Which is why I do not have a card this morning to post for the Rubbernecker WACKY WEDNESDAY Challenge!  Broni is the hostess today and she has a fabulous challenge for everyone.  Check it all out on the Rubbernecker Blog!  Each week we are giving away to three participants a coupon good for 25% your entire Rubbernecker Order.  If I find some time after my errands today, I’ll get something made.

Now for the fun stuff that I haven’t talked about at all!  The Rubbernecker Red Hot Mommas along with Mr. and Mrs. Rubbernecker are all heading to Texas!  Yep you heard right . . . . we are all going to be at one place, getting to know each other and simply having a grand time!  Stay tuned for some updates during the weekend, maybe a few pictures and perhaps even a video or two.

7 Responses to “I’m Leavin’ on a Jet Plane!”

  1. You be sure and tell Mr. & Mrs. Rubbernecker that I really mad that my favorite Rubbernecker girls not coming to Akron next month! 🙁 HAVE FUN! (Try to behave!)

  2. If you are coming to Austin you better tell me so I can at least buzz by and say hello! 🙂 Have a wonderful time, it sounds like grand fun.

  3. EXCUSE ME?!!!! Isn’t Mr. and Mrs. Rubbernecker from CA?!!! Why the heck are you all meeting in Texas?!! Geesh….Southern California has GREAT weather…..everything is nice and green right now from the rains…..and I LIVE HERE!!! (snort)
    Sigh…..can’t wait to see the video!!

  4. I know you guys will have a GREAT time! Wish I could hitch a ride with my mom, but alas, I have to work and babysit my grandparents. 🙂 I wanna see lots and lots of pictures!

  5. My bag is packed, I’m ready to go…………..

    See you soon!!!

  6. By the way—I have been singing this song all week. (Giggling at the “I hate to go” part–yeah right) I am driving my family CRAZY! TEE HEE!! Too bad, soo sad!!

  7. I know you’re home now – the play date in Texas being over – so hurry up girl and post the news!!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve made – and what’s coming up at Rubbernecker. Welcome home.

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