649 Responses to “JustRite Mega March Blog Hop Day 2!”

  1. THUD!!! What a transformation from a plain ole frame to one of BEAUTY!! LOVE IT!

  2. Gorgeous my friend just GORGEOUS!

  3. Love your project! I never think to do altered items, but you have given me some inspiration!

  4. Gorgeous my friend, Just GORGEOUS!

  5. What a gorgeous picture frame and those beautiful flowers, wow

  6. OH WOW!!! What can I say! That frame is AMAZING — totally AMAZING!!! That flower sends me over the top and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your use of that paper. Gee, you must have bought the store out of frames — which is a good thing as no one does a frame the justice you do!!! TFS!!!

  7. GORGEOUS!! If I ever find 5 min I’m going to have to pull out my frames and see what I can come up with! What beautiful inspiration

  8. WoWzA! This is a jaw-dropper, Sherry!

  9. I love your project. Great colors and details!! The flowers just take my breath away!

  10. Just how awesome! Sherry you are bad!

  11. Simply stunning Sherry. I love it.

    stamp on…

  12. Wowza! This is just stunning! Those flowers are AWESOME!!

  13. Sherry you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful talent. The flowers are just stunning. I love the whole project. Everyday I see your blog in my email it is the first thing I open. I just love to see what you have done. Thanks and keep it up!

  14. Hi Sherry,
    I always know when I see your blog comes up that I am going to be wowed! This frame is wonderful. The detail you put to a project is amazing. Thanks for always presenting an outstanding work of art……

  15. What a stunning project and a wonderful idea. Those blooms are spectacular!

  16. Wow what a GORGEOUS frame. This is stunning. . . truly a work of art!

  17. Oh what talented hands you have. Imagine that plain frame looking like that. Wow, unbelievable. Deanna

  18. OH my goodness…this project is AMAZING…what I love about it, is that you took a 69 cents frame and made it into a gorgeous ART PIECE!!! Those flowers are to die for, seriously!!!

  19. I’m HOOKED on following your work! Please do a tutorial on your flowers since I seem to have the knack. you are incredible!

  20. Another project to CASE – I’ll be busy this Spring!

  21. OMG! Simply stunning Sherry. I love it.

  22. Beautiful, simply Beautiful!

  23. Love your frame Sherry. As always, you’ve come up with a creative, inspiring project.

  24. Just beautiful! I’m getting so much inspiration from all you gals on this amazing blog hop!

  25. WOW! What more can be said!

  26. Pretty hard to recognize that purchased frame in your gorgeous artwork, Sherry.

  27. Beautiful…. I’m amazed what you can go with a plain old frame. Your flowers are stunning!

  28. Wow…amazing what you can do with a 69 cent frame…looks like a million bucks!!

  29. Just breath-taking! Love this…I’ll email you my address (I’m only in IL, I’ll come over!)! LOL!! Wonderful job as always, Miss Bad! xo

  30. Hi Sherry –

    I can’t believe this started out as a 69 cent wooden frame! It looks awesome! I am going to give this a try. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Elaine Allen

  31. Wow on the frame! That is gorgeous! And I’m loving those flowers! Makes me glad I have the Spellbinders Die in my possession! 🙂 TFS!

  32. Sherry, I love visiting your blog. Your flower is amazing. Thanks Mari

  33. i have been trying to figure out what is on those flowers, thanks!!!!

  34. Simply breathtaking….wow!


  36. An amazing project. I love your flowers!

  37. talking about make overs! WOW. superb work!

  38. Simply fabulous!!

  39. This is absolutely wonderful. What a great idea to use those small frames.


  41. Wow! Would never recognize the original frame! This is to die for gorgeous. I love, love, love those flowers with the chunky glitter!

  42. Beautiful cards.

  43. OMG!!OMG!! those flowers are the BOMB!

  44. Drop dead gorgeous, Sherry. The shard glass glitter makes the flowers look like they are blooming in spring with the fresh dew on them. Beautiful colors chosen and the sentiment is so true and Just-Rite [pun intended]. Love your work. TFS!!! 😀

  45. Sherry – your flowers are drop dead (but don’t okay) stunning! Really love the glass shards that you added to the flower – it adds to their originality!!!

  46. This is exquisite…..and I love your flowers……truly remarkable…..thank you for sharing with us today…..and I know I want to make one of these too…..would be a great gift……

  47. Love, love, love the flowers! Great job!

  48. Great idea…I am seeing a trip to Old Time Pottery very soon!

  49. OK, I thoroughly enjoyed the before and after pictures (although the before pic scared me a little!)

  50. This frame is gorgeous. The colors, the earring, the flowers…I love it all.

  51. oh.my.gosh…what a fabulous creation…i love the flowers…

  52. This is gorgeous. The colors, the earring, the flowers…I love it.

  53. WOW … fabulous and so eye catching!

  54. Absolutely stunning!!!

  55. Amazing!!! This looks like something you could buy from a very expensive “boutique”….TFS!!!

  56. Oh Sherry, it’s always so exciting to click on your link, just imagining the gloriousness I will be met with. You didn’t disappoint today! Of course you never do! I love this framed sentiment. Those flowers are amazing!

  57. Very pretty and unusual.

  58. Gorgeous frame, love the flowers and paper choices!

  59. Sherry, I have been following your blog for a while and you are one of my very favorite designers. I am always amazed at the “extra” things you do to make your art beautiful. That’s the part I love, the “extras”. So….where do you shop? Where can I get my hands on some of that “vintage shard glass glitter…it is eye popping!!! I can’t wait to get some and use it….please let me know.

  60. Oh my! This is beautiful! You are very creative and you’ve done a wonderful masterpiece! TFS

  61. stunning..beautiful inspiration..tfs..loves ya

  62. All i can say is WOW, what a difference….great job!
    simply beautiful…

  63. This is beautiful!! I love the flowers…especially with the sparkles added.

  64. I never would have guessed that was a picture frame. Beautiful

  65. Stunning work of art! I love this photo frame and those flowers are gorgeous!


  66. Stunning. SOOOOOOO beautiful. Love it Love it Love it

  67. SOOOOOOOOO stunning. Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Very vintage and romantic! Love it!

  69. Fabulous. Love the flowers.

  70. your flowers are simply amazing. Who would have known that was just a bare wooden frame to start with? TFS your creation.

  71. Beautiful card. I love Old Time Pottery.

  72. An absolutely gorgeous project!! What lovely work you’ve done 🙂

  73. Love your gorgeous flowers, great job. TFS

  74. Leave it to you to make this stunning frame, and those flowers are gorgeous.

  75. OMG! Such a gorgeous frame and those flowers are worth a million!! How long did it take to make those flowers? I can’t imagine having the patience or time to try them! The Just Rite stamp works perfectly in the frame!


  77. What a beautiful frame!!!

  78. I love Before and After. This project is amazing.

  79. Simply fabulous! Those flowers are to die for.

  80. Stunning altered frame!!

  81. wow – what a transformation. Love this idea.

  82. Beautiful project.

  83. Wow all the ways to use things I am amazed

  84. Your work is just fantastic!

  85. Sherry, this frame is just gorgeous.

  86. Those flowers are georgeous I added your blog to my favs so i can come back and study the flowers…. Thank you for sharing…..

  87. Wow those flowers are awesome! Very nice!

  88. Who would have thought the little cheap frame could look so beautiful. It definitely had a fairy godmother waving her magic wand to make this perfect transformation.

  89. Amazingly beautiful project.

  90. I love your frame! Those flower are scrumptious! That glitter is a perfect touch. Thanks for sharing!
    Inky hugs,

  91. What an awesome project!! I love it!!!

  92. Oh, WOW, those flowers just make me wish I could reach through the computer and touch them — gorgeous!!!

  93. HOLY COW! My eyes were not prepared for the ‘after’ picture of that frame. You literally worked a miracle on it! Soooo pretty!

  94. What an amazing frame you’ve created! The flowers are just STUNNING!

  95. WOW! What a transformation!

  96. wow that is a gorgeous frame!!

  97. Gorgeous! Need a tutorial on those beautiful flowers!

  98. Sherry, as always you never disappoint! I love your framed sentiment and the sugary glitter on the roses takes the cake! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  99. This is a beautiful creation!

  100. Love the transformation!

  101. OMG what a beautiful frame, what talented hands you have

  102. what a wonderful project. I love what you have done with the picture frame you have turnt the 69c frame in to something that looks like it worth a hell of a lot more :o)

  103. This seems to be an often repeated comment of mine lately – “Why didn’t I think of that?” I have tons of small wooden frames – I am definitely going to try my hand at this. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! And JustRite stamps always seem to say just what I want. TFS this great project. Love it.

  104. Oh WOW Sherry, this is absolutely stunning. I love those flowers you made with all the detail. Beautiful!!! “Hugs” Granny

  105. This frame is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I really like the idea of framing the stamped saying!!!

  106. Those flowers are incredible! Not bad Sherry, not bad at all:)

  107. Your $0.69 was well worth it! Love what you did with a plain ole frame!

  108. OHHHHHHHH…this is to DIE FOR!!!! Those flowers are beyond stunning!!!! I’ve bought these frames a couple times with all intentions of altering them and never got around to it. Your work is so inspiring!!!!

  109. Well I knew you would rock this one! WOWZERS!!!!! Those flowers are to die for, I gotta case this!

  110. Wow, this is gorgeous. I love your color and paper choices on this piece!

  111. What a transformation. I am going to have to try to make some flowers like those.

  112. I am in awe! What a transformation…you are VERY talented and your talent is appreciated…just beautiful!!

  113. What a transformation. I need to try to make some of those flowers!

  114. This is just awesome. I was surprised to learn the 3D flowers were originally Nestabilities. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  115. Fabulous!

  116. Beautiful project. Stunning.

  117. Holy wow!! I love those flowers!!

  118. TERRIFIC PROJECT!!!! Always enjoy your creations!!!! MERCI!!!!

  119. Great idea! Love the “sugar” on the flowers!

  120. TERRIFIC PROJECT!!!! Always enjoy your creations!!!! MERCI!!

  121. What a great transformation! Very pretty.

  122. WoW!!!!!!

  123. Love the blossom flower, mine didnt come out so great so I’ll try again.

  124. Love the before and after…..a truly amazing transformation!

  125. such an awesome frame. Love how you did the flower on the frame, everything about it.

  126. wow – what else can i say? i love the glitter, too 🙂

  127. WOW! Very beautiful!!!!!

  128. LOVE IT! I love everything about this frame. Great job!

  129. What a beautiful transformation! Thanks for the opportunity to win some candy!

  130. Simply beautiful. Love the use of the spellbinders for the flowers, I have those and will have to try this. And now I know what to do with that wood frame I have been hanging on to for several years.

  131. OMG what an amazing beautiful frame love the flowers!!!

  132. beautiful!

  133. Those flowers are STUNNING! Just beautiful and so regal looking.

  134. Gorgeous!!!!

  135. LOVE your creation, just beautiful!

  136. Can you say WOW! What a transformation!

  137. Wow. What a transformation!

  138. Gorgeous!!! I have to bookmark this, thank so much for the details.

  139. Totally amazing how you created such a beautiful frame. Thanks for sharing.

  140. As always, Sherrie, this is fabulous! You make the most gorgeous flowers.

  141. What a beautiful creation. I am marking this ….. what a wonderful idea for gift giving…..

  142. Lovely use of a simple frame!

  143. Wow, great transformation of a .69 frame!

  144. beautiful frame!! i love LOVE the flower!


  145. Love the altered frame !

  146. My goodness what a beautiful project. I absolutely must try my hand at making those beautiful flowers, they are very stunning!!!!

  147. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  148. What a transformation! You’ve done an amazing job. I love those blossoms!

  149. What a great project. I love it.

  150. Beautiful. What you can do for under a dollar!

  151. those flowers are amazing. Great job

  152. very pretty!

  153. What a great frame. I love it.

  154. Great idea!!!!!

  155. stunning frame idea!

  156. I just love all that ribbon!

  157. GREAT idea!!! I love the alterations you did to this frame! Gorgeous distressed colors!!

  158. love the flowers

  159. Gorgeous flowers!

  160. gorgeous… i love your paper flowers…

  161. Wow! What a transformation for that frame! Beautiful flowers!

  162. Very, very nice!

  163. Oh my, what a beautiful project. Those flowers are over the top!

  164. Wow! Amazing transformation of the frame. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.


  165. Oh my gosh that frame is just beautiful!

  166. Very much like those flowers.

  167. What a wonderful idea for a simple, inexpensive frame! A very nice gift for a secret pal! Thank you!

  168. love that you did a project instead of a card.

  169. Nice idea!! Would make a great gift!! TFS!

  170. Very, very nice. Thanks for your work.

  171. So pretty!! I love all the little details that you added to the frame. Thanks for sharing!!

  172. Wow, thanks for sharing.

  173. Beautiful altered work!

  174. That little wooden frame sure came a long way. Beautiful.

  175. As always, I love your projects. The flowers are awesome.


  176. Good gosh woman! Don’t you know you can’t make flowers this opulent, vintage,
    and plush. The whole result is over the top!
    Sharon L

  177. Ordinary to extraordinary. You are so fabulous.

  178. I LOVE the frame!!!

  179. So sweet, that chunky glitter stuff sure adds alot!

  180. Oohhh…wat een ontzettend leuk idee. Een schitterende fotolijst!!!

  181. Sherry,

    OMG – simply GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing!!

  182. So pretty!!!

  183. Sherry, I love your home decor work — oh heck, I love everything you do! LOVE seeing you play with the JustRite stamps!

  184. Oh my! This is fantastic–hard to believe it started out so plain.

  185. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! I enjoy your blog so much because I always get great ideas and inspiration here. Your work is always outstanding!

  186. WOW! Those flowers are amazing! What a beautiful project. Thanks for sharing.

  187. It is amazing how you can take a .69 frame and make it look so fabulous. Love the sentiment and those flowers are just amazing.
    God bless.

  188. I love the glitter on the flower…gorgeous!

  189. Great project!

  190. Amazing!! Love your work!

    MD France

  192. beautiful

  193. Your frame is so beautiful…………and love the flowers you made.

  194. Incredible altered project. I like how you embossed the sentiment. Such a beautiful frame with those paper flowers.

  195. WOW – great project!!! I LOVE it. Those flowers are gorgeous!! Thanks for the idea and inspiration!!

  196. Beautiful altered frame! I love that inspirational quote inside it! Very fancy!

  197. Beautiful and so rich looking. Wonderful work.

  198. Beautiful project and the flowers are so pretty!

  199. Very nice – you did a beautiful job. Love the dimension achieved with the flowers.

  200. Stunning card !! The flowers set off the central JustRite image

  201. Great card with a great flower. Love it. TFS

  202. Wow, that’s like from trash to treasure. What a jewel you created!

  203. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Such an inspiring project – I’d like to try that.

  204. I love doing altered art. It gives me a great idea!

  205. Gorgeous picture frame and those beautiful flowers, are just beautiful!

  206. I love altered art. It gives me a great idea

  207. Nobody would ever guess how your project started. Just amazing transformation of all your elements. Thanks so very much for sharing – could I please just add a WOW!


  208. I love altered arts. It gives me a great idea.

  209. Wow, Sherry! What a stunning project! I love the vintage inspired colors you used. Framing the sentiment is perfect, and those flowers are divine! Wow, wow, wow!!!

  210. I love altered art. It gives me inspiration.

  211. What a transformation from a plain wooden frame to a piece of art! Beautiful job.

  212. What a transformation. It really came out great.

  213. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the beautiful flowers, the vintage shard glass glitter, and the wonderful choice of design paper! You have outdone yourself again! I always enjoy your Blog and am in awe of your vintage designs. Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  214. SOOOOOOO beautiful, Sherry! I love what you’ve done with that simple frame….turned it into a masterpiece! Now I HAVE to have the Blossoms 2 dies! Gorgeous!

  215. Absolutely gorgeous!! I need to find myself some of those frames!!

  216. Oh, and I REALLY love your new blog header too!!

  217. that flower ROCKS!!

  218. Really cute project!!!

  219. What a great idea for a darling gift! I love all the little details.

  220. OMG, that frame is gorgeous! I love the flowers you made on them too!

  221. You never disappoint your fans, Sherry. Great looking frame.

  222. trouble in cyber space….it wouldn’t take my first comment.

    One stores clearance item is another woman’s treasure. A treasure it is to see a cheap frame turned into a work of art.

  223. What an amazing transformation! Absolutely beautiful!

  224. Your creation is just STUNNING!

  225. Your creation is just STUNNING! Thanks for sharing

  226. What beautiful flowers. This frame is amazing. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  227. You never cease to amaze me Sherry. You always have such creative projects. I love the way you have used this frame. The flowers are awesome to off-set the Just Rite stamps.

  228. Those flowers are AMAZING! I love them!

  229. wowowowow…from nothing to stunning!

  230. What an amazing project! I love those flowers they are AMAZING!

  231. Oh my, stunning! This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.


  232. this is fantastic, I must go shopping tomorrow to pick up frames and stamps!

  233. Oh my, this is beautiful, you took something very plain and simple to make a wonderful gift.

  234. Oh Wow…………I absolutely adore what you have done. Beautiful creation and another great idea. Love those flowers!

  235. What a gorgeous picture frame and those beautiful flowers, wow! I just bought some of those frames from Michael’s this weekend to make a different frame, but the thought might change after seeing this.

  236. Very Pretty!!

  237. What a beautiful transformation!

  238. From nothing to SOMETHING! Great job!

  239. you made 70 cents look like a million bucks!

  240. Just a great way to make an inexpensive frame into a real classy one. Great idea and lovely work.

  241. Lovely frame. Beautiful flowers.

  242. Absolutely stunning, but it looks like alot of work. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  243. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work the stamps are amazing your creations are beautiful.Those stamps are singing to me

  244. What a transformation. Love the frame and especially the flowers.

  245. Oh my gosh–what a transformation!!! I am stunned! So beautiful!

  246. Gorgeous!! Love what you did with that frame :O)

  247. What a lovely project.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Beautiful JustRite stamps!

  248. Wat een prachtig project.
    Bedankt voor de inspiratie.
    Beautiful JustRite postzegels!

  249. Outstanding picture frame. All the finishing touches just great! TFS

  250. Wow! Very nice.

  251. omg, thi sis sooo awesome! LOVE this idea!

  252. Oh wow this is just a gorgeous piece of Art!

  253. Your frame and flowers are a masterpiece. You did such a gorgeous job. What an inspiration.

  254. Absolutely stunning! Love the before shot 🙂

  255. Never, never would have guess this one! I’m thinking okay ugly frame – ugh! Beautiful, stunning piece of work!

  256. Wow!!! Amazing:) Love those flowers:)

  257. Gorgeous! Now we need a tutorial on those beautiful flowers! They are so pretty!

  258. The flowers are simply beautiful.

  259. All I can say is WOWZA!!! This is really awesome!!!

  260. love the altered frame, what talent and what a great blog hop. :}

  261. Wow, this is fabulous! I love the vintage feel and your flowers are great.

  262. WOW!! That flower is stunning!

  263. Totally amazing!! What a fabulous transformation. Altered items are such fun to do. Your sentiment is lovely embossed and the flowers are showstopping!! TFS!!

  264. This is just so pretty, I love the flowers! Thanks for sharing ~Diane

  265. Beautiful project!!!! I love it!! 🙂

  266. Such a wonderful project–you are very talented. I would love this frame for my dd “JOY.”

  267. Wow!! I am so impressed. The frame is just beautiful!! There are a lot of talented ladies on this blog hop!!

  268. I truly adore every part of this project. You did an amazing job on this. Very inspirational. I really can’t wait to try this project out!

  269. The glass on the flowers in magnificent. Great job!

  270. What a magnificently beautiful frame! Everything about it is beautiful, but those flowers are especially awesome!

  271. Beautiful!! Love those flowers!!!

  272. Love your project! The flowers are amazing!

  273. Great frame! I like the flowers!

  274. Big transformation! Great gift item and super pretty!

  275. Wow, what a transformation! Who knew such a plain frame could look so elegant.

  276. Wow! Talk about “before” & “after”!

  277. The flower you put on there is great! I love the whole frame. TFS!

  278. Your project is fabulous and I can not wait to try it. Great job!

  279. Very pretty! Awesome job!

  280. You never fail to disappoint Sherry. Love how you approached this!

  281. Amazing…what a tranformation!!! And I love the spun sugar idea on the flower!

  282. Beautiful.

  283. Shut up!!!! This is just jaw droppingly beautiful! LOVE the flowers!


  284. Absolutely beautiful picture.

  285. Wow, the project is wonderful and those flowers are GREAT! Where does the vintage shard glass glitter come from? What a wonderful look!

  286. gorgeous

  287. Wow Sherry! You made a 69 cent frame look like a million dollars. I love the flowers you made too!

  288. How pretty! Iris Soscia

  289. I don’t know if my poor brain can take much more of this….I want to make everything I see cuz it is all soooooo amazing!

  290. very pretty!!

  291. The transformation is absolutely amazing!!! The flowers really make the frame pop! Thanks for the inspiration!

  292. The transformation is awe inspiring! The flowers add dimension!

  293. Whoa! That’s jaw-dropping gorgeous!

  294. I need some of that glitter. it is wicked

  295. A gorgeous project!! WOW! The amazing flower!!

  296. That is amazing what you did with a plain frame

  297. That is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  298. oh, my! your project is absolutely wonderful.

  299. Oh this is a great design! l really love the transformation of the plain frame to
    fabulous. Flowers are awesome! thanks for sharing

  300. That is amazing! Something so simple but so elegant- thanks for sharing this project with us.

  301. That’s amazing! Beautiful color scheme!

  302. Wow just Wow

  303. It’s hard to believe that poor sad little frame could be turned into something so Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  304. So beautiful!!!!!! Who would have guessed how it started out. Love it!

  305. Your frame is gorgeous. A great idea.

  306. Beautiful transformation of a simple frame, WOW!!!

  307. Sherry, those flowers and the entire frame are beyond stunning.

  308. Incredible! You always come up with such amazing creations!

  309. really really wonderful

  310. OMGoodness the frame is beautiful I would love to be able
    to make the flowers.
    Linda J.W.

  311. I really love this frame idea. I have had some that were just waiting to be altered, now I have inspiration! Thanks, Jenn
    [email protected]

  312. FANTASTIC! I love your flowers. What fantastic work.

  313. I knew you would have an outstanding creation for us all to enjoy and
    you certainly outdid yourself! This is a beautiful piece that anyone would
    enjoy in their home.

    Cheryl Stauffer
    [email protected]

  314. love the patterned paper.

  315. What a transformation! Beautiful.

  316. What a wonderful project. The frame is beautiful!

  317. Very different and pretty!

  318. Let me pick my jaw off the floor. This is amazing and the flowers are out of this world georgous.

  319. Wow, you’ve created a work of art from a plain frame:-)

  320. OH MY GOSH!!! When I saw the blank picture frame I knew you were going to do something fabulous with it.

  321. Oh my Sherry this is one of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen…I wish you could let me know where you got that shard glass…Just gorgeous!!

  322. Wow! I love this frame. The flowers are so pretty!

    Ronda C.

  323. Your projects always blow me away. I love to visit your blog, it’s always the first I check out. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and your tutorials.

  324. wow–you really transformed that frame into something beautiful!

  325. Stunning frame!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  326. OH MY WORD! I don’t think I have ever seen anything so stunning. And the transformation from such a plain picture frame. The touch of frost on the flowers is just amazing.

  327. Spectacular!!! The flowers are to die for – I sure I’m not the only one who would love to know how you put those together if you have time.

  328. WOW….That was a really nice idea showing your 69 cent frame and how you made it into a now a very expensive gift. Very very nice. Boy do you deserve a gold star!

  329. How pretty are these flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  330. Amazing what you did to that frame – great sentiment!

  331. Beautiful cards as usual!
    God Bless,

  332. What a great transformation. Now that’s talent!

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  334. Sherry how devine is that frame, just love how you dressed it up and the stamping is the perfect finishing touch!

  335. Stunningly BEAUTIFUL! Very Gorgeous! Love it. Thanks.

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  337. You may be Bad Sherry,you are also Good Sherry.This creation is just beautiful.

  338. OMG! Love those paper flowers! Your finished project is stunning!

  339. My mouth literally fell open when I saw this! I have to try this one – it is incredibly beautiful!!!! I follow your blog and never cease to be amazed at your talent. From one Sherry to another – thanks for sharing such great cards and great directions so those of us who only wish we were as talented, can try to be as good as you!

  340. Oh Sherry what a beautiful project! The flowers are gorgeous!

  341. Oh my Sherry what a gorgeous project! I love the flowers! Awesome

  342. So, so pretty, Sherry. Amazing what you did with that little frame.
    Becky E

  343. Stunning Sherry!! Gosh wish this were part of the candy!!!!

  344. Awesome job on this Sherry I wish it were part of the candy!!!

  345. you can really transform a picture frame. It’s beautiful. I love the flowers

  346. I love, love, love what you did with this frame. The flowers are gorgeous and the glitter on them is really a beautiful touch.

  347. I love, love, love what you did with this frame. The flowers are gorgeous and the glitter on them really adds to the beauty.

  348. love this frame so very pretty

  349. I love, love, love what you did with this frame. The flowers are gorgeous and the glitter on them is the perfect touch.

  350. Incredible flower! You are so talented!

  351. Amazing transformation! Quite a beauty. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  352. Wow…you turned that plain frame into a masterpiece! Beautiful.

    Debra Dukes

  353. OMG, just when I thought I had seen the best along came you, lol…Your flowers are absolutely stunning…..I want to run and make one right now!! The frame is another WOW!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for sharing!! ♥♥, Kay

  354. Great frame idea!

  355. Very clever! Love the flowers. Charlene

  356. You are the bomb, I love all of your creations and your color choices are always right on

  357. Gorgeous frame Sherry! Love those flowers! :o)

  358. Those flowers are so nice; I will have to get those dies. Charlene

  359. Beautiful altered frame! What a great item to put on display!!

  360. Love those new Graphic papers! And, such a beautiful use of one with that great sentiment! So lovely!

  361. What a transformation! Stunning!

  362. stunning!!!

  363. The flowers are totally awesome!!!

  364. OMG~~that is amazing! I love those flowers! TFS

  365. Absolutely Gorgeous! I love those flowers!

  366. This is spectacular! I must make one for my home. Thanks for sharing!

    Jenny L.

  367. What a great project! I love how you did the flowers!

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  371. A fantastic transformation! It’s perfect.

  372. I LOVE your picture frame! Just LOVE IT!!!
    I was kinda hoping to see the wedding card you made for your daughter. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.
    I am one of your faithful blog followers!

    Carol F

  373. Another great idea! I love the sugar crystals also!

  374. A fantastic transformation! So special.

  375. Oh, man! You’ve got my mine racing now! Thank you for some much needed inspiration!

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  379. Love your framed gem!! It’s really unique and utilizes such a nice variety of techniques. Very inspirational – I think I need to try making one of these!!

  380. Love your project…it’s so unique! Inspirational projects like this want me to get on it right away and try creating. Your hard work is evident and your variety of techniques is very much appreciated.

  381. Hi sweetie!! I ADORE your frame! I am so going to search out some of these frames to try. What great gifts they would make!! You rock, my friend!

  382. Wow, what a transformation-love it and the neat flowers you made! Great project. tfs

  383. WOW, wow,wow that flower is so great! I can’t believe how you transformed that frame. Great job!

  384. Thanks a million for sharing and all you do to inspire us!!!

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  390. I love to do altered art. Isn’t it wonderful how some ordinary item can be transformed. Gorgeous frame.

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  399. I’m speechless! This is GORGEOUS!!!!

  400. Wow!!! What a transformation from just a plain frame to a
    beautiful work of art! I am going to add the Spellbinder
    S4 232 Blossoms Two to my wishlist. The Flower you created is just awesome. TFS

  401. I love this frame!

  402. What a beautiful project. Thanks for sharing.

  403. Beautiful flower treatments! How did you make these?

  404. Definitely an improvement (that’s an understatement, of course – lol)! TFS

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    Thanks for Sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

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  435. Have you heard ashes into beauty?

    Like your frame.

    Before & after!

    Great job.

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  437. YOur frame is beautiful! I love the flowers.

  438. Simply Gorgeous~~~Love your new frame!!!

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  440. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed visiting here!!! What a beautiful framed piece!

  441. Gorgeous!! but then again all your stuff always has been! unbelievable to start from a 69 cent frame!

    Shame I do not have any nestabilities 🙁
    I wish all the designers were drawing names to win their lovely creations! LOL

  442. Your frame is beautiful and yours flowers….Tre Magnifico!!

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  444. Love the transformation of the frame – wonderful

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    Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

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  453. Great use of shard glass and the Just rite oval sentiment in rectangle format . Your projects always allow me to imagine the possibilties

  454. Who would have believed you could turn a plain frame into such a work of art? That is jaw-dropping beautiful. Love that flower with the shard-glass glitter. Gail S.

  455. Oh wow – great job!!
    Have a great day everyone!

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  458. Sherri, lovely job! You never fail to inspire! thanks

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  460. This is Beautiful! And your flowers are gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing!

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  462. Love the detail of the flowers. Please do a tutorial on how to create them!

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  476. such a neat project, Sherri. I love looking at your site for inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  477. Sherry, as usual, you knock everyone’s socks off with your creativity, including mine! This frame is just beautiful and the flowers are what really send the frame over the top. Love your thoughts on ice crystals as an enhancement. I repeat, this is just beautiful! TFS!

  478. Absolutely gorgeous Sherry! Your blossom is amazing, as is the entire design!

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    Beautiful just beautiful!!

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  507. What a great way to use old frames also. We all have those hanging around.

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  510. Absolutely fabulous! I thought the flowers were Prima! Perfect project!

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  513. The transformation of the frame is amazing! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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  515. Oh my goodness, no ordinary project here. This is fabulous and the flowers are just incredibly beautiful. Terrific creativity.

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  517. Such a beautiful project!

  518. Awesome frame Sherry! You always do a fantastic job on your creations! LOVE the flowers!

  519. Wow! This took my breath away – absolutely beautiful job! TFS

  520. (I hope the commenting problem gets fixed! previous commentors’ email and name are left in the boxes and when the next comment is posted by a new name it is erased!)

    Here goes: Thanks for sharing your card art today.

  521. See it happened again the persons comment before mine dissappeared. Something is wrong with WordPress!!!!

  522. Wow lots of work and so pretty!

  523. Lovely!

  524. Amazing transformation of the frame!

  525. Wowee! I had to look back twice at the bare frame and again at the finished frame- that came from THAT? This is truly amazing; you did such a fabulous job. I’m really loving your flowers, too. Care to share the tip on how to make them?
    Love your project!

  526. Great work!

  527. I love your project. Beautiful colors and details!!

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  529. wow, how cool to transform just a plain frame into a piece of art. great job plus kudos for showing us the finer details close up. fantastic.

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  531. WOW this is absolutely beautiful
    Shaz x

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    enjoy *~*

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  541. What a transformation. The phot frame is lovely and the flowers are superb. This would make a beautiful gift for anyone.

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  546. I want to spend a week with you and play! Love the transformation. The flowers are to die for and the sentiment fits perfectly. Shelly

  547. I’m loving these great gift ideas; thanks….

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  557. Wow! Those flowers are awesome!

  558. Wow! What a transformation! Love it.

  559. Wonderful project. Thank you for sharing.

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  564. Incredible transformation – those flowers are just gorgeous!

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  569. Thank you for sharing your great ideas!!!

  570. I am sure my comment is unoriginal, but WHAT a transformation! Beautiful work, Sherry!

  571. Lovely sentiment – gorgeous flower!

  572. Not sure where my comment ended up, but it’s not here : ( Will try once more….this is a beautiful tranformation, Sherry…lovely : )

  573. A lovely sentiment and great flowers.
    carol b.

  574. What a stunning frame, love your sentiment and your flowers are beautiful!

  575. I somehow feel the need to hoard those wooden frames that are always on clearance. Thanks for the great ideas.

  576. What a gorgeous transformation!! And how fun to have something like that as home decor – looks like it cost a million bucks and you made it for pennies 🙂

  577. What a great transformation. very nice!

  578. What a great transformation. I like the idea!

  579. Sherri this is absolutely beautiful, awesome job. You rock girl!

  580. Love your picture frame. The flowers you added to the corners are stunning!! Love the icy look to them. TFS!

  581. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally wonderful creation!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m speachless….and that takes a lot!

    Your Friend in ART,


  582. Such a gorgeous frame!

  583. You took something so plain and inexpensive and made it absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  584. I love these sentiments. On my wish list!

  585. You can make everything look fantastic!!

  586. Lovin’ this, Sherry!!!

    <3 Ree

  587. I always love to read your blog and see your projects. As usual, this one is beautiful!

  588. Absolutely beautiful.

  589. AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE those flowers and their bling!! So inspiring, TFS!

  590. This is quite an alteration. I do believe you took that frame from cheapy-cheap to looks-like-a-million-bucks.

  591. Great idea. Very pretty.

  592. Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing.

  593. Truly amazing! I want those flowers and the sentiment stamp. Oh and the paper! LOL

  594. The flowers and GLASS shards are amazing…saw the shards @ CHA..gotta have ’em NOW!….never disappointed with your art…BEAUTIFUL and inspirational!

  595. You just have to love this stamping world when you see how a 69-cent pine frame can be turned into a work of art. Wonderful.

  596. Wowzy, this is beautiful. Such great talent.

  597. Your frame turned out beautifully! I love the flowers!

  598. Wow! As always, your work is fantastic. You’re one of my favorite designers.

  599. The flowers are breath taking and the frame is beautiful . What a wonderful way to make something cheap into spmething beautiful.

  600. so pretty!
    Carol N<

  601. This is such a pretty project. Love the way you did the flower!

  602. What a wonderful way to make a gift for someone. Thank you!

  603. I just love how you made the flowers!

  604. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! LOVE THIS……so eye catching!

  605. WOW, this is fabulous! Love how you transformed the frame. 🙂

  606. I am amazed how you took that plain wooden frame and transformed it to georgeous display piece.

  607. What an amazing frame!!!

  608. Magnificent card! I love those flowers!

  609. WOW!! This is incredible! What a beauty!

  610. All starting from a little frame priced under a buck…amazing!

  611. Love this idea…great way to dress up a simple frame.

  612. I love those flowers, the whole project is great.

  613. Wow – this is stunning! I absolutely LOVE your flowers!

  614. WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous.


  615. What a gorgeous way to transform a $0.69 product to $69 or more ..love it.

  616. Love your name- this is such a cool frame thanks for sharing

  617. It is great to see something different! Love the altered frame!

  618. Very creative. I love seeing home decorating projects.

  619. Lovely! What a great idea to frame it up!

  620. How lovely!! Great inspiration.

  621. oh so love the frame and dimensional flowers. thank you for sharing this great project.

  622. i love the transformation of this picture frame

  623. This is drop-dead gorgous! Oh my goodness! I love everything about it. I didn’t know you make a flower with Spellbinders like that! I love the crystals on the petals. My goodness you made this frame into a Master Piece. Thanks for some extremely yummy eye candy.

  624. This is drop-dead gorgous! Oh my goodness! I love everything about it. I didn’t know you make a flower with Spellbinders like that! I love the crystals on the petals. My goodness you made this frame into a Master Piece. Thanks for some extremely yummy eye candy

  625. No one would believe you if you told them this started out as a little picture frame! Just incredibly beautiful! What a wonderful talent! Thanks for sharing.

  626. Omigosh! What a beautiful accent for your home this would make! Bravo!!

  627. I love those big fat flowers – yummy!

  628. Wow!!! What a transformation! You are amazing Lady!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

    What a gorgeous Frame! That design is incredible!
    Love your STYLE!

  629. Do you have a tutorial on how 2 make your flowers?

  630. OMG! I’m in love with your frame!!!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!

  631. LOVE this… the flower is gorgeous.

  632. What beautiful frames and flowers!

  633. Very cool! Love the idea of altering a frame… and the flowers are awesome!


  634. love the frame but OMG they have to be the MOST Goregous flowers EVER

  635. What a beautiful altered frame! It’s stunning!

  636. Amazing! You are very creative and you’ve done a great job (as usual)!

  637. Wow this is fantastic. I love the flowers. TFS

  638. Fabulous!!!!! Could you do a video on those gorgeous flowers??? Pretty please!


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