Apr 042008

What do you think of my new banner? The one I’ve been using was my first banner made by Beth Silaika at Freckled Fun Designs. I’ve made a couple myself and then had another made around December. None of them seemed to reflect my style any longer and I felt an update was in order. I was talking to Beth the other day, when I mentioned to her that I would love to have a new banner. Well! Within a day, Beth had a new sample for me to look at, we dinked around with the fonts and this is what she came up with. I LOVE IT! Even better, I sent it onto Mallory, my eyes, to see what she thought, and she loved it. As I told Beth, it’s quite hard to find something a 19-year-old likes.

Anyhoo, if you are looking to update your blog’s look, I would suggest you take a look at some of the samples Beth has made. I had a little problem trying to get to her site the other day. I typed in the wrong web address and was redirected to another banner site. I thought it was odd, and tried again a different way. I was typing in freckledfundesigns, but each time I typed it in I was still redirected to another banner site. Here’s the link you will need when you go check out Beth’s other samples: https://freckledfundesigns.blogspot.com/. I forgot to add the blogspot!

If you are wondering where my stamping is today – under water. Once again I have had to take the carpet up out of my stamp room and pull out the carpet cleaner to suck up the water. I had a faint thought today of just pulling up all the carpet squares and leaving it the concrete floor. Nope, too cold on the bare feet. Luckily, when we built the room for Kate, instead of putting carpet in, we used carpet squares. A few weeks ago I only had to pull up about 8 squares, today maybe 12. But at least the floor is dry and I have the squares all propped up to dry. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to try and get things back to normal, it’s supposed to rain more tonight.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, and since she reads my blog every morning, I think I’ll have a special surprise for her tomorrow.

I hope that the rest of you have a pleasant day and start your weekend off just right.


28 Responses to “A New Banner and More Rain”

  1. Woooooooooohoooooooooo, Sherry! I love your new blog banner! Beth’s banners can’t be beat … that’s for sure!

    I’m sorry you’re drying out carpet again today. Although I think it sounds like having the carpet squares is a good thing for you.

    Hopefully your weekend will be much, much better!
    :o) Tex

  2. LOVE your banner, Sherry! Love Bethie, too!

  3. Love the new banner. I need to talk to Beth asap!

  4. I LOVE the new banner!!! Maybe I need to talk to Beth!

  5. Beautiful Banner! I love it!
    And that Beth…….well, she’s just so sweet and wonderful!


  6. AWESOME! Sure is sad someone thinks they need to be deceptive like that. Beth does fantastic work!

  7. I LOVE Your banner! it’s perfect!
    So sorry about all the water where it doesn’t belong…UGH. . . sure hope this is the last time you’ll be sucking up water for a LONG time!!!
    Have a great weekend! 😀

  8. it’s a GAWJUS banner! love it! and i’m glad you posted the link!

  9. Sherry I love your new banner – it reminds me of basic Grey Periphery style. So it really is so you – if I remember right you love Basic Grey papers!

  10. The banner is perfectly “Sherry”!!!!! I love it and it so totally represents your wonderful style. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. VERY COOL! Bethie is so good!

  12. Oh Sherry , Beth did a great great job. I just love it.
    I too found it funny when to look up Beth’s site it also took me to the wrong one…but I will have to add this to my blog as well…
    Congrats on the new banner.

  13. I am sooo sorry about the stamp room!!! I hope you dry out soon! (hee hee–sorry–just couldn’t help myself!)

    The banner looks great–that Beth is magic!!

  14. very nice indeed….the banner that is…..
    hope the rain stays away!!!

  15. What an awesome banner, Beth does awesome work.
    Hope your carpet dries fast!

  16. Great banner…..I’m thinking you need area rugs…..hehe…(sorry….)

  17. Sorry about your wet stamp floor – we had that 2 years ago – the whole newly finished basement was about ankle deep. Got new carpet out of the deal – and a new respect for craft ink.
    Beth has a magical touch with banners – I love this one, Sherry. Really odd about her name being directed to a different site. Luckily we all know quality and talent when we see it.

  18. LOVE the job that you got on your new banner! Looks SUPER!!
    I’ve noticed that Beth has been doing a good number of banners for crafty people.

    Sorry to hear about the wet floor! Yep you are right, can’t go without something to stand on when you are lucky to have the cement floors.

  19. Sherry – your blog is fantastic. Your banner is INCREDIBLE!! Beth sure is talented – and it is wonderful that she is being recognized for her talent.

    Sorry about the water! We had a flooded finished basement once – yeah – that was my hubby’s fault! LOL

  20. Bethie makes the BEST watermarks and banners. She didn’t make my banner but did do my watermarks!!!

  21. Great new banner! Perfect for your blog!! I love it!

  22. Bethie streeeeetched my blog out for me and designed my logo too – Bethie knows html like George Carlin knows funny. 😀

  23. LOVE your banner BTW!!!!

  24. So sorry to hear of your underwater experience … LOVE that new banner tho’! And glad you got to post your sale stamps! There’s good and bad to just about everything, isn’t there?!
    – SueB

  25. Yep, I LOVE your new banner – bethie is definitely a genius!! She made mine too and I think it is absolutely fabulous! It is definitely unbelieveable that somebody could be that deceptive and take Bethie’s site addy’s and have them directed to their own – it definitely takes all kinds! I hope you get your carpet all dried out! *hugs*

  26. Your banner is just perfect. I had Bethie do my banner , too. Love her stuff.
    It takes all kinds now adays to do something so foolish with a site address.
    I had a flooded basement once…I went on vacation and dealt with it when I came back. lol Those were the days!!! Hope you are able to dry out soon.
    Happy bday to your sister, too.

  27. Sherry, I LOVE your banner! Bethie was super to work with when she created mine, and as a newbie to the blogging scene, I really appreciated that she made it all so easy!
    Hope you *dry out* soon. I LOVE your creations!!!

  28. This one does look really good. Love the feel of it

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