11 Responses to “A Lot of Babble, a Little Stamping”

  1. Don’t pluck TOO much! There is always a danger that you’ll get too preoccupied and forget to stamp for us! LOL. I love my special (yes, very expensive) mirror too, but what a shock to see all those little imperfections for the first time! For me it really helps to be able to apply makeup!

    Blind as a bat w/o my glasses, and trifocal contacts didn’t work for me!

  2. I love the fishing card, Sherry! The basket and jacket especially. I used one of those lighted mirrors when I was in Las Vegas. I loved it as I could actually see to put on my eyeliner. I don’t have enough space on my little vanity for one but could use a wall mounted one. I hoped over to BB&B from your link and saw that they have some of those as well. Getting old is work!

  3. Awesome fishing card Sherry!!

  4. I need one of those mirrors, too! I was at my moms’ with my kids and happened to pick up her mirror and just about scarred the xkxkx out of myself! Pores and all! Very scary stuff…….

  5. Sherry, your card is totally AWESOME!!! Your coloring is wonderful and I love all the distressing and sponging. The little wire and the twill are great additions too!

    I just don’t even want to talk about bad eyesight! I’m with you on the trifocals. I can’t even see to get out of bed in the morning!

  6. Oh My goodness, this card is just amazing, I would love to give this to my father for Fathers day! of course if I tried it on my own it would look nothing like this, your coloring is TERRIFIC!! Great bg papers!
    I am not quite that blind yet, but I have realized I have alot of hairs on my face that I don’t see with my glasses off, and should use a magnifying glass to see them, I plucked my eyebrows and other stray hairs on my face one day and while I was out and about I checked my face in the rear view mirror of my car and was amazed at all the hairs I had missed that I could see alot better in natural sunlight, quite alarming!

  7. Love that card Sherry. Yikes, how do you stamp and color that good if you eyesight is that bad? Please don’t overdo it my friend.

  8. I just CAN’T bring myself to buy one of those yet….so off I trot to the salon for a wax every month…today, to be exact, and she so lovingly pointed out, I now have white ones….aye carumba, to match my hair (which is another story altogether) I suppose.

    Great card!

  9. Sherry, I love your fishing card! This is a wonderful card for Father’s Day or a BDay. You did a beautiful job on your coloring! I’m about as blind as a bat without glasses or contacts too–getting older and facial hair is not a good thing–I don’t remember signing up for that! LOL! Thanks for the link to the mirror!

  10. Love your card, but love that mirror more!

    I have one on my 2 way pullout in the bathroom! It is the only thing I can see in with or with my glasses!

    You go girl!


  11. CUTE!!! This is a darling set! Love what you did with it! 😀

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