Hey y’all happy Thursday!  You know, I was thinking the other night how I often open my blog posts; it seems to be Hey y’all or you guys.  Now having been raised in Kentucky, where they call you by your first and middle name, it was always y’all.  Of course I was called Sherry Lynn or the shortened version, SherLynn, all my life.  I still have relatives that would know me by no other name.  I went to college in the middle east of Indiana.  There I had friends from all across the county with all different types of accents.  For instance, I had one friend from Jersey who couldn’t say purse (it always came out puss) so it was always a pocketbook with her.  I met Mr. Stodgy in college (well actually on Ft. Myers Beach during spring break).  We lived in the same group of dorms.  I brought him home one weekend and we went shopping.  The cashier said, “can I help y’all.”  Mr. Stodgy looks at me and asks “why is she asking us about a truck?”  I laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants.  You see, Mr. Stodgy is from Northwest Indiana, affectionately called the Region by most Hoosiers.  We got married and moved to the Region.  The first time I met Mr. Stodgy’s grandmother, Grace, she was going to town and asked if I wanted to go with.  I was waiting for her to finish . . . go with?  Go with where?  Go with whom?  Another term I picked up while in the Region.  We moved back to Kentucky in 1983.  I’ve picked up my local southern twang once again but every once in awhile little snippets of other phrases slip out.  My point?  I truly don’t have one . . . I was just thinking about all the different accents and phrases I have picked up during my life.  I truly can’t help myself.

Have you had enough of my babbling?  I know I have!  But truly if you have, then skip down to the next paragraph.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA read then skip.

Yesterday while browsing through the forums on Splitcoaststampers I decided to look at the Sketch Challenge.  After I did some picking up in the studio and had started another project that needed to dry, I started on the Sketch Challenge.  Needless to say, I didn’t finish last night but this morning instead.  I’m still working off and on with the other project.


This time, I decided to watercolor with crayons.  I’m off on that tangent of painting with different mediums and having fun with it.  I used my new favorite toy, my Koi Water Brushes and Stampin’ UP! Watercolor Wonder Crayons.  My gosh I haven’t used those crayons in ages.  They actually look practically new!  Anyhoo, I needed a card for a friend and I thought this would be perfect to let her know I was thinking about her.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

15 Responses to “Babblings!”

  1. quite purty, m’lady! 😉
    I’m from the south, m’self! (taking a deep curtsy, just like the proper ladies do!!)
    ((but don’t tell the southern ladies that I married a yank!!))

  2. We don`t have an accent…everyone else does! I have worked in Boston, Bronx, Alabama, Mississippi, LA and Tijuanna….I promise you…we barely have an accent! lol

  3. I enjoy your babblings (and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that I’ve been known to “babble” a bit myself).
    While in collage, I had a professor whose doctorate or whatever was in linguestics (I do believe I have just murdered the spelling on that!!). He wanted to know if we said “crEEk” or “crick”. I think I threw him for a loop….It’s a “creek” when it was able to “run” a bit more….and a crick when it was a drizzle (or when you were stating that you were going to Sheep Crik (sheep creek just doesn’t flow off the tongue!)
    My mother always pronounced “wash”~~”worsh”……and of course we always tried to get my holier than thou aunt to say “sheets” because her spanish accent only allowed her to say “sh*ts”!! hehe
    Like the watercoloring….scary~~~I was just thinking this am that I needed to dig out some other mediums besides my copics for coloring!!

  4. Where in KY? I’m from Evansville, IN and my parents are from Crittenden County, KY. It’s funny how people tell you what county they are from in KY but in other states it’s the city! I totally undersatnd about the 2 names thing. Thanks for sharing such a great story with us! Cathy

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I love that you used purple again! And I can hear you speaking in all your little accents as I read your “babbling”!!

  6. This is so sweet, Sherry! I love your coloring with the WC crayons. I haven’t touched mine in more than a year. I’ll have to dog them out.

  7. Love Love LOVE IT when you babble!! It’s like having a nice long chat with a friend – who just happens to be very creative and talented. Thx for sharing your life with us.

  8. I love your card! And your babbling too.

  9. I just KNEW I liked you from the moment I first saw your photo and read your blog! Oh yes, and I like your card too!

  10. Your post made me crack up Sherry! My husband and I both grew up in NJ (a fact I hide well after 6 years each in Boston and CT) and to this day that boy still says pocketbook! We now live in TX where everyone looks at him sideways when he says pocketbook. My favorite word(s) here are “fixin ta” (i.e. I’m fixin’ ta do that) and “you might could” (you might or you could but you can’t “might could”)! Sister Ignatius, my high school English teacher, is rolling in her grave clutching her grammar book!

    Nice card BTW- you have inspired me to dust of my WCC as well!

  11. Sherry, your card is just beautiful. You should use your WWC more often. Oh, and yes, I totally understood your babbling. My mom grew up in Kentucky and you don’t have an accent or talk funny since she didn’t either. 🙂

  12. So pretty, Sherry! Or should I say Sherry Lynn?? Great card. I like your ramblings:)

  13. I know what you mean being in the Military and traveling around we had to get use to each section of the US that we were stationed and how they talked, of course our friends were from all over too, and had their own certain ways of talking, very interesting!
    Love your watercoloring, such a pretty card!

  14. Sherry –
    I enjoy looking at your lovely creations, but I find it takes too much of my time to read all your personal notes.
    I tend to now just look at your work and then hurry on to others blogs to browse for ideas.

  15. Sherry –
    I enjoy looking at your lovely creations, but I find it takes too much of my time to read all your personal notes.
    I tend to now just look at your work and then hurry on to others blogs to browse for ideas.
    This particular post is way too long!!

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