Monday was such a great day! Productive and fun!! The first place we headed was to the Ranger Booth to do the Make and Take. Ranger is coming out with a new line of pigment inks and a new white gel pen. The Make and Take was using both products, along with some Maya Road chipboard, and we wanted to be some of the first in line.

Make and Take

Jeanne, Pat and I were lucky enough to get a seat right away. Kittie had to wait a bit.

Make and Take 2

It seemed like we were at the Ranger booth quite a while today. The ladies from Flourishes came by and we had to have a photo op.

with Flourishes

Then we ran into Sherrie Siemens and Alli Miles . . . Another photo op.

with Sherrie Siemens

As we were just hanging around, we took the opportunity to have a Rubbernecker Team picture made.


I had been hoping for day to get the opportunity to meet Julie Ebersole. Today was the day! We finally found the A Muse Booth and Julie was there. I can’t even begin to imagine what was running through her mind when she turned around and all these Dirty Girls were standing there just smiling at her! How much fun!!


Tonight was our Lizzie Anne Team Dinner and also the Dirty Dozen/Moderator dinner. Needless to say, we couldn’t be at two places at one time and the Lizzie Anne Team won over.

One more photo, Dave finally found some hair!


It’s a little late, and this girl’s flabby flanny is a draggin’ . . . more tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Another Tiring Day!”

  1. It’s official….I’m green with jealousy!! OMG!! hanging out with all the “gals” meeting JULIE!! AND TIM HOLTZ!!!!!!!!!!! I would have peed my pants!!

  2. Who wouldn’t want that hair? What fun!

  3. Nooooooo kidding? FUN?! Surely not?! hahahha
    Y’all are just making me pea green as Scarlett O’Hara!

    Thanks for passing the cell phone around for me! ***faints****


  4. Great pictures of all of you Supastars!!! Thanks for sharing!! 😉

  5. Arrh that is sooo sweet, you can almost imagine her surprise can’t you when she turned round, how great that must have been you must have had some fabulous times up there, good for you all

  6. I hate to tell ya mom, but next time I am home that shirt is going in the garbage! I don’t like it!

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