Good Saturday morning!  The winners of the Rubbernecker Blog Stroll have been posted on the Rubbernecker Blog.  Congrats girls . . . The stroll was lots of fun!

Today I’m spending the day with the women in the family.  Where are we going?  A concert!!!


More later!

5 Responses to “Rain, Rain Stay Away!”

  1. NO YOU’RE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MMm, mmmm, mmmmm, “we went out last night”! LOVE that man’s music.
    No shoes, no shirt, no problems! Have a margarita for me, Sherry!

  3. Hey Miss Sherry ~ Have a WONDERFUL time :0) Hope you’re taking some extra towels, clothes or even baby bibs, to ensure you catch all the drool from you and your friends!! lol

  4. Hmmmm……does working on a 50th b-day scrap book for the principal at the kiddo’s school while your boys (including dh) put on a concert with Guitar Hero count as going to a concert?!! BHWHWHAAAAA!!!! (have fun….and have an extra drink for me….I’m going to need it by the end of this evenings festivities!! (oldest turned 12 today….has a friend spending the night….with guitar hero/metallica version on board for later…..YIKES!!! Better make that TWO extra drinks for me (as long as you aren’t driving! wink!)

  5. oh, you lucky duck! Have FUN!!!

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