Good morning!  Boy I don’t know what happened to yesterday.  I got up with all intent of going into the studio and spending the day and it was maybe 6:00 when I finally went down.  Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine in this part of the state . . . I’m saying it now . . . no more snow, no more gray skies, no more dreary days!  But now let’s think about this . . . . 24 years ago yesterday, March 2, 1986 it snowed!  How do I remember . . . . that was day that Daughter #1, Kate, was born!  However that private island is calling me, cabana boys waiting  . . . . .

I’ll be teaching alcohol inks at Lavender Sentiments this month and want to have an altered project for the class as well as cards.  I’ve had this idea for a few days now and rummaged around in the cabinets to find something I could use for a trial.  What I’m going to show you is my second attempt . . . the first was too dark and blender solution made it all disappear!

So here’s what I did!  I dropped alcohol ink onto the vase and sprayed it with canned air, letting the ink run and go as it wanted.  I kept it up until I thought I had most of the vase covered.  So you could see the colors better I rolled up a piece of white paper and dropped it into the vase.


So how could you use this?  My mind didn’t now immediately go to this, but you could poor in some white fluffy stuff (whatever florists all it) and put in some flowers (real or silk).  What I have used this vase for in the past is this.


To hold a candle . . . . either a pillar or a votive.  I’ve found that if you put a pillar in it, and the wax drops down the sides of the candle, you’re going to play hell getting the candle out!  It would make a great accent candle on a patio late at night when you are sitting around the chiminea or outdoor fireplace with your glass of wine!

So tell me, what do you think?  A good project for a class?  A total waste of time?  Inquiring minds want to know!


36 Responses to “Playing with Alcohol Inks!”

  1. Well Sherry, looks like another great creative idea. I spend most of my time spinning my wheels but looks like you “Got it Going On”. This makes me want to dust off my alcohol inks and get started!

  2. Sherry,

    I love it….think the colors are beautiful and would make a great Springtime gift! Where do you get canned air? Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. WOW!!!!!!! Alochol inks here I come. You saved the day for me as I need a gift for someone that has two of everthing, THANKS.

  4. Great job and I think it would be wonderful for doing a class on. You are the greatest.

  5. That is gorgeous!! Great idea and you could really take an inexpensive dollar store glass item and turn it into something great. Thanks. Uh, just wanted to let you know that I’m so sick of snow I can’t stand it anymore. Getting some rain/snow mix off an on all day today. So, if that Cabana boy is up for it, I’m coming !!

  6. It’s very beautiful, but nothing I’d make. Hope your class likes it. Now if you used the technique on card stock for a background, I would use that. Edna

  7. Very cool, who wouldn’t love this.

  8. The look is gorgeous with the candle in it it actually looks so cool.I’ve made cards with that technique, but not on glass. Great idea for your class. TFS!!! I agree NO MORE SNOW we only want sunshine. 😀

  9. I think this is a fantastic idea! I would bet your class would be blown away with this.

  10. Very very cool! And I’m in Winchester, KY – so I know what you mean about the gray skies…..

    Love, love your blog – thanks so much!!

  11. Beautiful, Sherry! I love the abstract look of it! I had forgotten about the canned air technique. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Sherry –

    A good project for a class. If someone does not like what they’ve done, it can be erased with the blender solution. This really came out nice. I did this one year at Christmas with jars with lids, tied ribbon around the necks of the jars, filled them with candy and gave them as gifts to co-workers. They must have liked them because they still keep them filled with candies on their desks – LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  13. I think it’s beautiful Sherry. I wonder if you could do it to the outside of the glass instead of the inside – thereby maybe you could put it on a white glass vase and then the colors would show without having anything inside?? Just wondering. I think I’m going to have to try this on a cheap vase and see what happens.

    I hear you and I feel your pain about gloomy days and snow. Although we have had a breakthrough here in gorgeous Colorado. Today 60 – WOOHOO and all week. I’m getting new carpet tomorrow so that’s great news. Anyhoo — keep up the beautiful work – you are an awsome designer whatever you do.

  14. It’s gorgeous and definitely NOT a waste of time!


  15. I saw this technique at my LSS….they had taken cheapo wine glasses and used alcohol inks on it and put in a tea light…it was at christmas time so they had used green tones and red tones vs multi.

    Thanks for the reminder of this….need to give it a try!!

  16. Love it…there won’t be a safe piece of glass in my house this weekend! What a great way to gift out all those candles i have sitting around here. TIA…

  17. Very cute idea. Will have to try that on some
    votive cups.

  18. very cool, I bet that looks great when all the lights are out 🙂
    a tip for you, if you have hardened candle wax on glass, set the whole glass in the freezer, not sure how long it takes because I usually just set it in there and come back in a couple hours, but your candle will pop out with just a little bit of pressure, sometimes just tipping the glass upside down my candle will fall out.

  19. Sherry, very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Just love your idea.

  20. I forgot to add, that I would come to a class to do this… I have played with the inks a littile bit, but this I am sure has some hidden secrets that would be good to know… not a waste of time at all…… I wonder if you would put vellum inside with the glass votive how that would look… maybe it would be too muted? anyway, go for it I think it is great.

  21. I would LOVE to do a class using the alcohol inks on something rather than a card. the vase is beautiful. Fits anywhere – at least in my house!!! Eclectic you know ;O)

    Go for it……

  22. Happy Birthday to Kate! Beautiful vase!

  23. I think it’s a good idea to include glass projects. Home decor involving glass is popular and if you can take an extra vase, or an attractive empty jar and turn into something useful, you’ve got a hit. I would imagine that the lit votive would really show off the colors in a darkened room. Wow! Just dropping the reinkers and spreading them on a coffee filter would make into some nice garland and the same on paper and then typing strips around parcels for a quick wrapping idea. Have you tried it on bar soap and then sealing with wax?

    Good on you!


  24. I love it….looks FAB and I wanna have a go and make me own now :O))

  25. I like it, but I think I would like it better in a smaller scale, particularly if using a votive or shorter candle. It would be a nice way to recycle some of those flower vases that accumulate in my garage.

  26. Wow Sherry – this looks great. I didn’t realise you could use the AI’s on glass…

    Paula x x x

  27. I love it and think anybody would enjoy making one of thier own. Another big hit! Happy crafting.

  28. Wonder if you could lay a house down on it’s side and do all the windows??? What a pretty idea!!! Keep up the great work! :o)

  29. What an amazing idea! It is absolutely gorgeous!! I’m sure your class will absolutly love the project.

  30. Sherry I love this… I always forget about my alcohol inks, we should do skype and play. I will buy some air LOL!! Gorgeous work.

  31. FYI if you put water in the votive or any candle holder where there might be an issue with getting wax out add some water about 1/2 way up the candle I’ve never had it fail. My daughter taught the owners of an inn / restaurant that she worked at about this trick and they were so thankful. It is an amazing time saver! Have an excellent day.

  32. Beautiful vase! Can’t wait to try it. What an awesome gift for someone.

  33. I think it’s a great idea for a class!

  34. You have got to be kidding – these are unbelievably stunning!

  35. Wow! I’m in love! Is this permanent on the glass? I only have 3 alchohol inks, can I do this? What a great way to make your own table centres for a function or wedding too!! Soooo pretty… u go girl!

  36. I love this! It is a great gift that can be personalized with the color schemes for individual people or occasions. And being handmade and one-of-a-kind, it is extra special. I love having the candles in it; the flame adds to the magic! Great idea! TFS.

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