What fun I’ve had getting to meet some new friends here at CHA. I have pictures of most of them, and then some pictures that I really wanted have been pretty bad so I just can’t bring myself to upload them. I was thrilled to hang out with Kelley Holland and we had our picture taken with Tex, but alas it was a BAD one — you’re not going to see it at all. I also had the great pleasure of meeting one of my fellow DDA who I have admired for a long time, Cindy Lyles. Unfortunately the picture made with Cindy and a few others you won’t be seeing either. Truly hate that, but it just isn’t going to happen.

I feel like I know Jennifer Buck. She often comments here and we might have emailed a few times. Yesterday we hadn’t made it through the first when when who comes running up — none other than Jennifer Buck.

Jennifer Buck

We also got together with the girls from Hanna. Here’s Kristi, me, Candice, Vicki and Jeanne.

Hanna girls

Can you believe this, I finally got to meet Gina K and Melanie!

Gina and Melanie

I feel like I’ve known Susan Roberts, a/k/a Rainy, for years. We’ve chatted forever on SCS and I finally got to meet her.


On Friday night, SCS hosted a Cupcake Reception for all moderators, team members, advertisers, Dirty Dozen past and present, and member companies. Here are just a few of the Dirty Girls that were caught all together at one time. There were many more in attendance.

dirty girls

Going left to right, Sharon Harnist, Sharon Johnson, Jerri Kay, Lindsey, me, Michele and Trudee. Of course, that’s Jeanne on the floor at my feet (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA)!

Well, it’s getting pretty late and I’m getting tired. We’ve got another long day tomorrow and I so need my beauty sleep!

7 Responses to “CHA News – Day 3, The People!”

  1. You are so awesome to be posting all of this! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s goodies that they show us…definitely a high time for blogging! Have fun tomorrow 🙂

  2. OMG! I am so friggin’ jealous right now!! You guys look like you’re having a blast! I love the product you’ve shown! Can’t wait to see it in IRL! Tell everyone there I said hi. Waving!!!! Blowing kisses!!!

  3. You guys are just having way too much fun.

  4. ok….I’m not going to harp (again) about how jealous I am that you are meeting all those wonderful creative people. Instead, I will harp that my LSS is soooo lame!! I just know that they won’t carry all those wonderful goodies that you are showing which means I’m going to have to spend a LOT of time on the computer hunting them down!! BWHHAAAAAA

  5. Wow! This must all be such an awesome experience! Someday I’ll go…hopefully before I’m too old to walk. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. Great pictures! It looks like you’re having a super great time! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! You got to meet and play with all those people! I am so jealous Sherry! Seriously pack me in your suitcase for next time. I so want to go to CHA in Cali, but it will be pushing it since I will be having a baby sometime around Dec 15th. Pray the baby arrives earlier, rather than later. DH okay’d me going if I feel up to it 🙂

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