Oh my BADNESS . . .  What a day I had today!  I thought I would get some stamping in today but . . . and that’s a big BUT . . . the weather was beautiful and there was an auction down the street.  I had scoped out the auction site a few days ago to see what was there and I found two things I was interested in.  One was a jar of old buttons and the other was a box of old papers.  After seeing all the cars this morning and realizing that the race was on at 2:00, I decided I wouldn’t go.  Then around 11 or so I took the shihtzes out for a walk and couldn’t help myself  . . . the draw was too great.  I missed out on the jar of buttons as I only had $40 in my pocket and it went well above that before I knew it.

I waited patiently as they rounded the tables (and there were two rings since there was so much stuff) toward the box I was after.  The Longaberger went on and on and on, all selling very reasonable and sometimes less than the original price.  When have you ever paid $10 for a Longaberger basket?  They soon came up to my box of old letters.   I knew I was in trouble when there was another lady walk up beside me  . . . let the bidding war begin!  $25 later I was the proud owner of this box:

Outside Box of Letters

and on the inside of the box:

Box of old letters

many old letters and postcards with postmarks from 1910 and 1911!  I’m jumping up and down as I write this because I can envision the works of art I can create!

My mother joined me sometime before the box of letters went up for auction, and we had spotted some crystal on some tables we were interested.  Before they got there however, there were boxes (some 3 deep) of glassware, etc.  Before I knew it I had purchased this box of crystal glasses, bowls, etc.

box of crystal

Finally they came around to the other we were eyeing.  I had spotted some Fire King that I really liked and right next to it was a Hazel Atlas piece that I just had to have.  Yes, I LOVE depression glass and have quite a bit that I’ve collected over the years.

Well, here they are

fire king

sitting in my mudroom with the rest of the crystal that I ended up buying in lots for $1 and $5.  Some things I didn’t want but the auctioneer kept adding pieces until someone spoke up.  It was so easy to say $1!


So am I hooked?  Oh Yeah!!  I might become an auction groupie!

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