Smiley from I had every intention of having this post done and up early today; however . . . well it just didn’t happen! Have you ever one of those days when emails, phone calls and Facebook got in your way? Well of course you have! I don’t even know why I’m asking.

An amazing thing happened to me yesterday, an adventure I took advantage of. There’s a new page on Facebook about Fairgrounds Motor Speedway in Louisville, KY. Now this is the local race track that my dad (step-dad) was the Race Director/Manager. I was looking it over yesterday and there was a post by some other lady talking about her dad. I recognized his name and commented back. It turns out that our fathers (and by this I mean my biological father and my mother’s first husband) were buds and our mothers were actually good friends. We played together as little girls. UNREAL!!!!

The memories for me were hard to come by, but I vaguely remembered some of the times spent together and she and her brother. I had to call my aunt and my mother to get some background information on the whole thing. The great thing is that we are now Facebook Friends and corresponding with each . . . way too cool! The weird thing, it made me think about my memories . . . or lack thereof. I kiddingly joked with my mother that it seems we have/had three different lives. That life with my grandparents which was happy, safe and we were taken care of. That life with Norman (my mother’s first husband and my biological father) where my memories are buried deep; and those that I do recall are not happy. It was tough being married to and being raised by a mean drunk! I say drunk and not an alcoholic because basically, that is what he was . . . drunk all the time and mean, when he was around. The last life we’ve had I will call the Hartlauf years. The life we had and continue to have with my dad (step-father) . . . what a wonderful life it has been and continues to be. What a blessed life it has been!

Okay enough of my drivel, babbling and storytelling. Thanks for letting me get it out though and express it all here! I could probably write an entire post about those lives, but how boring it would be for you.

Let’s get to my card today. I had the image colored yesterday and by the end of the day I had problems getting it paired with paper for the card. I waited until this morning and I’m glad I did . . . the project took a different turn entirely.


The little girl image was colored with Copic Markers and even though it can’t see it in the photo, there is a slight yellow glow around her. I finally settled on some extra pieces of Postcards from Paris for my background papers and then found the matching cardstock. I had these scalloped circles all punched out (which were a toss away from another project) that I decided to finish up and add. I’m afraid I sponged them too dark though. However after I added some gold shimmer mist and Rock Candy Stickles I almost like it. I guess you could look at the flower and say . . . it’s dried out and been handled way too much! Oh and look at those three buttons on the left top. I found them in my button jar with the thread still attached . . . perfect for this card.

Here’s the inside . . . plain and simple, with the perfect sentiment.


That’s all I have for today! I’d like to thank you for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, enjoy the adventures of the day!


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