Smiley from millan.netGood Friday morning!  I hope you had a good day yesterday.  Mine was mind blowing.  I finally figured out why I’m having such trouble getting my videos done.  My new camera is MP4 and my software doesn’t work with it . . . well yeah, I knew that, but it finally occurred to me to get a converter.  Hopefully editing and uploading a video won’t take all day now!

I made three cards using the Misting with Water technique, each different but with the same image, papers, etc.  The difference is with the method of the technique.

The first card I showed you yesterday.  Here are the other two.

Misting the paper and the stamp before stamping.


Misting only the paper rather heavily.


Well, I’m off for my 6-week surgical checkup today.  Thanks for stopping by and remember life is short, make the most of each day and enjoy the adventure!


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