Happy weekend.  Just wanted to let you know that I’m up and at ’em and doing well.  I went off all  pain meds yesterday and am taking only motrin.  The swelling has gone down and i’m beginning to use and exercise my fingers.  No lifting and I’ve been approved for one handed work.  However, isn’t typing exercise?

i’m taking it easy again today and watching all the holiday movies on hallmark and family channels and playing euchre on my phone.  as you can tell, it’s easier for me to type without capitalization so  . . . .

i’m hoping to be back in the studio either tomorrow or the next day and see what i can do with limited mobility.  my hand is wrapped and i must leave it on until the 29th.  that’s when i go back to have the bandage removed and the stitches hopefully removed.

i hope you’ve had a good weekend and thanks for all your messages

25 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know you will be at 100% soon. Happy Holidays. I love your tags…actually, I love all your work….Best to you and yours in the New Year!

  2. Sherry – If you’re any more awesome when you recover than you were before your surgery, we just won’t be able to contain ourself!!! Love your work so much.

  3. Can’t wait for you to be back full throttle —- so behave yourself, follow doctors orders and have a Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Take care Sherry, we will be here waiting, patiently 😉

  5. Glad your managing to keep in touch. Take it easy until you’re well again. Wishing you a full & speedy recovery. Have a wonderful Christmas Sherry.

  6. So glad to hear that you’re recovering nicely and can even type!! We’ll all be watching for your talents to again appear. Let everyone wait on you hand and foot! Merry Christmas!

  7. Take good care of those talented paws of yours, Sherry! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and can’t wait to see more of your awesome work!!!

  8. Hi Sherry: Glad to hear you are doing so well. You’re a real trooper! Have a Merry Christmas.


  9. Keep exercising and that finger will be 100% functional very soon!

  10. Glad you are feeling better. I got the stitches and staples out of my hand and arm on Friday. I too can not do a whole lot with my hand right now, so I know how you feel. Tried typing one handed for a while, but that is such a pain in the rearend. Anyway, hope you recovery is a quick and easy one.


  11. Keep all of your fingers moving, especially the one that had surgery and you wil do great!!! Can’t have those talented fingers getting stiff!!!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  12. yes typing without capital letters and only one handed is not fun. at least you have the correct hand for typing. I was so hoping for pictures of the stitches, but since you are wrapped we won’t be able to see them, awwwwwwww. Talk to you later.

  13. Glad your feeling better. Hope you continue healing nicely. Have a great Christmas.

  14. I know you’ll be feeling well really soon, because you have alot of art to create!
    It sure is a great motivator!
    I look forward to your art, as I love the little touches you put on your projects. I had to comment on your tag garland, I absolutely love it!

  15. Glad to hear that you are recovering well! Enjoy all those wonderful Christmas movies – they just don’t make them like that anymore!
    Merry Christmas and I can’t wait to see what your talent brings us in the New Year!

  16. How very sweet to let us know that you are doing so well. Happy Holidays and your still on my prayer list. Looking forward to a fun New Year with you. TFS!!! :0)

  17. thanks for the update – here is to a speedy recovery!

  18. Glad you are doing well. Keeping you in our prayers for a quick recovery too!

    Hope your Christmas is well and your New Year Healthy!

    Thank you for all you do for us. 🙂

  19. Glad all is moving along well for you Sherry. Don’t rush it or you may still have to cook Christmas dinner. On the 26th you can claim the miracle of Christmas and run around the house yelling I am healed, I am healed. I think it could work. Have a Merry Christmas!

  20. so good to hear you are doing good, don’t over due for your christmas dinner preperations!

  21. Glad to hear things went well! Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  22. Hi Sherry!
    So good to see you typing, now matter how you have to do it, this is called therapy!
    I am glad you are up and about. I hope you will feel much better in the days to come. Take care of yourself!
    Merry Christmas,
    San Antonio TX

  23. Sherry, you are so loved by so many friends; it’s so apparent with all the well wishes for a speedy recovery. We all want to see you create again as soon as possible. Good to know that you’re able to type to keep us updated 🙂 Continue to take care and enjoy a very Merry Christmas!

  24. Sherry, I have loved your 12 Tag posts. I would like to make some of these tags but it always seems to overwhelming. Maybe I need to start with just one. I hope you have a speedy recovery and a Merry Christmas!

  25. Hi, I found your site tonight searching for tutorials and read about your cancer and surgery. I don’t know you but I am SO HAPPY you are cancer free and will be ok. Also have to tell you that anyone who’s favorite expression and favorite T shirt is “Bite Me” has to be an awesome person with a great sense of humor. I hope this will all soon be a bad memory and you’ll be back to your old self soon. Starting 2010 cancer free is a great start to the new year. Take care.

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