There was a post made this morning on the Rubbernecker Blog that the Wacky Wednesday Challenges are being discontinued and the team was going to take some time off.  Please understand that I did not write this post, and this was not my decision.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dave at Rubbernecker Stamps.  Thanks!

6 Responses to “Wacky Wednesday Challenges!”

  1. I sure hope this didn’t happen because of all the hoopala from Stampin Up… I for one will miss it…..

  2. I did notice that your name was on the Rubbernecker post. It really sounds like some weird stuff is happening in their camp. I was really looking forward to Rubbernecker coming to St. Paul in October and seeing you there. Now I wonder if they are even coming at all.

  3. Like I said, there’s a worm hole somewhere in the universe the past 10 days — weird stuff!

  4. Yeah! We noticed that “Rubbernecker” is not on the exhibitor’s list for Albuquerque, NM either!….but we were coming to SEE you Sherry, as YOU sell the product for Dave with YOUR TALENT!!

    Big mistake if you ask me!


  5. What in the world??? This kind of stuff makes me nuts! I doubt I will be spending any more money if they keep this kind of stuff up. I’d like some explanation! This is not good business!

  6. this just makes me sad. even though I don’t always get to participate, it’s just knowing that it is there for when I have the time is what makes it nice. thanks for letting us know you didn’t have anything to do with this.

    just keep stampin’, stampin’, stampin’……….
    (sung to the tune of the song from ‘Finding Nemo’)

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