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  1. What a grrrrrreat project! I know the ‘students’ will love it!


  2. I for one love your boxes!!! I got a little crazy making these…absolutely addictive!! Even the dog got one, though I don’t know what she plans to keep in it! LOL!! Have them alll in my stash to keep on hand when a need a git….chocolate always works, right?
    Love the way that flower looks like it has been caught in a late spring snowfall! Gorgeous flower, gorgeous box!!

  3. Sherry, although I don’t own a lace borderability, your work, using this tool, inspired me to use some lace that has been sitting in a drawer for months because I was too afraid to apply it on a project…silly me 🙂 This box is fabulous, as usual.

  4. What a fabulous box! I love everything about it. I’m going to try my hand at making one of these beauties.

  5. WOWSA!!
    This is just sooo cool!! The glass shard glitter ROCKS!!
    Your details are wonderful!!
    Great quote on the box–and also from Mrs. Schriver. She left an imprint on this world that-I would say-will be more lasting than her brothers.

  6. yes I can stand it … BEAUTIFUL!
    really have to get that daisy spellbinders die ….
    thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wowzers Sherry!!! I sure can handle your coaster boxes. Wish I could be at the class too so I could learn how to make one of these babies. That flower if fabulous!!!

  8. Ya know, missy…I would be glad to take this beautiful box off your hands so no one would get tired of looking at it…it’s the least I could do!!!! What are friends for, anyway???? BTW, this is jaw dropping gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Another great box! One of these days you’re going to have to show us how! Once your done with your Rubernecker traveling, how about you make a video with that new video camera you bought? Please, pretty please? With a cherry on top!!!

  10. Gorgeous, Sherry. Wish I could be in your class.

  11. Hi Sherry, I am new to your blog and you just blow me away with some of your creations. I love that box!!!! Did I tell you I love that box? Do you have the directions posted somewhere for the actual box itself? By the way did I tell you I love that box?! I know I am being silly but you are a very talented lady. TFS

  12. so pretty, like the richness of the flower and the glitter!, great box!

  13. Wow Gorgeous Sherry!!

  14. (picture Winnie the Pooh tapping head……think, think, think…..how can I go to Loveland without any of my family finding out so I can take this class from Yoda?????)

    When is Mr. Rubbernecker going to have Yoda come here to teach? (HELLLO!!! Mr. Rubbernecker does not live that far away from this Padawon!!)…..

    I was just thinking last night that I needed to look up what die you use for your flowers on your boxes….now I know the daisy is one of them!!

  15. Love this so much! The glitters are great! Love the flower.

  16. Hi Bad Sherry! Just want to say hello… and tell ya I miss you! Wish we were hanging out! 🙂

  17. Sherry this is awesome girl!!! That flower is incredible!! Hmmmm….I think I have to go and find that crystally stuff.

  18. Hey Ms. Badness~~I didn’t know you were into Martial Arts? I can just invision you Sherry, as you create your delicate and visionary projects [[especially your AmAZziNg 3-D Glass Glitter flowers! *{{Swoon}}*]] and then slamming your competitor on the mat 😉 Hehehee

    Hmmmm, come to think of it, that works for me too !~~! HA! Love LoVe the new Coaster Box; I can never get enuf of them.

    P.S. When are you going to start selling your items on Etsey? Even selling the flowers as individual units or as a set?

  19. Gorgeous box, Sherry — I love the daisy done in red!!

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