Good Tuesday morning!  Smiley from Boy am I not prepared for today  . . . I was a bit of a slacker yesterday.  I had some necessary chores to take care of in the morning, phone calls needed to be made and then the morning was gone.  Of course, I had to catch up on everyone else’s problems so . . . I tuned into my soaps.  Argh you say  . . .  I know, I Know!  But oh their problems make mine look so tame  . . . by golly, I don’t even have any compared to theirs.  My baby hasn’t been switched; I haven’t been held a hostage or held at gunpoint; I haven’t been through a tornado recently; and as far as I know, I only have one other personality . . . BAD! Smiley from

So needless to say, today is Smiley from Treasure Hunt Tuesday at Rubbernecker and I don’t have a card ready.  Here’s my plan!  I’m going to do today’s Color Challenge on Splitcoaststampers and then add the card to this post.  It works for me!  You can, however, find all the necessary info on the Rubbernecker Stamps Blog!

What I DO have today is blog candy!  Yes, I’m the lucky RN Designer that gets to give away some Gift Certificates today.  Did you see that, Gift CertificateS, plural . . . I have two $10 Rubbernecker Gift Certificates to give away today and you could be the lucky winner.


During the holidays, I love to watch all the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.  I stay tuned every night so that I don’t miss a one.   So here’s how you can win one of these Gift Certificates — leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite holiday movie is.  For me this is a tough question.  I love them all but my favorites would have to be White Christmas and The Bishop’s Wife.  Even though I love A Christmas Story, I’m just a sucker for the old stuff.

I’ll be picking two winners and post them tomorrow.  I’ll also be back a little later with my card.  In the mean time, have a great day!

As promised, I’m back!  I finished my card up a few minutes ago . . . but can you believe that my battery died while taking the photos!  I suppose I hadn’t charged it since I went to Albuquerque – go figure.  (It certainly has made me giggle this afternoon)

The Splitcoaststampers Color Challenge today is to use Real Red, Basic Black and Kraft.  Well the first thing that came to my mind was Santa.  I also happen to have the new BasicGrey Wassail and knew that I would find something to work with those colors.


I colored the image of Santa with Copic Markers and then cut him out, along with the background panel, using Spellbinders Petite Ovals.  I sponged all the edges of the paper with Vintage Photo Distress Ink, and in particular the red paper.  It was just too bright and I wanted a more aged look.  I found a chipboard star and misted it with Vintage Photo/Gold Pearlized Distress Mist and then inked the edges with more Vintage Photo.  Two holes were punched in the star to tie ribbon through and then it was mounted on the front of the card with mounting tape.  Instead of sewing today, I felt a little black faux stitching was called for.

Oh and one more thing, Mr. Rubbernecker “Dave” sent me an email earlier and said he had put many of the Stamp Oasis Little Lovin’s and Winter Holiday stamps on sale!

44 Responses to “Its Treasure Hunt Tuesday!”

  1. Oh, Sherry, I love the holiday movies, too! Our weather is cooperating to set the mood – cold and a dusting of snow this morning. Yesterday I got out our collection of Christmas movies & can’t wait to watch them with the family. My all time favorite has to be White Christmas, but Miracle on 34th Street (with Natalie Wood as the little girl) & It’s a Wonderful Life are right up there.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win blog candy. Will look for your card on Split Coast.

  2. Yes, it is indeed a hard question to answer because I have so many, but I guess if I have to pick just one I’ll go with Charlie Brown Christmas. How can one resist this adorable story we watched as kids.

  3. Hi Sherry! Every year we love to watch It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. Love that movie. And then with our crazy friends we get together each year and watch Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase and laugh until we cry.

  4. I love the oldies too…..I’d have to go with Bells of St. Mary’s, good old Bing Crosby movie. Thanks for the chance to win!!


  5. There are just too many great Holiday movies but one that is a must see is the Little Drummer Boy…

  6. I love the original Santa Clause. I have spent a lot of time with my kids watching that movie.

  7. I love all the Christmas movies, but if I had to pick one that we loved watching with our kids, it would have to be the Muppets Christmas Special. It is just to funny watching fozzy bear figure out were all his friends are going to sleep and Big Bird trying to convince the Swedish Chef that he isn’t a Christmas Turkey.

  8. I can’t think of the name of it but the one with Shirley Temple in it

  9. hmmmm……The old Frosty the Snowman? The old Rudolf? The Christmas story? (“you’ll shoot your eye out”….something my mother would have said!!) How the Grinch stole Christmas (the original)……Too hard to choose!!

  10. Hands down it’s Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I will watch it any time of the year. He’s soooo cute! And I love the Bumble and Burl Ives music. Now I want to go watch it! Thanks for the candy.

  11. Selecting a favorite Christmas movie is easy, but it also gives away my age…ha ha! “It’s a Wonderful World” with Jimmy Stewart; that movie brings tears to my eyes each and everytime I see it. And, for the younger generation movie favorite, it’s “A Christmas Story.” Who can’t help laughing with that one? Thanks for giving away the “bucks”; sure hope I win because there are some neat-looking stamps I have an eye on 😉

  12. Chores are over rated Sherry!! 🙂 My favorite holiday movie is the Polar Express. My daughter was enthralled with it last year that we watched it countless times. Can’t wait to watch it with her again this holiday season!

  13. Oh gosh, I love Christmas movies. I just watched the Thomas Kinkade Christmas Cottage the other day, and I always love to watch Rudolf and Frosty. Have you seen Ebbie on the Lifetime Movie Channel? That’s a good one too….. And of course, Home Alone, White Christmas, and and and………….. I could keep on going! LOL

  14. Sherry, mine is also White Christmas — I love the music! We have the DVD and the CD! One year I sat in front of the fireplace with my then new husband and watched that movie and I thought it was one of our most romantic times — so the movie is special for that reason! I also love Charlie Brown’s Christmas — I played Linus in that play — in SPANISH!– when i was in high school! 🙂 Mary

  15. … favorite Christmas movie of all time is … It’s a Wonderful Life! Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Christmas Cartoons, the Grinch, Frosty, Peanuts etc.. and I don’t know about you but I simply cannot make it through without watching Home Alone with my Grandkids.. we LOVE that movie! Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street and Christmas Story are up there as my FAVS as well… I sing Farararara … rararaRAAAAA for days after!! What a hoot! I just lovelovelove this time of year!!

    Thanks for the chance at some yummy blog candy!!

  16. Ooh, fun question today. For my favorite holiday movie I’m going to go with Miracle on 34th Street.

    All this talk of the holidays make me think I’d better update my iPod playlist with some Christmas carols!

    Hope you’re having a great day. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Hallmark channel, huh?
    I’ll keep that in mind, I love Hallmark movies, and I thought you were bad!! 😉

  18. I love to watch all the Christmas classics , but the one we get the most laughs from watching is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation !

  19. I cannot go through the holidays without seeing the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but as it many not actually be a movie I’ll go with the original Santa Claus, it was made where I live! and of course all of the oldies bring back the ambiance of when I was a kid.

  20. Life does seem simple when you compare yourself to your “friends” on the soaps, huh? I would have to say that my favorite movie during the holidays is the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I especially love the original cartoon one, because the narrator’s voice is just so yummy. But Jim Carrey makes me laugh, so that one’s pretty good, too. Thanks for the chance to win, Sherry!

  21. Though I like and watch most of them each year, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Charlie Brown Christmas are my favorites! Thanks for the chance to win Sherry!

  22. I think “White Christmas” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Thanks for a chance for the candy!

  23. Super cute, Sherry…love that Santa!!! Love how you did the star, too…looks like a piece of rusty metal!!!

  24. I’d say Miracle on 34th Street.

  25. I love the warm, homey feel of this card! I thought the star looked like it was made from cork!

  26. What a cute card! I would have to say A Christmas Story. On Christmas Eve it comes out 24hrs on TBS and my channel doesnt change.

  27. I’m BAAAACCCKKKK!! hehehe…..what a cute card!! I like the “western” feel to this….

  28. It has been our Christmas tradition for years that after Thanksgiving dinner, we all pile in and watch Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation”! This year I am adding a new one that “believe it or not!!” I had never watched until last year– Miracle on 34th Street! I am now hooked and have been trying to find it so I can buy it! I watch Christmas movies year round! These two are the best I have found so far!

  29. Hi Sherry

    I have several favorite ones I watch every year but if I had to make a choice, it would be “It’s a Wonderful Life” with “Miracle on 34th Street” a close second.

    Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

  30. Hi Sherry,

    I love The Christmas Shoes but you better have a box of tissue as it is a real tear jerker but it is a good movie.

    Terre Fry
    Spellbinders Paper Arts co

  31. Oh your card is so cute Sherry!!! I love it! My fave has to a A Christmas Story, even though that is probably everyone’s favorite. I also love A Christmas Carol, don’t care which version. I never get tired of Tiny Tim! Thanks for the chance! ;0)

  32. What a cute card!!!!
    I was just looking at this little guy today!! (I should have ordered it since dd’s name it Joy).
    Fantastic coloring–this color combo suits it perfectly!!

    (Not for candy–but as we have discussed earlier–I am a Christmas Movie Junkie, too–ABC Family has already started airing theirs!! TEE HEE!! My favorite is It’s a Wonderful Life)

  33. Like the color combo on the card. Wouldn’t be Christmas without “It’s a Wonderful Life”

  34. Hi Sherry! I have to say White Christmas is one of my all time favorites, but the Grinch Who Stole Christmas Movie with Jim Carey runs a close second! Also, wanted to say how much fun the show in Albuquerque was! You showed me and my friend Denise how easy the Wizard is to use! (Maybe Santa will bring me one!) 🙂 Michelle

  35. Miss Badness~~You had me LOL when I read how you spent your afternoon yesterday. You forgot one thing tho ~ are you sure you don’t have a Twin that you’re unaware of? What about a father that has a girlfriend that is approx. 25 yrs. younger then him? heheheheeeee
    You’re Santa card is adorable ~ you always amaze me with your ability to vintage//age paper with just the use of inks 🙂

    OHHH almost forgot, my favorite XMas Movie …… the original cartoon of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, with Boris Karloff as the narrator. I also love the new one that stars that comedian [[Help! Can’t think of his name!!!!!]] who is actually made up to look like the Grinch. How can you not love that little dog that saves the day by not allowing the sleigh the slide down the hill. The Best !

    I remember his name ~ Jim Carey !

  36. CUTE card, Sherry! Love the primitive-style star!

  37. I still love A Christmas Story! I grew up watching that and it is still my favorite!!!

  38. I love the card Sherry! by far A Christmas Story is my favorite.

  39. For some reason I like ELF. Those stuffed elves from the 1950s and/or 60s that look like Snap! Crackle! and Pop! are my favorite Christmas decorations too. “Celebrate your inner ELF” may be my all time favorite Christmas stamp. Free the elves!

  40. Ooooo…I love Christmas movies. My favorite is The Christmas Story. And best part is the 24 hour marathon. It has turned in to a family tradition. Thanks for the chance at the “candy”. Hugs, Angie 🙂

  41. for me, it hs to be “Rudolph”–I love the misfit toys!!

  42. I have so many favorites! The “must see every pickin’ year” is It’s a Wonderful Life. Close on its heels is White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street.

    Thanks for the chance to win your candy!

  43. I soooo love watching the Christmas specials and movies!!! My all time favorites though are Miracle on 34th Street (The original), and The Christmas Story and of course How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Animated version)!!!

  44. Oh how I love the colors you’ve chosen! And that star is so rich!

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