Apr 042008

While I am waiting for the stamp room to dry and get things back in order, I decided to go through my retired SU stamps sets. When I moved into the new stamp room, I boxed them all up and just stuck them in the closet. I knew that one day I would have time to go through them and see what I wanted to keep or get rid of. Well, today was the day. So far I’ve only gone through the stamp sets, but will have an accessories/tool list in the next day or so. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in modestly priced SU sets, you can find them on my new blog page, Stampin’ UP! FOR SALE.

Edited to add:  I have posted more sets and tools.

More tomorrow!


One Response to “Cleaning out the Closet”

  1. Hey Sherry … I immediately noted your new banner and I have to tell you, it is **SWEET** . It reminds me of how you distress and create all your unique card stock colours ~ also reminds me of a Tim Holtz original.

    I also noted your new Signature line at the end of your posting …. Hmmm, did you know there are professionals who can tell a LOT from someone’s handwriting? Hehehehee, I wonder what your creative signature says? *wink*

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