Jan 252008

The end of Day 4 of the Rubber Room Remodel, and I’m right on schedule. Kate came by this afternoon and said they would be back tomorrow evening to get her desk and hopefully the aquarium. Everything else can stay for a while, since it isn’t in my way. Tomorrow I start moving in, much to the husband’s delight. I’m so tired of hearing him complain about moving a chair out of his way, or hitting the Clip-it-Up as he comes in the door. I’m sure he’s tired of complaining too!

Today I got the cabinet reassembled. It’s amazing how I found all the hardware that I removed some 20 years ago. As you can see from the photo, the original cabinet was white (check out the floor sifter on the left-hand side). It still has white paint on it that I decided to leave. I find great comfort in leaving some of the old cabinet still there. The handles are original. They were worn and rusted and I gave them a fresh coat of black paint today. The hinges are also original, with some white paint on them from a repainting many years ago. If I remember correctly, when I first started stripping the paint off, there were about four layers of white paint, and hidden beneath them all was some decorative painting on the upper doors. I vaguely remember a basket with flowers – much like an old quilt pattern. The enamel top to the cabinet pulls out and makes a larger work space.

Day 4 Cabinet

The table to the left in the photo below is what my grandfather called a water table. He actually made this table. When he gave it to me, the table was white with the enamel top trimmed in red. At some point I was using the table as a computer desk and painted it brown. As proud of myself that I was, he let me know in no uncertain terms that he had never seen a water table that was brown. They were always white. I wonder what he would say now that it has a fresh coat of black paint.

Day 4 Partial Room

When Lance and I got married, he brought along a bookcase built by his grandfather. We used it in our first apartment to hold can goods in the pantry and then after the girls came along, it has held all their books. Today I unloaded all their books and painted the bookcase black. I now have to find something to store their books in and not on Mallory’s bed where they are right now. I can’t get rid of them. I might have grandchildren some day!

Day 4 Bookcase

As I have worked these last few days painting and working of old family pieces, it has brought back so many memories. I can see my great-grandmother’s Hoosier Cabinet sitting in her kitchen, the wood stove in front to the left, and feel the warmth of the kitchen on a cold winter morning. On the back porch was an old water table along with another old wood table. I can still smell the apples from the orchard. I am so glad that I decided to use these pieces in the new rubber room. The feeling of accomplishment I have does not compare to the sense of family and heritage that I once held so dear and had forgotten. I think I have found the balance that I have been missing!

27 Responses to “Rubber Room Remodel – Day 4”

  1. Oh, it looks absolutely lovely! Excellent job!

  2. It’s looking good!!! Do you need me to come and give it that “”lived in” look? 🙂

  3. Sherry, the cabinet looks beautiful and your room looks like it is all ready for you to move in. Wish I could be there to help.

  4. The cabinet is looking great! My dad has one, but it is original and not so pretty (an odd grey green color that must have been popular then with flower decorations on the doors)….yours looks perfect in your stamp room and then the memories…cool bonus!

  5. Sherry,
    I have a Hoosier cabinet that I “WON” at an auction for $100. My husband almost died when he realized I bought it. Someone had painted it black, and he just couldn’t “see” what I did in it.

    I started stripping it to refinish it (that was the deal – he wasn’t going to touch it) and I was called to work…immediately. I had to start the next day-full time. His vow to not touch that ugly piece of garbage was instantly worthless. He and a friend stripped and refinished it. It is now a beautiful piece of furniture that we have been lucky to get for over 28 years.

    While mine doesn’t have the flour sifter, it does have a built in knife holder and a pull-out metal surface that was used to roll pie dough. You are so lucky to have some family history connected to your treasure. I, too, am glad you decided to use this and the other pieces in your rubber room. What could be more appropriate – being surrounded by family treasures in a room where you do what you love to do.

    I can’t wait to see the end results of your efforts.


  6. Your furniture is wonderful, everything is looking wonderful and so organized- can’t wait to see where you put everything! Having pieces from family members passed on do mean so much and add a comfort that is hard to describe. Balance is a good word for it. A free standing sewing box that my dad made in high school nearly seventy years ago is part of our living room decor and is always in use.
    Thanks so much for sharing your room’s transformation! :o)

  7. The stage has been set. Can’t wait to see it all full of stuff!

  8. I really love what you have done with all of these old pieces of furniture and how you are using them in your new room!!

  9. WooHoo…it’s almost done!! It looks fabulous but I don’t see any dolls??? heehee!!

  10. Sherry!!!
    These pieces are fabulous! You’re so right about now having the ‘balance’ … the ‘connection’. You’re going to feel so much peace and inspiration in here with these around you!! (And I must say … that cabinet is true eye-treasure!!)


  11. Girl, I had a Hoosier cabinet that, sadly, I have to give away when we moved to Texas. (We were newlyweds with no money and had to fit all our belongings into a very small U-Haul.) How I would love to have it back.

    I know exactly how you feel about being surrounded by family memories. My craft room is small, but I made room for my Dad’s rolltop desk and the clock he made, my Mom’s sitting chair and sewing machine, my Grandmothers’ footpedal sewing machine, and my great grandmother’s sewing basket. It definitely sets the stage and helps me make sure I craft from the heart.

    Enjoy your new room!

  12. Your room looks great. I just love your white cabinet. It is gorgeous.
    Happy creating in your new room!

  13. Lookin’ good, girl. It’s great that you can use some old family pieces.

  14. Sherry, I commented on the Hoosier cabinet last night but had to come back and comment about your whole article. I am one who is touched by the “old” and the treasurable memories that come with it. I love all of your pieces and think they will make your rubber room a much more inviting space to work in. I love that old table that your grandfather made and think he would be happy to see the coat of black paint even though he thought it should be white. His heart wuld swell with pride that you want to use it and be near it. I could smell the apples as you described where it used to sit on the porch, as well as feel the heat of your grandmother’s kitchen stove. What treasures for you to have.

  15. Wow! Girlfriend~you are a work machine these last few days!! I need you to come to my house and kick my rear into gear!
    It’s looking great and I love the way you are using your “family history” to make your room special!

  16. I really do like the cabinet that you have repainted………the feeling of warmth and family is always nice and sometimes we need that reminder, don’t we??

  17. Sherry, I’m sure your grandfather will watch with pleasure as his cabinet gets put to a new use. I think it’s fabulous that you left the flour sifter inside. Your room is going to be fantabulous!! What fun you’ll have…and give us fans 😉 TFS!

  18. Hey mama,

    The room looks really good. The Hoosier cabinet looks really good now that you repainted it. I hope all your stuff finally fits in one room!

    P.S. Dad will never get tired of complaining.

    Love you!

  19. Wow, I’m so jealous! 🙂

  20. You are really making me want to redo my studio. I am having a blog candy contest if you would like to check it out. http://manylayersofkate.blogspot.com/2008/01/blog-candy-contest.html

  21. This is going to be so exciting to see completed!

  22. This is going to be so exciting to see completed!
    The Crafty Goddess

  23. oooohhhh, love the cabinet!!! Room is starting to look like a Stampers Paradise!

  24. What a great cabinet!!! Your room is really coming along nicely!

  25. Your new craft room sounds wonderful, surrounded by family memories and things left behind by loved ones I think helps the creative process. I have an old oak teachers desk from the 1930’s that’s been in my family forever and love it. It’s a great place to pound eyelets when I have the urge!

    Can’t wait to see it when it’s all done.

  26. Sherry that cabinet is gorgous. Of course I have a soft spot for “old” furniture. I just love it, there is a story to tell with it, there is history in it. If only the furniture could talk! It is beautiful and I envy you I am a long way off from having my own space. Right now i share the living room of all places. No peace at all. Enjoy your new space and great job on the furniture. Stacy

  27. This is exciting, Sherry! Yes, I believe this project is just what you needed to bring back that balance. I appreciate the reminder of the things that are most comforting and rewarding. As you spend time in this room among these welcome memories I’m sure you’ll be able to look around and pause long enough once in a while to readjust that balance when it starts to tip awry again. This has been just wonderful! Thank you!

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