I was tagged by one of my blogger friends, Jill Haddad.   The tag is to open the picture folder on your computer, open the 6th folder and then post the 6th card.

A few years ago, I undertook the task of scanning some old family photos and making albums for my sister and cousins.  The 6th photo in that folder, were of all us kids at one of our birthday parties.  I think maybe it was Carrie’s.


Left to right, Carrie (my sister), Billy (my cousin), Shannon on the trike (my cousin) and then me on the back of the trike.

For the heck of it, I thought it would be fun to show you the 5th and 7th as well.

Aunt Linda Trike

My Aunt Linda sitting on my trike.

Uncle Billy Pool

My Uncle Billy helping himself to my pool, which I look none too happy about.

Now that I’ve had my walk down memory lane,

Here are the rules:
•Open your photo folder on your computer
•Open the 6th folder of photos
•Select the 6th picture
•Post the picture on your blog with a description
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link your six friends to your blog post

I’ll play along and tag the following:

Broni, Kittie, Candy, Joan, Linda, and Gigi.

9 Responses to “I Was Picture Tagged!”

  1. I love looking at old photos – even of people I barely know or don’t know. LOL! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. What a neat idea………………… you were a cutie!!!!

  3. I’m reading away, looking at your cute pics and thinking of what a great idea someone had. The photos on our computer are current; I’ll have to scan old ones someday since they’re stored in Colorado and in Texas. Geez, you’d think I was a vagabond or something 😀 By the way, Uncle Billy looks as if he is having a great time in your pool..ha ha!

  4. What a COOL idea (and sob, sob….you didn’t tag me!! hehe)
    What fun pictures!

  5. (yikes!! the 6th folder is the folder holding all the pictures that my oldest son has taken….huh……he’s only 11 now….hehe….guess that’s why you didn’t tag me!)

  6. Aunt Linda and Uncle Billy look like a couple of characters! Must run in the family. Love seeing these old photos, Sherry! I’ve been tagged for this, too. Unfortunately my photos are on my out of commission desktop. I haven’t done much in the way of organizing them into folders, either. Guess I should step into the 21st century…

  7. Yikes….I better go see what is in my 6th folder!!! I love your walk down memory lane, Sherry….you were such a cutie!!! You still are but in a much more sophisticated fashion!!!!

  8. Great pictures Sherry, I will get to my 6th folder and 6th picture soon!

  9. […] I would try searching for the mojo.  I need a simple masculine card to send to my uncle (remember this post of my uncle in my pool) who is waging his own battle with cancer.  I also wanted the card to be […]

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