Oh my BADNESS . . .  What a day I had today!  I thought I would get some stamping in today but . . . and that’s a big BUT . . . the weather was beautiful and there was an auction down the street.  I had scoped out the auction site a few days ago to see what was there and I found two things I was interested in.  One was a jar of old buttons and the other was a box of old papers.  After seeing all the cars this morning and realizing that the race was on at 2:00, I decided I wouldn’t go.  Then around 11 or so I took the shihtzes out for a walk and couldn’t help myself  . . . the draw was too great.  I missed out on the jar of buttons as I only had $40 in my pocket and it went well above that before I knew it.

I waited patiently as they rounded the tables (and there were two rings since there was so much stuff) toward the box I was after.  The Longaberger went on and on and on, all selling very reasonable and sometimes less than the original price.  When have you ever paid $10 for a Longaberger basket?  They soon came up to my box of old letters.   I knew I was in trouble when there was another lady walk up beside me  . . . let the bidding war begin!  $25 later I was the proud owner of this box:

Outside Box of Letters

and on the inside of the box:

Box of old letters

many old letters and postcards with postmarks from 1910 and 1911!  I’m jumping up and down as I write this because I can envision the works of art I can create!

My mother joined me sometime before the box of letters went up for auction, and we had spotted some crystal on some tables we were interested.  Before they got there however, there were boxes (some 3 deep) of glassware, etc.  Before I knew it I had purchased this box of crystal glasses, bowls, etc.

box of crystal

Finally they came around to the other we were eyeing.  I had spotted some Fire King that I really liked and right next to it was a Hazel Atlas piece that I just had to have.  Yes, I LOVE depression glass and have quite a bit that I’ve collected over the years.

Well, here they are

fire king

sitting in my mudroom with the rest of the crystal that I ended up buying in lots for $1 and $5.  Some things I didn’t want but the auctioneer kept adding pieces until someone spoke up.  It was so easy to say $1!


So am I hooked?  Oh Yeah!!  I might become an auction groupie!

19 Responses to “SOLD!”

  1. What a great buy! I’m drooling over the box of old papers and cards. Way to go! Have fun!

  2. WOW! and what a great deal for whomever got the Longaberger for $10!!! but you are most certainly the winner of the day! 🙂 those letters and postcards are beautiful! I’m itching to reach my fingers through the monitor…… grins! 😀

  3. I just love auctions. Isn’t it crazy what old buttons go for these days? Your box of old letters and postcards will be great fun.

    That box of clear glassware you bought (pitcher and glasses; looks like also you got a creamer and sugar?), is what I collect. It’s Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut and was made in the US from the 1940s to 1960s/early 1970s. Back in the day people used to get pieces when they filled up your gas tank at the “filling station.” Because it’s not crystal it’s generally not very expensive, and in certain areas of the country it’s easy to find pieces at antique shops. I have quite a bit of it and enjoy using it.

  4. Great job on all the goodies, I think the pink and white bowl/lid is hazel atlas and called pink crioline and I didn’t even know they made a bowl ,that was exciting for me. I have a set of dishes of pink crioline or sometimes called Ripple, it’s beautiful. Hope you enjoy all your goodies. Before you start cutting on your cards and letters you might want to check out their worth, you might be suprised. You could scan them and still keep them intact and use the scan for your wonderful projects of which I love and thank you for all of your work.I love auctions myself but have made myself refrain from it, hey a girl needs scrapbooking supplies worse.lol. Have a nice day.

  5. (my first thought was oooooo!! I don’t know if I could cut up those old letters!) I’m sure it’s not worth much, but I LOVE the clear pumpkin in the middle of your collection!! I can envision it filled with leaves, candies, maybe fake bones? All kinds of fall goodies!

  6. (my first thought was oooooo!! I don’t know if I could cut up those old letters!) I’m sure it’s not worth much, but I LOVE the clear pumpkin in the middle of your collection!! I can envision it filled with leaves, candies, maybe fake bones? All kinds of fall goodies!

  7. OHHHHHH I should have been there, but can I put dibs on the blue bowl with lid?? :))))

  8. Oh yeah, I love auctions!

    I own some of those pieces you have there, LOL! The covered candy dish, the clear square one, the green Jadite bowl I found in an abandoned house and several pieces from the first box. I need to show you my postcards I got at the last auction I went to.

    Terry and his buddy go to auctions just about every weekend in the summer, never buy a thing. Terry doesn’t like to take me, I always find something that’s junk in his eyes, LOL!

  9. Oh Sherry what fun that must have been, I would love to go to an auction like that, but I would be in so much trouble I know, love your box of treasures, can’t wait to see what you come up with. Terre

  10. You are too funny, glad you had fun and looks like you got some Fabulous stuff!!

  11. All I can say is…LUCKY DUCK!!!

    Love the box of letters!!!

  12. What a great find that box was! And such cool stuff inside! Oh, gosh, I have Depression Glass, too. I could give you a good price… just kidding. Most of my Depression Glass came from my Mom during the real deal. Too bad you missed out on those buttons. I’ve got lots of those, too. Gee, maybe I should use them once in a while. Have fun!

  13. Oh, I Love the box! I don’t blame you for being drawn to it and some of the stuff inside makes me just want to sit down and say “oh, look at this, and this, and ….. I know you will come up with some fantastic stuff. I really like your glassware find too.

  14. What fun. Job lots are usually always interesting. I’m an antiquing daughter of antiquing parents so I love and share some of your finds. I, too, hope you’ll consider scanning the ephemera and using the pieces that way. That’s what I do with mine and it works really well. That way the pieces aren’t destroyed and can be used as many times as you like and you are the caretaker for another generation. I remember when my Mum and Dad bought a job lot and actually found postcards written by my Grandfather. It meant the world to my Mum. Somewhere out there, there are connections to your letters and goodies. I just love imagining that. Whatever you decide, enjoy!

  15. Oh, man! Sherry, I would have been fighting you for this stuff! Lucky woman!!! I would be jumping up & down right now, too! Can’t wait to see what you make with all the gorgeous postcards, etc…and the crystal, Fire-King, etc., don’t even get me started!

  16. Talk about some great finds — what a day!!!

  17. Hey Sherry~ Have you heard of this http://www.127sale.com/ ?
    I have never been , but sounds like fun. I keep saying~ one of these years I’ll get there. 🙂

  18. I can’t wait to see what you do with the box of papers and cards. I have lots of stuff like this, just sitting 🙂 So I’m waiting for your inspiration and creativeness to spurn me on. I also the two volumes of the Gibson Girls dated 1901, I suppose I should do something with them too huh? Your finds were super sure glad you decided to go for that wander down the street!!!

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