Happy Saturday!  What a week it’s been.  For the last few days I’ve had a little stomach bug or something that has kept me on the couch for most of the day.  I woke up this morning feeling better, but now I’ve got a little congestion going on.  Oh well . . . life in the fast lane!

What do you think of my new banner?  I made it myself with a kit I downloaded from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs.  I found out the hard way that their blog banner kits won’t work with WordPress blogs.  At least I never found a way.  In my pursuit to have a new banner, I decided to go for the full kit of paper and doodads.  I think I’m gonna like having all this paper at the push of a print button.

One day last week, when I was talking about vintage ornaments, I promised pics of mine.  Well, I finally got them made.

Wreath 2008

The plain wreath was given to me years ago and all the ornaments on it are those from my grandparents’ house.  There are few from my parents, those that broke and I just couldn’t get rid of them.  The broken or cracked side is turned toward the wreath so I can still enjoy the colors and designs.

Tree 2008

This little tree holds all the ornaments from my parents’ house.  Mom has started decorating in a different way, and I was lucky enough to get all their old ornaments.

I do have a bigger tree up.  It is the family tree and is decorated with ornaments that we have collected since 1978 when Lance and I first got married.  Mallory decorates this one for me every year – actually it is the only decoration she will mess with.  I think she just likes to hang her own ornaments in prominent positions.

While I was sitting here on the couch the other day, the dogs started going nuts.  I looked over and they were into a game of tug-o-war with the stuffed squirrel.  You see – they really do hate squirrels and if one is spotted through the door or window, they bark until there is no tomorrow.  Let’s not even talk about trying to walk them.  At the first squirrel sitting, the legs tremble, ears perk up and I find myself being dragged down the road.

Syd & Ellie

Guess who won?  Miss Ellie of course!


Actually, Syd saw me with the camera and came over to investigate what the hell I was doing!  She was proudly sitting on my lap when the picture of Ellie was taken.  I guess Syd thought she had actually won because she was taunting Ellie a tiny bit . . . the fight for my lap was on!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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