46 Responses to “The Tour — Rubber Room Remodel!”

  1. WOW!!!! YOu worked fast on your room, it looks great and so neat. Enjoy!

  2. WOW! I am so Jealous! What a great room you have now…lots of space to let your creative juices flow! I got some great ideas from your pictures…I really like the way you stored your punches in the shoe holder and also the glass cutting board as your workspace on your desk is an absolutely fantastic idea! Thanks!
    I love the sign your best friend gave you…how cute is that!

  3. Bad girl your room rocks!!!! Plenty of room to grow also!!! Love the way you used the antique cabinet and table and the quilt blocks. What a way to stamp, surrounded by things that you love, not to mention all of the stamp stuff!!!! Congrats!!


  4. Fabulous room Sherry!! How fun to have all that room to create! Hey, I recognize that trophy with the black belt tied around it on the bookcase when you first enter the room!!!!! It came from Worlds, didn’t it!!!

    Okay, and a big woo hoo when I read my email this morning!!!!! I won some fun money to buy stamps, how awesome is that!!! Thanks for sharing your space with us Sherry!!

  5. What a great space to stamp in! I wish I had my space back!! Someday! Can’t wait to see all you create in your new room!

  6. Sherry it is absolutely fabulous!! I love the family history and warmth that seeps through cyberspace.

    Congratulations on your new space.

  7. This is so inspiring, Sherry! You sure do make me want to get busy on the remodel of my own small space. Gosh, I wonder how much I can fit on that back burner? I’d better get busy! Thanks for sharing all of this. I’ve so enjoyed this journey with you!

  8. Thank you for sharing your exquisite stamping room with us. It is fabulous! I LOVE how you placed your cherished items around your room (especially your Chatt Cathy!). I need to do a major overhaul on my stamping room and I would like to use your room for inspiration.

  9. What a great room — enjoy it! I can’t believe you are all set up in that short of time! It looks so warm and cozy and a great place to spend time!

  10. What a wonderful journey this has been to see you start with bare walls and remodel it to be such a warm and cozy stamp room. Thanks for the tour and the explanations. It makes it so personal and now I can imagine you creating all your art each day. You are the best.

  11. Wowwwww! This is a terrific room. Thanks so much for the tour, and I love the nostalgia with your first doll and framed pieces of quilting from your family. That is terrific. hmmm . . . a few more years until my almost 15 yo goes off to college. 🙂 Then maybe I will remodel his room into my own Rubber Room!

  12. What a great room… I am sure that it will be getting a lot of use…


  13. Totally awesome space! I LOVE your Hoosier cabinet, you did such a great job on it! What a keepsake! Everything looks so wonderful, you should be very proud of yourself!
    Now, can you come help me do my space??? It looks drab compared to yours!!! 😀

  14. What a terrific creative space, Sherry! So well organized! I love that it’s not just all stamps, that you included things that are important to you like the dolls and the quilt squares and I love the sign over the entry way! It’s all just wonderful! I also noticed one of the cards sitting on the shelf looks kind of familiar! I feel so honored!

  15. Love your new stamp room! I especially love your Hoosier cabinet! It’s a beauty! My friend has one and everything is still original on it. Thanks again for sharing your transformation with us. I know you will be spending lots & lots of time in there! Nice job!!

  16. Sherry, your room turned out wonderfully! I know you will enjoy it for years to come!

  17. I have to thank you! I’m buying a house and moving soon – you’ve given me so many great ideas for my stamping area!! I can’t wait to get moved in!!!

  18. Your room looks great. Its so homey!

  19. Sherry, your room is gorgeous! You have accomplished so much! And I love your friend Bev’s gift! I’m making myself one! I also really like the punch storage — I’ve been meaning to get myself one of those door storage things — it would free up two drawers if i could get my punches out! 🙂

  20. Sherry your room came out AMAZING!!! I can’t believe how much you did in just a week. I just love you sign too! I wish you many many hours of creativity in there!!!

  21. Wow!! If I was as productive as you were over a week, my house would look GREAT!! Love the room (and your sign is HILARIOUS!! I need one of those!)

  22. Sherry – thanks for sharing your room and the history behind it! You’ve done an awesome job and I know you’ll love it in there!! Enjoy!!

  23. I love your room. What a wonderful transformation. My fav part? The sign–LOL.

  24. This is fabulous! What a great place to have all to yourself where you are surrounded by the things that bring you comfort…to create and ponder and all that other good stuff! Congrats!!

  25. Sherry girl!!! I love seeing pictures of your room. Makes me feel like I had a little visit. Hey…I think I recognize some of the cards from your friends,

  26. Move your photography stuff b/c I’m moving in!! What a fabulous space Sherry! Thanks so much for sharing your remodel with us. I’ve enjoyed watching the progress!

  27. FANTASTIC!!! i’m ready to move right in!! =)
    I even see two of my cards up on your wall! What an HONOR!!!

    Congrats… this is just AWESOME!! You DESERVE it!!

  28. Wow, you did that fast and really did a great job. Can I say jealous?

  29. What a wonderful room! You must be so thrilled. I’d love to have all the table top space, to be able to leave things out & accessible (cuttlebug, sewing machine, photo station) – that’s my #1 goal when we move to a new house later this year & I get a new stamp space!! Congrats on your room, you did a wonderful job setting it all up (and fixing up that wonderful cabinet!!).

  30. I absolutely love the hoosier cabinet, it looks even better filled up. My fav has to be those quilt pieces though, my grandmother was a big quilter and I have several of her pieces and cherish them.

  31. Wowser! Love your space. It’s SO wonderful that you can spread out like that! It looks beautiful and very inspiring. I’m not sure I’d want to ever leave the room.

  32. Very cool!

    Now you just need someone to come in and make it look a little “lived in”. I’ll volunteer for that messy job. 🙂

  33. that “work” space is incredible!! love that bumper sticker on your desk. LOL!

  34. Wowzers, Sherry…you got so much accomplished in so little time! Looks wonderfully inviting especially with the dolls, quilt blocks, the fab Hoosier cabinet and all the extra special things surrounding you. I’m gonna have to join Jeanne in coming to help you mess it up a little! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the journey with us. It’s been a fun time watching it all take place!

    Hugs, Sharon

  35. Hey Momma,

    I decided to take a break from studying bio and remembered that Dad told me to look at your blog. I must say the room looks amazing! it is a lot different than when it was Katie’s. I like all the little stuff you decided to decorate with…I really like some of that stuff and haven’t seen it in forever.

    Love you lots!

  36. Woohoo it’s done!!! What a fabulous stamp studio…very neat and orderly…perfect for your bad self!!! You even have the dolls there to keep you company…I even saw a space for me…you are so thoughtful..heehee!!! Thanks for sharing your new stamping space with us…hope it brings you joy, comfort, peace, and mucho badness!!!

  37. Congratulations on a beautiful, bright and organized Rubber Room 🙂 Gee you must be ~~White Lightening~~ as you put this together faster then I can do my weekly laundry ! LOL

    I love the sign of your desk ~ Queen B ~ ha ha !

    It’s a lovely room Sherry and I hope you’re proud of yourself. When can you mail me my airline ticket to come and stamp with you? I’m really neat and organized too so I wouldn’t get in the way too much :))) lol

    So now the trick is to GET BACK TO STAMPING and get that MOJO flowing girl !*!*! I’m sure you and your stamps will be very happy in your new room.

  38. I just found your website the other day and then I saw this today. The quilt squares. I have a quilt that my Nanny (great grandmother) made me when I was a little girl. I love that quilt. It was pink and white and had these little girls in bonnets in each square. I used it so much that it eventually started falling apart. About ten years ago my mom took it to a quilt maker to see about having it restored and she said the material was so worn and some missing that it was impossible. I’ve had it sitting folded in a comforter bag ever since. Even though the thought of cutting it apart makes me sad, I think I’m going to look into framing some of the squares. That way at least I can have it out and enjoy it instead of it sitting in a bag in my closet. I think it would make a great addition to my (eventually) pinked-out scrapbook room. Thanks for the idea!

  39. Thanks for the tour! Someday I’ll give you one of MY stamp room! But don’t hold your breath, it will be a while…

  40. It looks awesome, Sherry! Thanks for the tour! (Taking DH on the tour later…*wink*).

  41. Your room looks wonderful. I think its so great Sherry you shared all of this and told us about each of your photos. It told us so much about you and the important things in your life. Your a wonderful lady by all you have shared. Thank you. Congratulations on your new room.


  42. wow looks awesome. love the cabinet you have to hold all your goodies and the light box for your pictures great idea

  43. LOVE your room and what a FUN tour! I would soooo have a hoosier if I had room for one – super cool!

  44. Sherry — what a fabulous tour! You’ve inspired me to get to cleaning on my hovel… And I was thrilled to see my demented pirate card on your Wall of Faves! : ) If you get a chance, come hang out at the MFT party tomorrow night — I’ve made a card for it with the new Twisted Sentiments that I think you’ll get a kick out of (insert lewd cackle here)! Can’t wait to meet you at CHA next week (I think we’re all going to dinner together at some point) — hugs!!

  45. Oh man Sherry….love your space, your Hoosier, your framed quilt blocks, your enamel top table, all of it!!

    Hey, I have a Hooiser and enamel table in my kitchen and a framed quilt block from a quilt my grandma made me, it’s an appliqued butterfly, I need to take a picture of it!! (insert Twilite Zone music here) LOL!!

  46. I forgot, I had a Chatty Cathy too, dang, I wish I still had it sooooo bad!

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