked away with bruises and a lot of soreness for awhile but hubby broke his vertabrae. Doctors said we both should have been killed! The day we left the hospital was Valentines Day. My DH was in our livingroom in a hospital bed, I was lying on the sofa next to him. When the staff at our local 4 star restaurant (where we frequent often) heard about our accident, they made us a lovely Valentines Dinner and delivered it to the house (A gift) It tasted like heaven!

  98. My most memorable Valentines gift was my engagement ring from my hubby. He attached it to a figurine of a man and woman together with intertwined arms. It was so romantic. Mind you this was the second time he proposed to me. He was so nervous. 9 years later we are still going strong. He is my bestest friend ever.
    Love him.

    Dawn B.

  99. I don’t have a memorable valentine’s day gift, but I do have a memorable gift from the special man in my life–who gave me gold to make a ring out of when we get married–and told me he had been saving it all his life to give to the right girl, and that’s me! I was speechless!

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