I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so I’m just giving a brief update.  We were hit hard by winds yesterday and have been without power since yesterday morning.  I’m sitting at Kate’s house (who is one of the lucky ones and has power) where I took the pups and spent the night.  I’m heading home to do some yard cleanup and hopefully sometime today our power will be back on.  I’m not counting on it, since there are close to 2,500 resident just in my area without power.  We were lucky in that we only lost some big limbs from our Maple tree.  Our neighbor had a tree split and land on her house, breaking bricks from the chimney and putting a very large hole in her roof.  The trees in the boulevard were the most damaged and we spend the better part of yesterday, clearing debris and branches out of the boulevard so that it was passable.

Late yesterday afternoon Lance and I took a drive through town.  We were really looking for some place open because I was in desperate need of coffee.  The damage along the river and to the homes there is unbelievable.  In the 22 years we have lived here, I have never seen such destruction.  All of this caused by 75-80 mph winds without absolutely no rain!

I’ve been getting my morning coffee fix here at Kate’s, the pot is almost empty and I’m heading home to try and do some more cleanup today.

One thing before I go!  I was so honored and happy when Anna Wight asked me to be one of her Featured Designers for this release, but alas with the storms yesterday I had no opportunity to stamp.  As soon as I have power and can get into the studio, I’ll have something for you!  Anna thanks for understanding!

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