Good morning all!  I’m running rather late today as I crawled out of bed at 9:30 and I’m still on my first cup of coffee.  I had Stamp Club last night, and after yesterday’s Stampin’ UP! announcement, I had to inform my club that it was their last, that I was resigning from SU and moving on.  Luckily they all understood and I believe one of them will be stepping forward and continuing with club.  Anyhoo, it was a rather stressful day here yesterday and I was rather worn out after club left.

It is Rubbernecker WACKY WEDNESDAY and Bev is the hostess this week.  Please check out the Rubbernecker Blog for all the deets on the challenge and play along with us.  Don’t forget that everyone who links a card will receive a 10% discount on their Rubbernecker order . . . just use the code ww at checkout.

I’ll be back later after a pot or two of coffee!

Oh and by the way, if you are a Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator and I have you listed in my blog roll and you want to be removed, please let me know.

EDITED TO ADD:  For all curious about the changes, this link provides excellent details:


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  1. Good decision for you Sherry! I just read what SU is expecting and what they want you to sign and I think they are making a bad business decision! You go girl – enjoy what you do and don’t have big brother restricting you!

  2. I have to totally agree with you Sherry. I too am resigning from SU. I just don’t know what they can be thinking. I fear this will have a ripple effect in the stampin world!!!

  3. I’m dropping my demo status too. In the end it wasn’t such a hard decision. There are too many other companies I want to play with! 😀

    Glad your club found a new leader, tho I’m sure they will miss your talents.

  4. Hello Sherry:

    This posting has got me confused. I think I have missed something important, and maybe even something dramatic. I’ve searched around, but haven’t been able to find your previous post where you talk of an important decision concerning S.U. —- but, from what you say today, I think that SU must have issued some new “rules”, which are not favorable to the demonstrators.

    Could you please either send me a copy of your posting explaining what happened, or just let me know what’s going on?

    Thanks for the input —

    Sally C.

  5. Didn’t have a posting from you yesterday – what happened with SU? I use a lot of SU products and would hate to think they have done something unfair to all my lovely blog friends.

  6. kudos to you! I am sad that SU! has felt the need to make this change, but mostly sad for the position it has placed the demos in. I do not support SU! in this, but understand that they feel they are doing what is in the best interest of the company. too bad they forgot that it is the demos who make the company what it is.

    in the mean time, there is a LOT of fun stamping to be done! and do it we shall! 😀

  7. Stepping down too. Just got back from my upline’s house. She understood my decision (tho, stated that I could still use other products….hehe….I told her it was time. I’ve outgrown SU’s mold (hellooo!! I’ve got tween boys….seriously….SU does NOT ft that nitch!!)

    Need to send an e-mail to my millions (haha) of customers…..

  8. Sherry, hope you’re coffe is good and I’m happy one of your SU! buddies will take over the club. I don’t have a blog, but I do have a Facebook page (buddy ole pal), but I don’t often talk about, “hey go buy these stamps” on there, so I think I can keep my hobbyist status. If THEY drop ME, I’m pretty sure the world will continue to rotate and like you, I have enough club friends to get me through! I LOVE your artwork and am one of your biggest fans and love everything you’ve taught me about stamping, coloring, and art!

  9. Sherry, I read & listened yesterday and have been on the fence about dropping out. I was appalled at the ‘restrictions’. I realize McDonalds doesn’t want you selling Burger King in their restaurants but they let you bring your own Splenda in for your iced tea…. I’m thinking Shelley is in for a big surprise as how many demo’s she’s going to be losing. And after all that, I think I’ve made my decision…lol. Thanks for letting me talk it out.

    Just keep giving us your wonderful & creative ideas…..


  10. Wow! Thanks for the heads up on this. I missed the post from SU! yesterday and felt sick to my stomach when I read it. I REALLY enjoy being a demo – but I enjoy being an HONEST demo. If another company has a better product (e.g. Spellbinders Nestabilities) that SU! doesn’t have – why shouldn’t I share that information. And to restrict my personal EMAIL, blog etc???? Hello???? I was always careful during a workshop not to promote or use other company’s products but I can teach classes all I want without being a SU! demo so why should they think they can restrict my personal electronic communications and classes?

    I haven’t made my decision yet – but I’m really leaning towards resigning.

  11. I’m with you, Sherry – I will also be leaving Stampin’ Up! I’m thinking they will be losing a LOT of demos due to this. Kind of sad, really.

  12. Hummm, I resigned my SU demo status nearly 2 years ago….or maybe more, I don’t really remember….And, I’m not sure what all of this new ‘up roar’ is all about, but I get the feeling I’ll be even more glad I resigned along time ago…..I never liked the idea of restricting me to the SU only philosophy, which was the reason I resigned when I did….sounds as if they are only getting much worse. There are so many fun and creative designs within the stamping world that I still have MORE than enough to interest me and consume my pocket book, LOL!
    Sherry, you don’t NEED SU, but they have certainly lost a huge partnership, by losing YOU!

    Big Hugs,

  13. So sorry to see all the tallented ladies like yourself leaving SU, so glad that you will still be sharing all your projects,ideas, and talent with the rest of us.Good thoughts are coming your way.

  14. I just read most of the article from the link you posted. I support your decision whole heartedly Sherri. Glad we’re not losing you & your blog though!! I love the BAD SIDE!! 8)

  15. Another one that won’t be signing the new IDA. My teaching at The Scrapbook Pantry in Calgary and desinging for (scrapbook layouts) are too important to me (i.e. real money) to stay on as a hobby demo. I think SU is going to be blown away by how many are going to leave.

  16. I’m with you Sherry and “Jill”!

    I am not a demonstrator but “buy” alot of SU, and was just reviewing the catalogue with my co-works to place a “large” order, but FORGET that! I “tell” my friends, buy complimentary product from our “local” retail stores on SALE, and “save” your money for the stamp kits sold through SU!…stretch your HARD earned dollars, get the most from your dollar by “spreading” the that “Big Kick” with that 40% off coupon @ Michaels!…more money for Stampin’ Up kits!…but NO MORE!

    Stampin” Up’s PRICES are UP!…and now there are A LOT of “nice” companies out there!…bye bye..Stampin” Up!


  17. Sherry – I think Stampin’ Up! will be sorry – they are going to be losing a lot of very talented people, such as yourself, it is a shame – it was one of the things I liked about the company that it allowed their demonstrators to pursue other options. Also they may find that their demonstrators may have been some of their best customers … oh well, life does go on – and as you well know there are a lot of wonderful stamps out there!
    Take care my dear!

  18. I’m putting this on all my friend’s blogs who make cards that I admire. Coluzzal has stopped making the foam cutting pad for their templates and cutter. Do you know where I can find one?

  19. Sherry, you are a wonderfully talented papercrafter! I enjoy your blog every single time I read it. I totally support your decision to step down from Stampin’ Up! I guess that they forgot that we’re living in America and do not like being dictated to! You go girl! Best wishes always…LeAnn

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