What a great day we had yesterday!  For Kate’s graduation, her fiancé gave her 6 tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert.  Being that my mother drools every time she see’s him or listens to one of his songs, Kate invited all the ladies in the family to go with her to the concert!

Kate and Will


Mallory and Carrie (my sister who can’t tolerate the sun)


Me and Mom


The Concert started with someone I can’t remember, then there was Miranda Lambert.  Pictures were too blurry to upload.  Then came

Lady Antebellum


Montgomery Gentry




We enjoyed our day people watching.  There were sights such as

The Tiki Man


The guy who continued to wear his wife beater


But then there were these cute little girls in front of us that we had a great time with!


Sometime after Montgomery Gentry, mom and I decided we needed some beers to help us through the day.

Kate with mom (after a few beers)


Then the main concert started . . . KENNY CHESNEY



Mom enjoying her concert


Still more Kenny


Sorry some are blurry . . . we were sitting pretty far away.  I just took the pictures and then cropped the dickens out of them.

Great day, good times!!

7 Responses to “A Day in Photos!”

  1. How can you go wrong with Kenny Chesney??? He’s awesome. One time I rode down the elevator with Kenny and guess what???? He didn’t have any shoes on! He’s true to himself, that’s for sure! What a great list of bands the preceeded him. Did Sugarland sing….”all I want to do o o o o…oo o o o o o is love you?” What a voice Jennifer Nettles has. I like the song she did with Bon Jovi, “you can’t go home”. Oh did I mention I’m a country fan? LOL

  2. You look like you had a blast. These are the memories you will really remember.

  3. Oooooh, I just knew you would have a fabulous time! What a fun-filled day! (Ewwwwww, on the shoulda-put-it-back-on wife-beater guy!)
    You & your mom! Guess who you look like, darlin’!!


  4. Looks like fun was had by all!!

  5. How fun Sherry!! Great photos!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  6. This must have been incredible fun! What a beautiful day. We’ve been having thunder showers here the last two days. I don’t really mind, though, since I’ve been at work. I love it when it’s all still and intense outside, anyway. You look like a family who always has fun together. Thanks for sharing your day, Sherry!

  7. Such wonderful family memories and it looks like a star packed concert!

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