Smiley from Good morning and how the heck are ya?  I’ve got to tell you that I’ve been having so much fun in the studio the last couple of days, and yesterday was no exception.  I’m finally feeling like I’m back in the groove and wanting to try some new things! Smiley from I’m laughing to myself because someone left me a comment the other day that my mind must run at fast speed all the time . . . yep, it’s pretty much like that.  The only problem is I don’t make notes (and if I do I misplace them) and I don’t keep a sketch/idea book.  I get in a mood to do something and off I go and by then I’ve forgotten about all the other 99 ideas I had!

After I posted my Coffee Filter Flower video the other day, I had a comment from a reader about another video tutorial.  Somewhere in the back of mind (what I have left) I remember promising Cheryl some months back that I would do this tutorial for her.  I absolutely loved what she wrote about the flower video, how much she enjoyed it but she was still waiting on my water coloring technique tutorial.  Oh yeah . . . that one!  It actually made me giggle because it sounded so much like me Smiley from

So here’s what I have planned.  I worked on three samples yesterday, each using the same technique, Misting with Markers.  Here’s one of the samples for you to look over while I’m working on the video  . . . I thought it would be nice if I was awake, fresh and possibly showered Smiley from before I made it  . . . if you know what I mean!


The image will be part of the video, but its coloring the stamp with markers, misting with water and stamping on paper.  It really bugs me that I used lavender paper and ribbon and it just didn’t capture well in the photo!  Maybe the rest of them will.  One of the new Spellbinders™ releases are the Big Scalloped Ovals and since I had them, I couldn’t resist using them for this project.

I’ll have the other samples and the video ready a little later.  In the meantime  . . . thanks for stopping by and remember  . . . life is short, enjoy today’s adventures!


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