I would say good morning, but it’s taken me all day to get myself moving and work on some pictures. Jeanne and I went to San Mateo this past weekend to work the Heirloom Stamp Show with Rubbernecker. It was such a wonderful experience to see how the booth is set up and all the work entailed in getting ready for a show. We stayed busy the entire time, but had such a good time. I was working on a demo for Ranger products making tags. I had so much fun playing with the Ranger Paint Daubers, Grunge Board, Crackle Paint, Alcohol Inks and the Tim Holtz Fragments. My fingers are still stained with ink! That’s how I know I had fun!!! On Saturday, SCSer Harriet Kelly came by the booth to visit us. It was so exciting to finally get to meet Harriet. We’ve talked online and by email for so long, and it’s such a pleasure to meet someone who you know will be an instant friend.


After the show on Saturday, we hung around and Dave and Pat took Jeanne and me into San Francisco for some sight seeing. Even though I had been to San Francisco a couple of times before, my last trip was in the early 80’s. It was fun for me to see what had changed. Our first stop was Lombard Street. I had mentioned to Dave earlier that I remembered my dad taking us there. Pat and I walked down, but Jeanne and Dave drove down. Dave’s truck is the black one in this picture.

Lombard Dave and Jeanne

I was so amazed by the sea lions that now gather in the Bay. I knew I hadn’t seen them there before and when we were leaving the wharf area, I saw signs that explained it all. After the 1983 earthquake the sea lions started to gather along the wharf in the area because of the fish supply. A few of them now stay year round and never leave the area.

Sea Lions

One of the many street artists was Captain Jack Sparerib. I think I could have stayed and watched his show all day. I am such a huge Johnny Depp fan and the ventriloquist looks just like him and was so funny and entertaining.

Captain Jack Sparerib

I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the old man sitting on the sidewalk behind the bush. Here was this old guy, sitting on a box, and he was holding a screen of shrubbery and bush. He waited patiently for just the perfect person to walk by and would drop the shrub screen and yell out. He got a few passerbys – just ask Dave!

On the ride home, we had to make an unexpected stop. I really think Dave was just tired of us women. Here we stand on the side of the road where Dave left us. Pat took this picture of Jeanne and me.

Jeanne and Sherry on the road

And then I shot this picture of Pat.


As you can tell from this beautiful sunset that it really wasn’t all that late.


And here’s Dave changing the tire on the trailer.

Dave Fixing flat

He had a spare in the trailer and after the blow out of the first tire, he put the spare on. We probably hadn’t gone maybe 6 miles when . . . . well, here’s a picture of the spare.

Spare Tire

After a few phone calls and directions, here is the guy with Dave supervising from the background, putting on the new tire.


We arrived back at Jeanne’s in-laws around midnight. Needless to say, I slept in this morning.

7 Responses to “We Survived San Francisco!”

  1. Sounds like you guys had way too much fun, Sherry. I’ve only been to San Francisco once, but I remember the guy in the bush — too funny.

  2. Sherry, thank you for sharing your pictures with us all. I have lived in the SF Bay Area all my life, but it’s so nice to see it through someone else’s eyes. Glad you had such an enjoyable trip.

  3. Hey Sherry ~~ Welcome back to the *real world* 🙂 It’s great to see your photos and hear about all the fun you guys had, while working hard, {cough}{choke}, AHEM, of course!*! haha

    Can’t wait to hear more *Tales* of CHA, and the ~Badness~ you got into {*wink*}.

  4. Sherry – I’m so glad you survived San Francisco…lol I too survived San Francisco several times. I grew up in the SF Bay area (about 30 miles northeast) and SF was one of my favorite places to go for fun…and still is when I’m in the area. It was fun seeing your pictures, and they sure brought back a lot of memories. I’m so pleased that you had such a good time!

    It was wonderful to see you again at CHA!


  5. ok…..so where are your pics of your TAGS?!! (yeah….I’m the taskmaster wanting to see the results of all your “hard work”…..)hehe

  6. Sounds like quite an adventure! My hubby and I had the “two flat tires in a single trip” adventure just once – on a Sunday, in the days before everyone had cell phones, in the middle of nowhere. We managed to solve the problem, but it was a good test of our marriage! Glad you got home safely.

  7. how fun!!! great pics and fun to see everything!!

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