115 Responses to “Introducing Labels Eleven!”

  1. THAT is SO cool! What a neat effect to create with the dies!!!!!!! Gorgeous work, Sherry!!

  2. Oh Sherry, I have to just give you a great big SHUT UP! I absolutely love that multi-layered image. Fantastical my dear! Wow, wow and WOW!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, gracious — these have me just swooning – I LOVE that layering – totally amazing!!! SUCH gorgeous creations!!!

  4. WOW – how clever and how effective. Stunning.

  5. I *love* the tiered photo with the different sizes of dies. That is GENIUS!!

  6. Oh boy can I just pick my chin off the ground! I love the layered image look – gorgeous!

  7. What a Fabulous effect you get from layering the images! Sherry, both of your cards are absolutely Beautiful!! Love those images–I will have to check out that website. Can’t wait to try this technique! Hugs

  8. Fabulous technique for your image. Wow – you’ve got my wheels turning, can’t wait to try this! Gorgeus cards.

  9. Sherry….WONDERFUL…..I ABSOLUTELY love your card….Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  10. Sherry,
    I love both of your cards! But oh my word I just lobe your 3D card! It is so beautiful and such a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing your video on this technique.

  11. First your cards are beautamous! Second…Spellbinders is gonna get a lot of my money I can see that coming. I love the shape of the new Labels Eleven.

  12. WOW!! LOVE this 3D effect on the card 🙂 So cool!
    Thanks for another inspiration!
    Hope you are doing well btw. xo

  13. What a creation this is, it’s fantastic. Cleaver, cleaver lady.

  14. holy toledo…this is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  15. WOW these look amazing and I just love how you layered that image with them!!!

  16. Hi Sherry, WOW! Thanks for the awesome video. This card is amazing, and I can’t wait to try my own. You have inspired me!!!

  17. This is gorgeous Sherry, and what a wonderful tutorial. You should do more :).

  18. Fabulous techniques with these fantastic new labels.

  19. this is a stunning frame,,,, your project,,, gorgeous!!!

  20. love your project and patience – great work

  21. Thanks for the video. I love how it turned out! Can’t wait to try it myself.

  22. Oh, my GOSH! Pure, gorgeous, incredible GENIUS!

  23. WOW, Sherry, how GORGEOUS are these projects!?!? Love the pyramid technique you used on the first. Your work is AMAZING. Thanks for showing us how.

  24. Fantastic tutorial Sherry – I would never have thought of that – but I certainly will try it out. Thanks for showing us how.

  25. Wow Sherry this is simply stunning.
    Very beautiful!

  26. Beautiful card Sherry, the 3D image is something that I never would have thought of doing. TFS!!! your video is wonderful I have to get that set. By the way you look wonderful. :-]

  27. Sherry you are a Genuis! Love your layered project AWESOME! Thanks for the video on how to! Your other card is gorgeous as well but I love the layers how very clever must give this a try!

  28. Absolutely beautiful!! Have to say that of all the projects I’ve seen from the Surprise Party, I like yours the best.

  29. *sigh*….you’ve outdone yourself girl….GORGEOUS! over the top gorgeous!

  30. That is awesome!!! Gonna have to try that! thanks for sharing Sherry!

  31. Oh, Sherry….you’ve outdone yourself here…just gorgeous projects and such unique ways to use the new dies. You are a master with these!

  32. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!!! can’t wait to watch the video on how you did it.


  33. How cool is that! Another wonderful new Label for us …

  34. Sherry,

    These cards are beautiful. What an inspiration you are. Thanks for the video.

  35. Beautiful. I love the look of the layering on the first card – what an amazing idea.

  36. Wow, this is my favorite new release die so far, and I love what you did with it. The colors and style are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing inspiration.

  37. Gorgeous projects, Sherry. I love how you did all that layering.

    Sherry this first card is WOW!!! (The second is beautiful too BTW)I am absolutely going to try this but i am not sure if I can make it as gorgeous as this one!! I keep stopping to type to go back and look at this. If you find yourself wondering and perplexed as to who to send it to Please feel free to send it my way!!
    ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous!!!

  39. Love the layered effect you created with your first card. I’ve definitely want to watch the video (I’m at work of course and can’t watch it now!) to see EXACTLY how you accomplished lining them all up PERFECTLY!

    btw – not sure I LOVE your new “do” – but with a head and face full of stitches it will do for now! LOL! Hope you continue to feel better with each passing day.

  40. Awesome JOB 🙂 I always love to see what you come up with. You have out done your self this time. I just love the layered look prefect in every way:)

  41. Wow, your cards are gorgeous!! What a cool idea…and you explained it so clearly! I love these new dies, they are just so elegant.

  42. Wow, this is absolutely stunning! Love this new die and can’t wait to try this layering technique. Thanks for your inspiration.

  43. The cards are absolutely wonderful! I love the layering.

  44. Your first card is a triple Wow!!!

  45. Your card is Amazing! tfs!!! 🙂

  46. Wow your first card is totally awesome and love the second one too. Love how you layered all of the different dies on there totally winning combo. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Sherry-Love the layered look on the first card! Beaytiful! I think I need Labels 11.

  48. Sherry this is the most beautiful card I’ve ever seen in all my years of stamping. WOW – great job – I’m so impressed and I will be making this one.

  49. OMG!! this is just STUNNING!! WOW!

  50. So elegant…wonderful combination of colors, textures, design elements!!! Demo is very helpful…esp starting ‘off the side’ to line up the layers. Thanks so much…

  51. This is GORGEOUS!!!!
    Those layers are incredible! I want to go home right now and try that (can’t, but I want to).
    Thank you for the video!

  52. Oh this is gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks sooo much! xxD

  53. Oh Wow Sherry that is just gorgeous, and that image was perfect for this technique, love what you did with the frames in the second card too, TFS the video!

  54. Fabulous cards! Love the colors you used and those new dies! Glad you are feeling good enough to craft! :o)

  55. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

  56. Ohhh Sherry what a FAB-ulous idea layering like that … BOTH of your projects are Stunning! Thank you for sharing the video with us.. I cannot wait to try this technique!

  57. OMGosh Sherry, this is stunning…….I love it so much….I will be back to check out your turtuorial and more of your stuff………thank you so much….

  58. Sherry, Sherry, Sherry……..stunning is the best word that comes to me. Thank you so much for sharing your designs. I’m so excited about all the new reveals. I just hope my husband will be as excited as I am……tehe!

  59. Jaw-dropping gorgeous!!!

  60. One word – OUTSTANDING!

  61. Wow! I love both versions!

  62. Wow! Your cards are exquisite. The layered technique – many thanks for the video – is so eye-catching. Your use of color, texture, layout, balance are impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  63. Wow! Incredible 3D look, and gorgeous colouring! Thanks for this lovely technique.

  64. Clever idea, this is awesome! Both of your projects are gorgeous!

  65. We are so lucky to have you back in your studio to reveal this set. Your multi-layer card is truly beautiful and I love how you offset the frames on your second card. Just gorgeous!

  66. Gorgeous – glad to see you back at it, Sherry. This almost reminds me of the 3-D die cut pictures – stunning.

  67. This card is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  68. HOW FLIPPIN COOL!!! Love the effect and it’s just gorgeous to boot!!

  69. Your cards are absolutely breathtaking. I especially love how you did the first one. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work!

  70. O M G!! Your first card is fantastic!! This die is beautiful too, but your card is awesome!

  71. Wow! Sherry, you constantly amaze me with your creativity. The layered images are simply stunning. Wishing you well

  72. Sherry, you completely, totally rock! I LOVE the technique! I’m definitely going to try it! I loved your video and all the helpful hints about lining things up and starting on the image — that’s the kind of stuff that really makes these videos useful — I think most of us can look at the thing and figure it out, but the lining it up and all that — EXTREMELY helpful! BTW, I found the contest too complicated — more complicated than just buying what I wanted! 🙂

  73. Sherry, the 3 D layered image is very cool! The detailed paper you used with the girl and words just made it all the more beautiful with it all lined up so perfectly! Thanks for the tutorial. I also liked how you made frames as a background to highlight the image in the second card. Wow, the ideas for using label templates! I really like the shape of the Labels 11 set. Thanks for sharing!

  74. What a genius idea, LOVE IT!

    Definatly gonna try it! ;P


  75. I love your card!!!! It is so pretty and vintage looking (or at least I think so). Thanks for sharing!!

  76. Absolutely knock-down gorgeous…both of them. You outdid yourself with these beauties, Sherry!

  77. Sherry, yours is the second blog I have commented on. Thanks for a gorgeously (that’s a word, right?) creative technique for the Nestabilities. I think I’ll try it right now with something I have.

  78. Wow. Those are both stunning!!!

    You’re so talented!

  79. Wow! Thanks for the video!

  80. WOW! that layered card is simply amazing! i must try that technique!!! thanks for the wonderful inspiration 🙂

  81. this is a great technique and these dies are perfect for it! super nice job!
    and you are looking pretty good too! hope you are healing well…
    [email protected]

  82. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Absolutely gorgeous.

  83. wow.. this is one that I want…

  84. I love these vintage images on these beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing with us!

  85. That is such a great idea with that beautiful image!

  86. Your layered card is beautiful. That is the best project I have seen from all of the blogs. Congrats.

  87. Wow…absolutely stunning!!

  88. very, very, very cool…thanks for the tutorial Sherry!

  89. Sherry –

    This was outstanding! Lovely projects, both of them. Thank you so much for the video also. By the way, you look adorable with your buzz cut!

    Elaine Allen

  90. I just love what you did to layer. It is awesome great video very well done. Thanks

  91. Absolutely beautiful cards. Loved how different the same image looked when making them.

  92. Sherry,
    I can’t believe you had time for this wonderful creations. Thank you for impressing me again! So beautiful!
    San Antonio
    Hope you are feeling much better now….

  93. Wow! These are absolutely STUNNING cards. I can’t believe all the wonderful layering with that image, it’s just awesome.

  94. This is fantastic!

  95. Sherry,
    I do hope you are on the mend from such a ordeal. Poor dear.
    I adore this set of cards. the first is my favorite and just plain creative Genius!


  96. Remarkable and beautiful work!!!
    Hugs, Candy

  97. This is so beautiful, I have never seen anything like it – what a great idea!

  98. Sherry,
    You are so talented! This is beautiful. . . gotta try it

  99. Gorgeous cards. Just love what you
    can come up with. Amazing work!!!

  100. OH Sherry…….I just caught up on your blog for the first time in a couple of months and send out some GET WELL wishes and hope your feeling better soon!! Your creations inspire so many!! Happy New Year, too!!

  101. Thanks so much for sharing your technique! ~Diane

  102. You go girl!! Rolling out with a video. What a nice touch and thanks for sharing this wonderful technique. Your card is amazing.

  103. Wonderful video….. beautiful cards…… fabulous work.

  104. Sherry, that was amazing! What a great idea! I am definitely going to try it myself.

  105. Sherry this is Fantaboulous. Is that a word? If not it should be. Your videos are so inspiring!
    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been by for awhile and was surprized to read about your cancer. I think its great you shaved your head. I would have done the same thing, bravo to you! I know what you went through I had to have cancer removed from an area near my nose, a place that sun dosent even hit. Its a little deformed now but no more sign of cancer and they said I was lucky it could have taken my entire nose! Stay strong ,get well and your hair will grow back, thats if you choose to let it!

  106. This is beautiful, an idea I am definitely going to try.

  107. Sherry – that is amazing!

  108. Just beautiful. Great Video and I’m happy to see you up and looking good!

  109. The layered technique is truly beautiful! I absolutely love it! You are amazing! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I will be making one soon and hope it is just a little bit as beautiful as yours!

    Barbara Diane

  110. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! What an amazing creative project you have given me to do! Absolutely breathtaking!!! I can’t wait to make one!!

  111. Sherry,

    Love this card! I have downloaded the free January pics from Twisted Paper this month and am working on making a Valentine’s Card for my mom using your technique. Looking forward to many more “Your Baldness” creations!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!


  112. This is simply amazing!

  113. Sherry, I had seen your 3D technique a couple wks. ago, thought I had saved it in my favorites but couldn’t fine it – was just sick cuz I love the work you have done. These are just beautiful!!!!

  114. This is just so pretty, and the recipient will be so fortunate to have this lovely hand made keepsake. Thank you for sharing.

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