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  1. I grew up on Ohio and have vivid memories of sledding on those Flexible Fliers. We used any available incline!! I also remember there being much more snow than I hear about these days. I live in Florida now, but still have family in Ohio. Sometimes they go most of the winter with very little snowfall. I have photos that were taken when I was a kid that show my dad standing next to drifts in the driveway that came up to his shoulders. He is 6 ft 5 in, so you know that snow was DEEP!!
    Also remember the back porch being a soggy mess of boots, snow suits and extra socks and such all winter long! We were outside almost all the time that we weren’t in school and it was daylight! Love skating and snowmobiling, too…especially as I got older and sledding lost some of its appeal.
    Your pretty card sure brings back the memories! They are fond ones, but I have to say that I am so tickled that I live where there is no snow! Just can’t stand the cold anymore!! Sorry I rambled on so! Sometimes it just happens!!

  2. This card is amazing, it’s like you’re looking through a window to the door and the past, I just love it! I really really must tell you how much I enjoy coming to your blog for inspiration, and yes, a few laughs as well. Your posts always make me smile! It’s so nice that you take the time to tell us what you did and how. Thanks again for another inspiring card!!! Keep them coming, they are so enjoyed.

  3. Oh Sherry this is so darn pretty!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the memories and the card Sherry. I too as a child lived at the foot of a monster hilly street more than 4 blocks long perfect for sledding and flyers (asuming the snow plows were late – LoL) And wide enough you coud sort of do s curves as you went down. We even on occasion built a quickie snow ramp to take flyers off of in the saucers (and then my brother would try to blow the mounds apart with homemade cherry bombs) – boy did we get in trouble for that!! Still it was lots of fun and every once in awhile the grownups would rope off the street for an informal detour and everyone in the neighborhood would join in the fun. Ah those were the days…no bills to pay, no meals to cook just run outside and play once school or other lessons were over. On the other hand no Computers, DVD’s or Internet either…probably rubber stamps but I didn’t know about those back then. Notice how I glossed over the chores, violin practice, homework and other banes of childhood existence. Ah selective memory is sweet and so is the card.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the nostalgia binge. Off to find some chocolate now that I’m the one that knows the hiding places – LoL!

    Hugs – Jean

    PS: Had our first taste of snow today in my corner of Southern Oregon. Didn’t stick but it sure looked pretty coming down. BRRRRRR!!!

  5. Sherry, your stories are wonderful. TFS!!! Your card is so nostalgic looking I love it. Your card fits so well with your story. Your card looks like grandmother had it tucked away in her secret box and brought it out on special occasions just to reminisce about the good old days.

  6. Hi Sherry! I’m familiar with using bees wax but what is a hot wax stylus?


  7. HOW did I miss this stamp?!! Ahhhh, this brings back memories! Not only would we sled down the steepest streets in our little town, but being pulled behind the truck was a fun time too (can you imagine?! “People” would have a fit if we did that today!!….well….maybe not in the little town I grew up in Wyoming….them good ol’ boys know how to have some clean, fun, hehe!!)

    This is gorgeous, as usual. I’m trying to absorb all the extras ( I’m trying, Yoda!)

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