I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your comments, emails and phone calls that I received today.  Thank you all so very much for your concern and well wishes!  Trust me when I say that I actually feel better at this point in time than I did a couple of months ago.  Hell, I even feel better than I did a month ago.  Hopefully I’ll keep on this pace and will eventually feel like my old BAD self!

Guess what?  I finally walked into the studio today.  I’m surprised that the carpet wasn’t wet from the recent storms.  I just knew that I was going to have a mess on my hands. Actually, the only mess I found was what I had left out the last time I was in there.  You know, I’m starting to think that I’m just not happy with the layout of the studio and that’s why mojo is in hiding.  As organized as I can be, I’m just not able to make this space work the way I want (or need) it to.  It bugs me!!!!  I would definitely entertain offers if any of you wanted to come help . . .  You know we would have to stamp to make sure the setup works!

I started before noon today . . . that was really good for me!  I tried and tried to color some new floral images I’ve received, but alas it never worked.  Around 1:30 I ended up throwing everything in garbage, turned off the lights and walked upstairs for some lunch.  By 2:30 I was snuggling in for a little “after lunch” nap.  A sad thing is what was too only be about 30 minutes turned into a couple of hours.  But I did awake feeling refreshed with a few ideas running through my head.

Now my mother has been hinting that she could use some cards, but she can’t get anyone to make her any.  Duh . . . She has specifically asked for some with Max in the martini glass and of course she always loves anything with Millie.  I pulled out both stamps and decided that maybe some humorous and fun stamping was just was I needed to get me over this hump.  Oops, I said hump . . Smiley from millan.net

While I was visiting my dear friend Tex last year (actually we were working the San Antonio Show with Rubbernecker).  Oh this is a good story!  Me, Bev (“Tex”) and Joan were all going to work the San Antonio show for Rubbernecker.  Dave a/k/a Mr. Rubbernecker, was driving all of us to the show and just about the time I saw the Salado sign, I yelled for Dave to pull off at the next exit.  With Bev and Joan in the back agreeing with me (and might I add, laughing the entire time), Dave pulled off at the Salado exit.  We directed him to Stamp Salado, still not telling him what we were up to.  Suddenly it hit Dave what was going on and while he was pulling in the parking lot, he was dying that his truck and show trailer were pulling into ANOTHER stamp store!  Smiley from millan.net  He did walk into the store with us and spent just as much time as we did walking around.  So the point even mentioning Stamp Salado was that I picked up the sentiment stamp that I used today . . . from Deadbeat Designs . . . “Whatever Makes Your Wild Hair Blow.”  It was perfect and a must have!

So, Millie has a wild hair today!  It’s a perfect Birthday card for my mother to send to one of her lady friends.  I even stamped Happy Birthday on the inside and on the back (another new stamp I found recently) Hand-stamped by an Art Floozy! Smiley from millan.net

Millie’s Wild Hair

  • Stamps: Millie from Art Impressions; Whatever Makes Your Wild Hair Blow from Deadbeat Designs
  • Paper: Neenah Classic Crest Solar White; SU Kraft, Baja Breeze and Riding Hood Red
  • Ink: Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black; Ranger Archival Jet Black and Snow Cap Pigment; SU Baja Breeze
  • Accessories: Copic and Spica Markers; Tsukineko Sponge Dauber; Ribbon; Venture Foam Tape

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

22 Responses to “Whatever Makes Your Wild Hair Blow!”

  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! (You don’t have to guess whether or not I have warped sense of humour or not!)

  2. Glad to hear that you are getting some good rest. I love Millie and the hair sentiment. Hope things are going well for you.

  3. Wow, just “discovered” you today…I’m am in awe of you. I’m sharing your site from now one on my blog (if I can remember how to do that) and will check regularly for inspiration.
    Wish you lived down here in Texas, sounds like you’d fit into our group of girls PERFECTLY! I’m always “recruiting” friends or corrupting my non-crafty friends 🙂

    Hope you get your MOJO back soon and hope you find what “tires” you.

  4. Bwaahahahahahahahahhaaa! I had forgotten about that stamp! It was definitely ‘meant’ for this card! OH HOW FUNNAY!

    I’m still proud of Mr. Rubbernecker for tolerating that impromtu Stamp Salado visit so well! He is either very tolerant, or recognized being ‘outnumbered’! hee hee

    It’s great to see that you’ve been visited by the Mojo Meister! Woooohooooooooo!!


  5. THIS is the Bad Sherry I remember! You go girl! Be a BAAAD as you need to be to be true to yourself and your great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing this! I love it!

  6. Love this card. What a sense of humor. I’m sure your mother will love it and any friend of hers that receives it will get a kick out of it.

    Glad your nap made you feel refreshed. Wish I lived closer to you, I’d go help you get your studio redone.

    Maria from Washington state

  7. That look just like me! Darling card, Sherry. I’m so glad to see you stamp a little.

  8. hahaha great card, great story!

  9. Glad to hear your better and I think you have your mojo back love the card too funny

  10. Handstamped by an Art Floozy!!!! I love it!

  11. Sherry, what a wild and funny card! Love the sentiment and the “wild” look Millie has 😀

  12. Sherry, glad to have you back and that you back to your bad self again… love the care girl… keep the mojo juices flowing…

  13. DANG!! How did you find your mojo in my office mess?!! Heaven knows I can’t find anything in here (and I seriously wanted to keep yours!!)
    This card is HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE that sentiment and “hand stamped by an Art Floozy!! BWHHAAAAA (ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) hehe….what a way to start the day!
    (ok, ok….I’m glad you found your mojo….but could you just send me a LITTLE TEENY TINY piece of it?!)

  14. That is a fun sentiment and goes perfect with your image, so Fun!

  15. I’m going to Stamp Salado today. I only live 20 minutes from there. Love that place! Mark (Deadbeat Designs) won’t be working today, but I’ll be sure and say hi to Sandy for you. So glad you are feeling better. My husband has severe sleep apnea and uses a BPAP machine and oxygen to sleep. If the noise gets to you–all of a sudden he was sleeping like a baby and I was awake all night with that infernal machine–put it in the closet. Now it’s bearable for both of us. Just leave some space around it for air circulation. Works great!

  16. Awesome cards. Love your blog.
    Nothin wrong with your mojo.

    Allright girl.
    Post some pictures of your craft space and we’ll re-arrange it if it’s bugging you..
    Do you have a window?
    Is it cool in the room?
    What is your vieuw when you are crafting..

    I have build shelves on my desk which hold my wooden stamps.
    So much fun to build.
    Took under an hour even with the neighbours two little terrorists
    assiting me.
    I just swap the set’s around to inspire me.
    Down load some new images to get fresh inspiration.
    No waiting, no shipping costs etc.

    I Loooove making paper tints from tissue paper.
    Use a good quality tissue not a dollar store one.

    Just the material inspires me.
    I just made a huge batch.
    I used scrapbooking paint.. (Making Memories) and some random
    mixed stuff from re inkers.
    I put some in a spritser,add water and shake.
    Lay your paper on white garbage bags.
    Sprits to your liking.
    let dry and enjoy….


    I will upload some right away. Just for you..

    Cyber hugs.

  17. WOWZER!! What an adorable creation!! 😉 So glad you’re feeling better and you’ve come back!! 🙂

  18. Fabulous Sherry!!

  19. OMG!! Sherry this is fantastic!!! LOVE it!!LOL!!!

  20. Chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort!!!!! I had forgotten about that little side trip!! In fact, the stamps I bought stayed in my suitcase until a month ago when I found them tucked in the side pocket….it was like Christmas all over again!!! Anyway…I am sooo glad you are feeling better and you found your mojo….leave it to Millie!! She is almost as good as happy pills…heeheehee!!!

  21. I LOVE THIS CARD!!! LOL Thanks for the chuckle!



  22. Great job – my stamp looks great on your card! Glad you are getting some good use out of it! Keep up the good work!


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