Arrrrrrr ye mateys, it be a Tuesday and ya know what that means. It’s Treasure Hunt Tuesday at Rubbernecker Stamp Company. Put ye swashbuckling skills to the test and plunder all the treasure that be waitin’ fer ya. Set sail along with me mates and join us fer the first clue. Along ye way, there are a few ports ya need be stoppin’ at. There be some extra treasure to be found today – set sail now and visit Shelly and Candy! After ye stops there, head on over to Rubbernecker where ye will find the first clue and more deets on how ya may claim ye bounty!

While ye are sailing around today, make sure ye stop and visit the rest of me mates, Kittie, Tami, Leigh, Candy, Broni, and Linda, who have samples posted today. But don’t stop thar! Keep on goin’ to Jeanne’s place and check out the Rubbernecker Blogger Challenge today.

2 Responses to “Treasure Hunt Tuesday at Rubbernecker!”

  1. Love your pirate talk…cracks me up!!

  2. Hmmmm…….only one card today???!! BWHAHAAA (me thinks that I might be able to force the captain into sharing more of the treasure today!! LOL!! (I’m not as good as a pirate as you are!!)

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