Hey there!  Today was a pretty mild day for us.  We went to CHA early and walked the show looking for things we had not seen yet.  Even though I had walked past the Making Memories booth  . . .  oh some 5 to 6 times each day . . . . it wasn’t until today that I finally saw this paper.  Oh my BADness, take a look at these fabulous vintage papers!




Even though I didn’t get pictures today, and am hoping that I get them tomorrow, I finally got to meet Amy Rohla and Beate Johns!  I have been waiting to meet Beate all week and she is absolutely gorgeous with a smile that reaches across the room.

Broni and I have been wanting to get some sun and float in the pool all week, but each day when we leave CHA and arrive back at Kittie’s, it’s raining.  So today we planned to leave early and spend some time relaxing in the pool.   It was perfect!  Broni and I were able to spend a few hours floating in the pool and Bev and Kittie could relax inside.  Candy came over to join us a little later in the afternoon.  I learned the other night that Candy is petrified of frogs.  While we were sitting outside chatting, I noticed a frog on the window but didn’t point it out until Candy was ready to go in.  Now I have windows very similar to the ones Kittie has on her home . . .  the old aluminum framed with outside tracks.  I never knew that frogs did this . . .

frog in window

Thank goodness that we have storm windows in Indiana!  This little frog actually climbed so far up in the window I couldn’t see him.

Tomorrow is the big shopping day!  Thanks for stopping by today and maybe I’ll have pictures of some great loot for you tomorrow!

10 Responses to “CHA Day 3”

  1. I’m thinking that this shade of green is going to last forever on me!! OHHHH!! What wonderful eye candy!! Whaja gonna buy me??? I mean, uh, whaja gonna buy?!! hehe

    It looks like you are having WAAAY too much fun!!

  2. These frogs are the coolest! But you haven’t lived until you step outside at ngiht to walk the pooch and one pops on your leg with his cold wet body!! I have had it happen in the shower, too. Don’t know how they get there but I guess if one sneaks inside, he will try to find a wet spot! I’m not afraid of bugs, frogs, snakes, or other assorted critters, but this will bring you out of your skin when you aren’t expecting it!!
    Enjoy your last day at CHA. I will be seeing the girls I know that went on Saturday so they can have show and tell with all their pictures and make and takes! Can’t wait!!

  3. you look like your having a great time keep those pics coming

  4. Great post Sherry! Thank you for sharing photos of these fabulous products with us poor crafters who were unable to attend CHA. You know the ones with drool marks all over their keyboards…

    Loved the frog story and photo. Thanks so much!

  5. I found some of that vintage findings stuff at Michael’s yesterday!! Oh my word!! You are going to have a blast with it!! I got the last of the small mat stacks because the big papers were sold out. This MM line has Bad Sherry written all over it. 🙂

  6. That is how I feel when going to some Scrapbook stores, there is usually so much cramed in that I know I am missing something.
    Wow that is amazing how that frog goes up in the window like that, doesn’t seem very smart if the window gets shut on him.

  7. I cannot believe it. I live in New Albany, right next to YOUR place, and here I am IN FLORIDA, only 1 1/2 hours from Orlando…..today is my birthday, and I didn’t THINK to tell Joe to “TAKE ME TO ORLANDO OR I’M GONNA DIE!”

    WHAT a birthday THAT would have been !!! And you come all the way down here, and I’m already HERE, and didn’t go!!!

    So I’m glad that you said it was down to just 1 room. But those rooms are large enough for ME to get lost in.

  8. hanging my head – yeah, I think I have almost every single piece of that MM vintage line already……….. I’m such a sucker for all things vintage! isn’t it just sooooooo wonderful?!?!

    and we had those frogs all over the place when we lived in FL – some as big as the palm of your hand. but we happen to be in the ‘love frogs’ category, so we never minded them. they have the coolest toes! and sing the most wonderful songs right before and right after a rain shower! we’re nature wacks…… 😉

  9. Oooooooooooooooooh, that little tree frog!! My pics turned out blurry .. but he’s looking fine right here! I hadn’t seen one of these cuties in over 3 years before this little guy showed up at Kittie’s!!

    Great vintage findings too, eh?!

    :o) Bev

  10. O My goodness … I have only just come across this site … fabulous … it is going in my favourites right NOW!

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