I’m home sitting in my recliner with my coffee by my side!  What a whirlwind the last week was.  I truly meant to give you a daily update . . . . but meeting up with friends in the evening and getting a little BAD was just way more fun!  So many things good happened this past week but I have to honestly say that from a personal standpoint, this was the best CHA ever!  I had more fun hanging with friends I haven’t seen in a year or so, meeting new ones and letting what little hair I have down!

Before I get into more of my favorite finds, here’s me with Daisy from eclectic Paperie.


With Cindy Lyles.


I’m so sad I never got a picture with Leslie Miller.  We’ll have to solve that problem in the near future!

I know you’ve been waiting for this . . . . Darcie’s new images.  You’ll be able to get these from eclectic Paperie.


This next one was a favorite of almost everyone I met.  Viva Decor!  It’s paint in the most marvelous colors . . . . crackle, soft, paint pens and there is even polymer clays!

Look at the deep cracks and color of this bowl.


The bra and belt were made with dots of paint from the pens.


All sorts of examples in the middle of the make-and-take table!


I’m telling ya, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this!

Then yesterday on our way to the Consumer Show . . . the Trade Show Aftermath!


One more thing before I leave . . .  thanks to all of you who stopped me on the floor or came to see me at the eclectic Paperie make-and-take at the Splitcoaststampers booth.  You absolutely made my days for me!!!!!  It was such a joy and pleasure to meet you.


Wow what a day it has been!  I’m a little tired and my back hurts a tad bit, but my feet don’t hurt  . . . . WOO HOO!

I have to say that this has been one awesome day!  First off, who did I get to meet this morning but none other that Leslie Miller.  OMG, we were having breakfast and I was taking my tray up when I saw the Flourishes Team.  I walked over to hug Jan Marie and THERE sitting next to Jan Marie was Leslie.  Can I just say that I have been a fan of Leslie’s for ever and a day.  We’ve emailed, we’ve chatted and have always said we would love to meet one day!  TODAY WAS THE DAY!  I was overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make the day even better I walked the floor with Daisy from eclectic Paperie, our roomie Micki and Cindy Lyles!  Okay I have a new sister friend  . . .  Cindy.  There are very few times in your life when you meet someone and automatically feel comfortable and click.  We’ve laughed, joked, been BAD and had an absolutely awesome day!

I can’t end the day without telling you of some of my favorite finds of the day.

First off, Tim’s new Configurations rock!


Then Wendy’s Art Parts are going to be a major “MUST HAVE.”


Another thing I saw at the Stampers Anonymous booth was Darcie’s new releases.  These made me stop in my tracks, congratulate and praise Darcie.  I actually walked right up to her, introduced myself and told her I thought it was the best release I had seen in a long time.  Not her typical style but alas I failed to get pictures.  I’ll have them for you tomorrow!

Graphic 45 has gone Steampunk!  I LOVE it.  Cindy and I stood there, drool running down our chin.  If we could have figured out how to get these projects out of the showroom . . . .  well, maybe we shouldn’t go there.


Just look at this!


Last but not least, BasicGrey!.  I have really not liked the last few releases and haven’t purchased any BasicGrey for some time.  THIS you will see plenty of  . . .  BasicGrey Curio!


This is all I have for now.  We still have lots to see and I’m sure I’ll have more tomorrow evening!  Thanks for stopping by and all of you who stopped me on the floor today, introduced yourself as a blog follower . . .  THANK YOU!  You absolutely made my day!!!!!


Good Monday morning!  Well I’m off today for CHA and can hardly wait.  I’m meeting my friend Daisy from eclectic Paperie and will be walking the floor looking at new product.  I should have some great updates over the next few days.  I’ll also be helping with the eclectic Paperie make-and-take in the Splitcoaststampers Booth on Friday!  If you are going to be there for the Super Show, please stop by and say hi!

Before I go I must tell you about the new member of our family.  Friday morning while Mr. Stodgy was driving to work he got stopped just a few blocks from home.  There were two cars stopped on the road and little black and white dog standing in the middle of the street.  Mr. Stodgy pulled off the road and called for the dog.  He came to him and tugged at Mr. Stodgy’s heartstrings.  The dog had no collar, covered in mud and fleas, his eyes were cloudy as could be and he was a ball of mats.  Mr. Stodgy brought the poor thing home and then when the vet’s office opened took him up there.  The dog had severe eye infections but was not blind, both ears were infected so badly that one was closed up and he has only teeth on one side.  His tongue hangs out on the right side of his mouth . . .  and I can attest that this gums are very strong.  He has a problem with being touched and especially when it’s time for his meds.  After some discussions with the vet, Mr. Stodgy decided to pay for all the medical needs of the dog and keep him.  Whoever the previous owner was apparently does not need this dog.  So, meet Zeke.


One of Mallory’s friends called and this very dog she found roaming around about 3 years ago.  They put it in the garage and went to the Shelter to try and find the owner.  The owner did show and they gave the dog back.  We have all agreed that Zeke needed to be rescued and the employees in the vet’s office actually applauded when Mr. Stodgy walked out with Zeke in his arms.

While I’m showing off family members you might as well meet Kate’s puppy, Neyland.  He is a Basenji who after Friday night found himself in obedience school Saturday morning.


Of course, we can’t forget Sydney and Elliot.  Here’s Syd in her now favorite hiding spot . . . her old puppy carrier.


Elliot (Miss Ellie) finds any place to lay where Zeke is not.  We’ve decided that she is now the middle pup and is having a hard time acclimating to the changes.


Thanks all for today!  I’m planning on some great adventures over the next few days and will try to keep you updated!


Smiley from millan.net

  Good morning!  I hope you had a great day yesterday and stayed cool wherever you were!  It’s nothing but Smiley from millan.net  .  How hot you ask?  Hot enough to Smiley from millan.net

Since it’s Friday, that means it’s time for another Just For Fun® Friday.  This week’s Color Challenge is to use the following colors:


I must say that I took some liberty with the colors and didn’t quite use the exact colors, BUT you know what?  That’s okay because I said so!

Now here’s the dealio . . . we would LOVE for you to play along with us!  If you don’t have any JFF stamps, that’s okay.  You can play along anyway . . . we just want you to have fun!  Plus, you might win a $50 shopping spree at Just For Fun® and then you can buy some stamps.  Check out all the details of the challenge over at the Just For Fun® Blog.

So my cohorts in crime this week are:

Broni Holcombe
Kat Tucker
Sandy Sandrus
Starla Nelson
Terre Fry
Roni Johnson
Glenda Brooks
Beth Moore
Margarita Ybarra
JFF Blog

If you would like to see some fabulous card and gather some more inspiration, give them a visit.  They would really LOVE it!

Okay, here’s my card.  This is an odd sized little card . . . . 6-1/4” x 4-1/2”.  It’s tall so I could get the image to fit and have some extra space.    The dress form and hat are colored with Copic Markers.  I stamped the hat three times so I could pop up the hat band and the flower. 



Thanks for stopping by today and remember . .  . life is short, do as you damn well please!

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Smiley from millan.net Just a quick post this morning to let you know how far I’ve gotten on The Master Plan.  It’s hot, humid and the heat index is in 3 digits.  I work when I can, come in a rest, then head back out.  We’ve had some much needed rain this week so not much has gotten done.  Besides that, I’m waiting on Smiley from millan.net to bring in some more mulch and authorize where the final bushes will be planted.  Lord help me if they aren’t evenly spaced precisely and in a proper row.

I’ve also been able to transplant the Hostas that were being choked out in the larger side bed.  I just need to grab some more Black-Eyed Susans now that the ground is softer. 

There’s still much to be done, but I feel I’ve made a pretty good dent so far.  Does anyone want any chain link and posts? 

OH and I found my whiskey barrel for the side of shed.  A friend has an extra that she offered to give me . . . .Smiley from millan.net

The dog run is finally down I’m just too weak to move the poles.  See that little wagon . . . that was a present from my grandfather on my first Christmas!  I wasn’t even a year old yet!  It’s quite rusted now but still very useful in the yard.  I’m thinking this area would be perfect for a swing and some more flowers.


Here’s the back fence line.  I have a few shrubs planted, one more to go.  There will be a raised bed off to the left.   Smiley from millan.net wants a place to grow some herbs, etc.  More Coneflowers too!


Love the black mulch!  Two Butterfly Bushes by the deck, two more to go.  Haven’t decided where they will be going yet. 


That’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, enjoy the adventure and do as you damn well please!


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