I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so I’m just giving a brief update.  We were hit hard by winds yesterday and have been without power since yesterday morning.  I’m sitting at Kate’s house (who is one of the lucky ones and has power) where I took the pups and spent the night.  I’m heading home to do some yard cleanup and hopefully sometime today our power will be back on.  I’m not counting on it, since there are close to 2,500 resident just in my area without power.  We were lucky in that we only lost some big limbs from our Maple tree.  Our neighbor had a tree split and land on her house, breaking bricks from the chimney and putting a very large hole in her roof.  The trees in the boulevard were the most damaged and we spend the better part of yesterday, clearing debris and branches out of the boulevard so that it was passable.

Late yesterday afternoon Lance and I took a drive through town.  We were really looking for some place open because I was in desperate need of coffee.  The damage along the river and to the homes there is unbelievable.  In the 22 years we have lived here, I have never seen such destruction.  All of this caused by 75-80 mph winds without absolutely no rain!

I’ve been getting my morning coffee fix here at Kate’s, the pot is almost empty and I’m heading home to try and do some more cleanup today.

One thing before I go!  I was so honored and happy when Anna Wight asked me to be one of her Featured Designers for this release, but alas with the storms yesterday I had no opportunity to stamp.  As soon as I have power and can get into the studio, I’ll have something for you!  Anna thanks for understanding!

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  1. Oh Sherry – I hope you get your power back soon! HUGS! And congrats on being on Anna’s team! I know you’ll rock those new sets!

  2. Most importantly…you’re okay!! I hope your power comes back on soon!! Best of luck with clean up!!

    Congrats on being on Anna’s team for the release! I know you’ll rock those sets!! 😉

  3. Ok….I knew that something had to be up (in this case…winds!) since you were AOL. Glad to hear that you are alright (tho the cleanup will not be fun, I’m sure!)
    Congrats on being on Anna’s team, can’t wait to see what you create!

  4. My gosh, Sherry, where are you? I feel like I should come over, bring coffee, and help you clean up. Thank goodness you faired better than some did. How horrible. I will definitely be praying this is all you people get from the weird weather right now. Its that time of year, but we just need the moisture and not the destruction. Praying for you and yours and the other people where you are.

  5. I hope your electricity is quickly restored. I will look forward to seeing your cards using Anna’s designs. I havbe enjoyed her blog since I discovered stamping blogs. I know your cards will be fantastic.

  6. OMG Sherry, as a veteran of hurricanes and power outages I feel you pain! I will offer a few suggestions:
    Don’t open your freezer or refrigerator unless necessary….you want it to stay as cool as possible, so you don’t loose your food as well

    Be creative in you eating, have a fun time eating picnic foods and in this situation, even I endorse the used of paper plates…LOL

    Be careful in the clean up–watch out for any down power lines. More people here in the deep south are injured during clean up.

    Enjoy the darkness…go to bed early and I hope you have batteries and candles (use a mirror behind to reflect more light).

    We have an emergency box always ready with flashlights, extra batteries, water and easily eaten food, paper and disposable goods…and yes lots of snack food we would not eat otherwise…..Twinkies, Tasty Kakes, candies, Vienna Sausage…well you get the ideas.

    Be safe and keep us posted.

  7. I hope the damage to your town and home are minimal! In our neighbourhood we were quite fortunate to suffer very little to no damage; meanwhile some of our coworkers and friends are very likely going to be without power for a month because of the damage their service provider suffered. I hope we will see you stamping soon, but of course only after you’ve taken care of the Really Important Stuff!

  8. So glad you and yours are okay…love ya girl! Hope your power is on soon if not already!!

  9. Sherry,
    I have watched some of the damage done with the storm on the news here (Australia). The good news is that you and your family are okay and the damage is fixable. Hope your power comes on soon. I really love reading your blog, I only came across it from another blog link, love your work and sense of humour.

  10. I feel for you. I got a hurricane day off from work, that would not be unusual if I still lived in Florida but I live in Ohio.

  11. OMGoodness, Sherry — so sorry to hear! And dang, still no rain?!! So glad your home and YOU fared well though . . . stamping can wait. Hope you get your power back soon and that your friends and neighbors are all okay.

  12. Hope you get the power back on soon. Congrats on being a featured designer!!!

  13. Sherry, good to know that you and your family made it through the destruction without serious damage or injury. Thanks for updating us on what’s happening, on a personal level, in your area; sometimes the national broadcasters don’t give a true sense of the actual news. P.S. There are lot more serious things than not having coffee, but like you, I need the fix, too!

  14. Thanks for the update, Sherry. I’m so glad to hear that your family & home are okay. (((hugs)))

  15. Sherry, so good to know you are ok and safe!! I hope your power will be back on soon! Congrats on being on Anna’s DT!! Take care!!

  16. I’m glad to hear you and your home and family are okay, Sherry! I’ve checked on just about everyone I can think of who lives in Texas and they all seem to be fine, thank goodness. I’m so happy to hear you’re on Anna’s new team! Congrats on this FUN opportunity! I can’t wait to see your samples!! I’ve already purchased two of the three sets. They’re so CUTE!

  17. Glad to hear you made it through, we had not as bad wind but terrible sheets of rain, we had flash flooding that flooded our back and front yards, we had at least 2 inches of rain in the shed so all the stuff we had in boxes were soaked, it came 2 feet from our garage, can’t tell you the mess we would have had if it had made it inside.

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