13 Responses to “I’ve Caused a Scene!”

  1. I’m having fun being the first to comment on all the “momma’s” post this morning. Sherry, this is so darn cute. I love that you used the wood fence to close in your chicken yard and you have captured such an adorable setting. I know even Anna would love strolling around this scene. Thanks for such a beautiful release piece. I love it and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I could walk right into your scene, awesome Sherry!

  3. This is so cute !!! wow,..wish I could have that darn Kittie to my house for a lesson!

    Now there is an idea for a prize!! lol

  4. WOW, Sherry, what a fabulous scene…I love, love, love the wood fence and trees in the background and the gorgeous coloring on the chickens and coop!!!!!! You need to frame this beauty!!!

  5. Woo hoo! You caused such a fabulous scene! Love your deep, rich colors and that great crumpled background look!!

  6. Wowwwwww………… LOVE the wood fence and your rich red coloring on the coop and mother hen. WOW!

  7. NOW….admit it…..Kittie did this and you just added your little special touches!! hehe….Miss Kittie must be so proud of you!! Great job!! (and I have to comment that as I was coloring an image the other day, DH asked if I was stressed as I tend to color when I am as it is relaxing to me! hehe)

  8. Quick, hand me some chicken feed! I suddenly feel the need to feed some chickens. Your scene is just marvelous Cherry. I love Kitties new set and am looking forward to tomorrow’s blog stroll.

  9. WOW–you really went to town on this–or went to the farm!!
    I love it all—the rough grass under the tree–the fences–the tree–the coop–and those cute chickens!!!

    Beautifully done, Sherry!

  10. Sweet card Sherry! I really enjoy how you created such depth and warmth in the trees 🙂

    Yes Miss Anna and her chicks are too cute ~ can’t wait to see how she decorates her new coop.

  11. Love your little red hen! Awesome coloring! You make it look so easy!

  12. Neat scene and just love how you did the background paper!

  13. you did a marvy job with this stamp set! and I love the addition of the gingham ribbon – isn’t that such fun to play with sometimes? neat scallops, too!

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