Smiley from millan.netGood morning!  As I promised last Friday in this post, here’s the tutorial for the faux porcelain.  Now please be kind and understanding (even if I may not be) as this is only my second video ever.  I’m still getting used to how I sound and look Smiley from as well as learn the editing program.  Maybe some day I’ll actually sit down and go through the tutorials  . . . oh wait, should I have done that already?  I also played with some different camera angles to see what would happen and if I could get a tripod on my desk instead of on the floor off to the side.

If you try this technique, please come back and post a link to your work.  I would love to see what you do!!!

Well, I need to actually do some household chores and try and get started on some class projects.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

59 Responses to “Faux Porcelain Video Tutorial!”

  1. Sherry, not sure but I think there is something wrong with the sound on your video. I adjusted both my computer’s sound and the sound control on the imbedded video and still nothing. Later, when I get off work I will try it through YouTube and see if it works there. Hang in there!

  2. This is fabulous!!! Your video was clear and so easy to follow. Great job!!

  3. Thanks Sherry! It always tickles me to learn something new that looks this fabulous but is easy to replicate! Can’t wait to try this!

  4. Your video isn’t enabled on my iPhone. Can you tell me what to search for to find it? I tried the obvious and only found your first video!

  5. wow this is cool. ya made it look really easy . more videos !!
    really pretty color.

  6. Sherry – Love this! I’m not familiar with UTEE melting pot – is that just the regular UTEE melted?

  7. You crack me up! Did we interrupt your morning coffee? LOL! Well I just love the look of UTEE (like for cracked glass), but I’ve never used it in the melting pot. It’s on my “list of things to get at some point.” Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Sherry,
    I have one of these(pots) and didn’t really know how to use it! Now I do! I am going to have to try this! Thank you for a well done video! You did a GREAT JOB!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us!! I appreciate you!

  9. LOL, another coffee addict! I loved the video, great job! I have to try this technique. It is really great ppl are willing to do this. I do not have many stores nearby anymore and not many classes so being able to sit here and watch in my PJ’s with my pot of coffee is just great!

    Thanx so much for taking the time out to make the video, I look forward to more videos in the future!


  10. Awesome Sherry!!! It was so nice to see and hear you again, even if it was on a video!

  11. OK….the melting pot is on my wish list…let’s see if Santa thinks I’ve been good (dang….maybe it should be lets’ see if DH thinks I’ve been bad enough to earn one!! BWHAHAAAA!!)

    Love the look of this!! Can’t wait to try it!

  12. Fantastic video tutorial!! Can you believe I don’t have a melting pot–crazy I know! But I am with Starla and adding it to my wish list. Your flowers looks Amazing!! I have made the dimensional flowers and then used glossy accents to coat them and harden them up but this looks so much quicker and easier–plus no waiting on the drying time like with the glossy accents. Fabulous Job–can’t wait to see move of your videos!

  13. Great video Sherry, I could hear you just fine, and your video is very clear. Beautiful flower.

  14. Thank you Sherry! This is a great idea and the flowers come out just beautifully. I really admired the post you did of the box. As for your video talent — A+. Sherry you did great, especially if it is only your second time. BTW I think I saw your first video and that worked out well also!

  15. Love your video…you are doing a great job. I’ve got to get me one of thoses pots! I saw them years ago and thought I wouldn’t need one, now after seeing how great your flowers look, I NEED ONE! Thanks for sharing the instructions and your awesome talent.

  16. Video was great. No problem with the sound. Loved how the 3-D flower turned out. I think my melting pot is still in the package..

  17. Sherry,
    Love it! DH was asking me for a few more ideas for Christmas … looks like I need a melting pot!

  18. Forgot to ask … what is in the melting pot? Thanks!

  19. Ooooh, a star is born!!!! Love the video, Miss Sherry….your flower technique is just fabulous!!!!!

  20. Sherry –

    Great video – don’t change anything. I love the flowers, what a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Elaine Allen

  21. Wow, Sherry, that is really cool! You did a fantastic job with the video tutorial, too. I don’t have a melting pot, but perhaps that will be something I put on my Christmas Wish list…the flower was so gorgeous looking and is something I might be able to work with. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and keep the videos coming….I love being able to ‘watch’ how to do projects.
    Big Hugs,

  22. This is absolutely wonderful. Only one layer of UTEE. I thought that there would be more layers. It actually does look like faux porcelain. Thanks for showing us how Sherry. I have to get out my melting pot. So much fun to be had.

  23. Oh wow, that is so pretty, no melting pot here though 🙁

  24. I don’t have a melting pot “yet”, but now “I need one”.
    I’ll need to save my pennies after Christmas for one.
    I loved your project, it’s good to see you creating one of these lovely flowers on video too.
    I don’t know what you were worrying about you did great!

  25. What a great video, Sherry. You came through clearly both in sound and picture. I also was drinking coffee while watching. I’ve always wondered if I’d use a melting pot or not, and your project cinches it–I would!! These faux porcelain flowers could even be used as a brooch! Thanks for daily sharing your talents with us!

  26. It’s a great video! I love the technique. I have a bunch of UTEE but I don’t have a melting pot. I am off to find one today! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful technique!

  27. Sherry it was great! I loved the beginnng with you drinking your coffee….made me feel like I was at your house working with you!!! Thanks for the video!

  28. You’re just too cute, Sherry!! I LOVE your faux porcelain flowers…and your tutorial is fabulous!! Thank you!!

  29. Way cool. Will have to try that.

  30. Super job! Enjoyed my tea while you had your coffee!

  31. Great job Sherry! I love your videos they are so easy to follow and understand 🙂 This one motivates me to get a melting pot in the near future – keep up the great work.

    Thank you for sharing your techniques 😀

  32. Wow. What a terrific idea. I can’t wait to see more of your videos.

  33. I love this idea…I’m thinking a smaller version w/ a couple of leaves would make a cute pin…TFS…can’t wait to see your next video.

  34. Sherry – Great tutorial – thanks for sharing… Use pickle juice on your burns – Tim Holtz claims it really works! Hey I live in Ohio too – where did you get your southern accent?

  35. […] and twisting the foliage was sheer genius, I knew immediately that I wanted to use one of the faux porcelain flowers that I created the other day.  I did add a long fastener so that I could fasten the flower to the […]

  36. Fab video, Sherry. Love your flowers. I have the pot and UTEE just need the spellbinders die. lol

    Looking forward to your next video. Have a great weekend.

  37. You sounded fine! Thanks for the toot! When my room is up and ready, I’m gonna definately make one of these shiny babies. Oh, instead of paper, could you do fabric ? We’ll have to see….

  38. I finally got to see it! It didn’t load at first but I finally worked. Thanks for sending me the direct link. It was a great video. I’ve had the melting pot for ages but haven’t gotten brave enough to use it. Im always worried about the mess. Do you think I could put a foil tin inside and melt in there? Then I won’t have to buy the pot liners for different colours of UTEE.

  39. Just one word…FANTASTIC!!!

  40. Great Job! Love the look and you’ve made it look so easy. I have a melting pot that I rarely use, but will have to pull out and try this technique. Looking forward to more video tutorials from you.

  41. […] flower was made using my Faux Porcelain Technique using Cranberry Crisp paper and Grunge Paper.  I actually made the first flowers with Grunge Paper […]

  42. Awesome job. You have made me clear up my messy studio and I’m getting ready to UTEE!!!
    Thanks so much.

  43. Love, Love, Love the flowers!!!

  44. I came across your blog from SCS ( I think) and this is a wonderful technique! I love how you have made the faux porcelain. Thank you for showing:)

  45. Sherry, love this demo. I will certainly try making the flower.

  46. Hi Sherry, I have just posted a flower using your technique, and thank you for showing.My post is Here

  47. Great video and idea — like a lot of previous posters I guess it is time I broke down and got a Melting Pot as well! I also enjoyed your previous video on the snowflake medallion. Hope to see more videos from you.

  48. This is INCREDIBLE!! You are a GREAT teacher! A great enabler too – I thought I could get away without those nestie flower shapes! NOT!

  49. Thanks for the great tutorial Sherry, you’ve totally inspired me.

    Here’s my first attempt!


  50. Hi there Sherry…thanks ever so much for the FAB vid…I was asked by Jennie to do a Make & Take at a show the other day…so it was my first foray into making the Faux Porcelain flowers…because I am a dimwit, I forgot to take a How To handsheet with me so some of the ladies had asked for a Tut on my blog…which I have done…and have linked back to this post too because without this I would never have thought to have done them! I used stamps and inks to make roses and flowers…hope you don’t mind me cribbing and also…hope you like what I have been making :O)) Thanks again for the amazing inspirations…..Hels x

  51. Sherry,

    I found your site by an ‘eeny meemy miney mo’process. A ton of names
    and I just picked you. So glad I did. Your video was great. I bought the
    little melting pot about five years ago and have never used it.

    You did a great job! I loved the video. Thank you so much. I also
    am a ribbon lover so I have put you in my favorites section.

    Aunty Meme

  52. Sherry,
    What a great find your website is! I especially love this tutorial and cannot wait to start making these lovely flowers. 🙂 I only hope they turn out as well as yours do. I cannot believe you have not been making these videos forever; you are a natural! Keep up the great work. 😉 TFS.

  53. […] needed book work done, and on Saturday I had some play time in the studio.  Remember this video on Faux Porcelain Flowers that I originally posted in November of […]

  54. […] ones with Graphic 45 Flowers and small white corsage flowers, that were dipped in melted UTEE (Faux Porcelain Flowers).  The floral accents pieces are Chipboard Embellishment Style A from Want2Scrap, that were […]

  55. […] The flowers were made from ABC Primer paper, die cut/embossed with Spellbinders S5-050 Rose Creations, and my Faux Porcelain Technique. […]

  56. […] and my favorite faux porcelain flowers. […]

  57. Thank you, I’m just starting out and I’m learning off online tutorials, and they was a nice looking flower and easy to make. We don’t have crops in our area that I can find.

  58. […] Faux Porcelain Flowers (updated tutorial here) made with ICE Resin instead of UTEE!  I don’t have a tutorial for the ICE Resin yet, but trust me . . .  it will be forthcoming!  Why the switch you might ask?  Well I didn’t like that the UTEE turned yellow (no matter what was done) . . . Granted the ICE Resin does take longer to cure but I do believe that you’ll see that the results are well worth the wait! […]

  59. Wow, I never thought about doing that with UTEE. Thanks, I’m definitely going to try it. I have some UTEE sitting on a shelf right now.

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