Smiley from millan.netGood Monday morning!  Wow what a weekend!  On Friday my oldest, Kate, got married to her long-time boyfriend, Will.  They had a nice little ceremony at the courthouse and then we all went out for dinner.  We’ll eventually give them an open house reception so all the family and friends can celebrate. 

The Newlyweds

Smart kids . . . they just bought a home and Kate’s car is on its last miles, so they opted not to spend a small fortune on a big wedding.  It makes you wonder how many couples are taking the plunge at the county courthouses these days instead of big, elaborate weddings. 

I spent the rest of the weekend working on my project for the big JustRite Mega Blog Hop this week.  It starts on Tuesday and my day is Wednesday.  You will for sure want to check it out.  I believe it might be the biggest blog hop ever with 88 designers taking part.  There are many prizes to be given away daily!

Then Bad Bev and I finished up most of the invitations to the Sorority Luncheon Style Show.  We started when the Bristol race came on Sunday and ended when the checkered flag dropped.  Perfect timing!

After the race, I figured I had a little more time to spend in the studio and decided to make another Easter card.  Remember last week when I told you about all the cute little chick Smiley from images at  Well I had to go back and get one more!


Not much going on here, except a little sponging and sewing.  I did use the Lilac Avenue Collection from Stamp Simply Ribbon Store and put the image on illustration board.

Thanks for stopping by and remember  . . . life is short, enjoy the adventures of the day!

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24 Responses to “Easter Chicks!”

  1. Congratulations to the newlyweds! And to the mother of the bride for raising such a n obviously sweet daughter! All the best to everyone!

    And I love your chickie card. Who can resist the colours of spring and the vintage chick is sweet!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  2. Great card and congrats to your daughter and new son-in-law.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter and son in law. You’re so right….more “kids” are opting not to have the big weddings. Big weddings are nice but having money for things which will last a lifetime is the smart way to go. Wedding prices are way out of control. By not having a reception my daughter and son in law bought their house within the first year of their marriage.
    I wish your kids the best!!
    Loved the card.

  4. Congratulations!! to the happy, and oh so smart couple. Your card is so sweet in a vintage style. I don’t sew but admire those that do, even tho we had to take it in JR. High school way back when, I hated it and regret that emotion to this day. The stitching adds a lovely touch. As always, embellished so nicely. TFS!!! Sherry. 😀

  5. Woo Hoo!! Big Congrats to Kate and Will, and to you as well, now you have a son! I had a very small wedding as well, we budgeted it to $2,000. No regrets about not spending thousands on a dress I’d only wear once . . . LOL! Your card is so beautiful, loving these images Sherry!

  6. Oh, congrats to Kate & Will!! You raised such a smart cookie 🙂
    Gotta love Twisted Papers! Wonderful card as always…thanks for being ever so inspiring! xo

  7. Congrats to Kate and Will!! And I’m sure they won’t regret the smaller wedding at all!!
    Your card peeps SPRING!

  8. Sherry,

    Congratulations are in order for you and your new family. Your daughter and son-in-law make a cute couple.

    Thank you for producing another masterpiece. It is totally awesome.

    We sent out our March newsletter and one of your cards is posted with your blog address, be on the look out. I also made mention of a very inspiring artist–I think you will like his work. His name is Donald “Bud” Cassiday.

    All the best,

    Russell White

  9. Congrats to Kate and Will! I wish you many years of happiness. You are right, it is smarter to spend money on a home. I’m hoping that will be the choice my daughter makes (hint!)

    Love your Easter card!

  10. magnifique


  11. Congratulations on your daughters wedding and also on the fact that these 2 young people have their priorities with the right side up. Too many that marry concentrate on the huge expensive wedding preparations and not what is most important…the marriage between 2 people. You have 2 smart kids there! Wishing them a life time of happiness in their new home too. How exciting for all of you!! congrats.

  12. Congrats to the happy and smart couple!

  13. Congratulations all around, Sherry!!!! Wonderful, happy news!

  14. Congratulations and best wishes to Kate and Will, and to you gaining a son in law.
    They are clever thinking of the practicality of how they married, using the money to get established instead of spending a fortune on a big wedding that lasts a day then trying to build up a home etc. and doing this with less money to spend, a home is enjoyable for a life time. Your Easter card is so pretty, I love the wee chick image, it’s so cute.

  15. Your daughter is the brunette version of you.

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to Will and Kate.

  16. How smart your daughter is to not spend all that money on a wedding! Congrats to all of you!!! Lovin’ the adorable vintage images you have been using!! So cute!!

  17. Smart kids, for certain! A cute couple, too! Congrats to them and to you on having a new son in the family, although I’ll bet he’s seemed like one of the family for quite a while now. Love your card, too! Beautiful image and a fabulous big bow. There’s always something wonderful coming out of your studio.

  18. Great wedding photo, and loved the colors of her flowers! A big Congrats to them both, they are smart not to waste their money on the ceremony but use it for things that will last them the rest of their lives together!
    Your card is so sweet, love the vintage image and colors!

  19. Congrats to your daughter and new SIL. That is so wise of them to forego the huge wedding. I have some friends whose son and DIL married in a courthouse just over a year ago, before she went to Iraq. Now that she’s returned, they’re doing the big, huge (and I mean HUGE) wedding. We all think it’s foolish and selfish, esp as they live in NC and want everyone to fly out to Monterey. It’s disappointing.
    I wish your daughter and her husband the very best in life.

  20. Your card makes me want a little easter chick! Very pretty.

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  22. Congrats! (especially on gaining a son) and KUDOS to them for doing that…I see all these girls on TV and her my daughter talk about people she went to school with, and it seems still most of them want these humongous weddings…I do not think most of them have the slightest clue, how much money weddings cost, especially these days!

    They make a very happy looking Couple!


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