Good Tuesday morning. Last week our issue of AARP the Magazine hit our mailbox. I scanned through it when it came in, but didn’t take the time to actually read it. Yesterday I did. There is a wonderful interview with Jamie Lee Curtis, Getting Back to Basics at 50. Not only did the interview hit me like a ton of bricks, but so did the picture of Jamie Lee Curtis on the front cover. Her hair is short, she’s let it go gray, very little makeup and she looks spectacular. When you read the interview, there is no doubt that she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.


A month or so ago, another stamper told me I intimidated them. I was actually stunned! I have heard this before, along with any number of things (i.e., the site of you makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, you ain’t right – you just ain’t right, and the one that I’ve never understood, you have more pull and power than you realize). Most of these things were said to me when I was volunteering at my girls’ elementary school, but they have stuck with me. Why? Perhaps because I have struggled with coming into my own. I’ve said before that every 5 years, things change. A little at a time, but things change. Whether it be more independence, more self-confidence or the toll that time takes on the body. For the most part, the change for me has been for the better.


Anyhoo, I asked this person “why, why do I intimidate you? You really don’t know me that well.” She told me, “you know who you are, you know what you want and you aren’t afraid to speak out.” So I thought about this for a minute, then replied to her, “That comes with age. The older I get, the more assured I am of myself and the more I realize what I want and need.” Now, I’ve struggled with this. I’ve pared things out of my life that have caused me stress and let go of things that I don’t need or want. I am who I am, like it or not. I have short hair, very short hair – boy cut hair, because it is easy to care for and I can wash, towel dry and go. I no longer spend 30 minutes making sure this or that hair is in the right place and that there are no dents or holes. AND, it’s gray, no more worrying about it, that gray hair is just there!!!! I quit wearing makeup years ago, and if I wear any, it’s very little. I don’t like the feel of it on my skin, and it actually makes my skin worse. I’m comfortable in my shorts and/or flannel pants and jeans. I’ve quit groups and activities that do not bring me pleasure or fun. I’ve learned to say no and mean it. Perhaps I need to quit worrying so much myself and just come to terms with the fact that I am here, I am me, I’m in my own skin, and hopefully, as I age, I will continue to learn and grow! Granted, I still need to loose a few pounds (well maybe more than a few pounds) to feel healthy, and I need to realize that I can’t do today what I did at 30, let alone 16. But I’m working on it!


I have to say that my rambling and babble above, have nothing to do with the rest of my post. I just got carried away on a self-realization tangent. However, before I leave you today, let me remind you that today is Treasure Hunt Tuesday at Rubbernecker. You’ll find the first clue on Shelly’s blog, and both Kittie and Broni have Rubbernecker Blog Candy today. If you are new to the Treasure Hunt, you can find all the details on the Rubbernecker Home Page.


I will more than likely be back a little later with my Color Challenge card! Until then, have a great day, I know I’m planning on it!


24 Responses to “Coming of Age and a Treasure Hunt”

  1. There is no feeling like the feeling of “comfort in your own skin”! I love your article this morning, Sherry and am standing right beside you. I have never been happier with who I am, what I believe and what is important to me. The “little” stuff just doesn’t get me like it used to. I would never go back but look forward to each new day.

  2. i am turning 50 this year. kicking and screaming and wailing the whole way. i thank you for your article, for part of me realized this morning that i like me at this stage (not the number though). i say no, i wear flats, haven’t worn makeup since i married (sorry babe), and am VERY happy with my family and my place in it.
    i have so much left to do, so i panic that my time is winding down, but i am happy with me. thanks sherry.

  3. I am happy with me and will need to work a few more years before I can live my passion full time. I enjoyed your words this morning.

  4. You go girl! There are so many things that go down hill as we age so feeling more comfortable in our own skin is one of the best benefits. Loved your ramblings this morning. Thanks!

  5. Sherry: I don’t know you personally, but feel like I do through our art, and I just want to say that you don’t intimidate me, you inspire me. I too feel that we grow into ourselves as we age. It’s such a liberating feeling to like yourself more each year. Thanks for your blog. It’s one of my favorite reads.

    Wendy Gorton

  6. Great babble this morning, Sherry! I used to worry about getting older and hate the fact that I was. But now I just love the freedom of not accepting responsibility for things I can’t have, or don’t want, control over. AND I can pretty much say how I feel about anything. If someone doesn’t like it, they can call me a crazy, grumpy old lady, and I don’t care!!


  8. I also read the article about Jami Lee Curtis and add that to your ramblings and it is all so inspiring! I usually just look and read your blog, but just had to say thanks for all the art inspiration and life inspiration!

  9. Enjoyed your personal musing this am Sherry. I remember a “conversation” a group of us had in the old CRAK thread about this (I believe that I was struggling with turning 40) Two years later, I admit that I’m still struggling coming into my own, but I do find that each year
    it is easier to say “no”, “Not me” and such.

  10. I loved your story! It is very hard to let go of the make-up, hair coloring, etc. I think I am there but not sure. I like to get my hair tinted and hide that grey tho i have let it be for almost a year now. Maybe I am there! Anyhoo, loved hearing your personal story. Have a great day.

  11. You Go Girl!!! I loved your article and will pass it on!

  12. Are ya sure you’re not my sister? 🙂

    I so appreciate having you as my friend!

  13. You could shave your head and I would still love ya…heehee!! Anyway…I couldn’t agree with you more…life is what you make it. I choose to live my life doing the things that make me and my family happy, safe, secure, …and a little fat and sassy!! I admire you for living life for you and yours! By the way, you are just a tad bit intimidating…especially when it comes to your gorgeous coloring, tfs!!

  14. LOVE your article this morning!

  15. Congrats!

    The ride is so worth it in the end, isn’t it!

    I am turning 60 next week ( my mind says less, but the body always wins) and I have finally decided I love myself too!

    This is me, right here, what you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less. I wish there was a way to make younger women understand this is all that is important in the end, that we are comfortable with *ourselves*.

    Thank you so very much for starting my day with a very comfortable side of you!

  16. I think it is very important to know and grow in yourself. Confidence is to be praised, becasue you are worthy! I just don’t understand why some people have a hard time with this. I have noticed this a lot in my teaching of college students that I teach. I think you are absolutely correct in saying that it comes with age. I am going to be one heck of a woman when i am fifsty I guess. I think sometomes I am intimidating now and I don’t even realize it. That is the funny thing, right? You have no clue that sopmeone thinks that… you are just being YOU! This was a great read and I thought it was fabulous that you bring it up.

  17. ooops…sorry I should have proof-rad what I just wrote! TERRIBLE GRAMMAR! Someone was talking to me, so I got lost in my typing!

  18. Love what you said and agree with another writer that you don’t intimidate me, you inspire me! I don’t get the AARP magazine, but I have seen Jamie Lee Curtis on TV commercials lately, and was so pleased with her natural look. Turning 60 last fall was surprisingly hard for me, as I have never been bothered by a birthday before, but I would not turn back the clock for the world. Just dislike that number! I’ve dropped activities I did out of guilt and added more of ones I enjoy, like stamping. It’s so liberating! Go, Sherry!!!

  19. Amen sister! You can’t stop the days from coming. We all need to learn to live them the best we can and stop worrying about how everyone else perceives us. You sound like a fantastic lady – have a great day & thanks for the wonderful blog.

  20. Great article Sherry! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I’m 50-something, and I have also found that I can be who I want, and I no longer CARE what others think! Who cares if I go to Walmart without makeup? I was raised in the South, so back then we were supposed to be VERY presentable if we set foot out of the house…it took me decades to get over that, and know that it was OK if it didn’t happen. I decided that if I looked like $%#$ and someone I knew saw me, then the next time they saw me I’d probably look BETTER! haha I couldn’t care less about how “dolled up” anyone else is in this farming community, so why should they care how I look? I figure as long as I”m clean and don’t smell bad, they shouldn’t care. For years I limited what I did based on the ability to look great when I went somewhere…how stupid! Thank goodness we do get older and wiser, and figure out what really matters. It’s a person’s heart that matters, not how they look, at least that’s all I care about in another human being. . . but my Dad’s wife is 84, and for her, it’s still all about the looks. Too bad she will never GET IT!!! 😛 (and yes, at age 84 she still has a Vogue subscription!)

  22. I loved reading what you have to say Sherry – I love you for who you are. I had an opinion of you from chatting on the challenge stalkers thread and it was spot on when I met you IRL in Feb in San Mateo. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. You are warm and caring and I just wish I could have spent more time talking to you (and Jeanne). Take care.

  23. Way to go! Jamie Lee Curtis, watch out because Bad Sherry is no one to mess around with! Seriously, many thanks for “having your say” via your blog. YOu are an inspiration to all of us lurkers with your art and your blog! Keep up the great work and humor because we love it!

  24. Hey Sherry- You can’t stop the aging, why not be you when it happens?! Went back over some blogs I missed while gone, loved this one! I’m 39 and can’t wait to turn 40. Everyone thinks I’m weird. Every year I swear I feel more and more like my true self. I’m tired of keeping clothes, haircuts, relationships, and junk that aren’t me. Shedding the negative is good, it just allows us to put more energy into the positives in our life.

    Love your Fathers day card with the tie!! Awesome card!!

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