Smiley from Happy Thursday!  I’m today getting my laundry done and packing to leave tomorrow morning.  I’m sure I told you, BUT. . . if you are in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, I’ll be demonstrating in the Rubbernecker Stamp Booth this coming weekend at the 1st Annual Fall Rubber Stamp Show at the Expo New Mexico State Fairgrounds.  If you happen to be at the show, please come by and say HI!

Not too long ago, a close family friend asked me to make her some cards.  She knew exactly what she wanted and for whom she wanted it for.  It pleases me when I get to make cards, with just that right touch of humor, for someone special. Smiley from

This card was for her mother, who happens to love leopard and well . . . enough said.

 KP 38 long

The sentiment on the next card is the most important thing about the card.  It was for a friend that recently had surgery (yes, some female surgery).

KB Pucker Up

This last card, I honestly can’t remember who it was for.  I do vaguely remember however, there was something about being 50+ years old, toe shoes and being flexible.

KP toe shoes

Well, that’s all I have today . . . how I love a bit of twisted humor!  I hope you have a great day!

9 Responses to “Oh How I Love Humor!”

  1. Sherry – all three of your cards are just wonderful. Jaw-dropping gorgeous, hysterical, and so well done. I’m quite impressed.

  2. Love your cards Sherry! You have fun in New Mexico, chow down on some good Mexican food and safe travels!!

  3. Great cards, Sherry….I really love the pucker up one….bwahaahaahaahaahaa!!!!! Have a wonderful time in NM….wish I was going with ya!!! Stay out of trouble, now, and don’t be stealing the lawn furniture!!!

  4. BWHAHAAAAA!!! I LOOOVE twisted humor (and have decided that I need to get more “twisted” type stamps… are hard to laugh at!!
    Love the bra card (tho the pucker up one had me rolling too……) The twinkle toes one is unexpected too….great job on all

    Do you ever stay home??!!! How come you travel all over the place and never come visit me???!! BWHHAAAAAAA

  5. My mom loves your site!!!

  6. Hey Sherry…I met you in SA…It was so neat to meet all of you ladies.
    It really was the highlight of the whole day besides going bankrupt!!!!
    Me and my girlfriend bought everything yall demo for us except for the pitch black ink that yall was out of and We still have not found any!!! You promised me it was better than SU..if you remember me …I was the one who did not like the SU black and was the nut who has every color they make. Yee-ha! Love your work super job!!
    On SCS I go by downcobble..long story … but a name that most remember.

  7. Girl, you’re so BAD! ;-D (Bwahahaha!)

  8. You always crack me up!

  9. Okay, these are all cute, but the bra…now that’s funny!!!! Love the leopard and that fantastic sentiment!!

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