Good Monday morning!  Well I’m off today for CHA and can hardly wait.  I’m meeting my friend Daisy from eclectic Paperie and will be walking the floor looking at new product.  I should have some great updates over the next few days.  I’ll also be helping with the eclectic Paperie make-and-take in the Splitcoaststampers Booth on Friday!  If you are going to be there for the Super Show, please stop by and say hi!

Before I go I must tell you about the new member of our family.  Friday morning while Mr. Stodgy was driving to work he got stopped just a few blocks from home.  There were two cars stopped on the road and little black and white dog standing in the middle of the street.  Mr. Stodgy pulled off the road and called for the dog.  He came to him and tugged at Mr. Stodgy’s heartstrings.  The dog had no collar, covered in mud and fleas, his eyes were cloudy as could be and he was a ball of mats.  Mr. Stodgy brought the poor thing home and then when the vet’s office opened took him up there.  The dog had severe eye infections but was not blind, both ears were infected so badly that one was closed up and he has only teeth on one side.  His tongue hangs out on the right side of his mouth . . .  and I can attest that this gums are very strong.  He has a problem with being touched and especially when it’s time for his meds.  After some discussions with the vet, Mr. Stodgy decided to pay for all the medical needs of the dog and keep him.  Whoever the previous owner was apparently does not need this dog.  So, meet Zeke.


One of Mallory’s friends called and this very dog she found roaming around about 3 years ago.  They put it in the garage and went to the Shelter to try and find the owner.  The owner did show and they gave the dog back.  We have all agreed that Zeke needed to be rescued and the employees in the vet’s office actually applauded when Mr. Stodgy walked out with Zeke in his arms.

While I’m showing off family members you might as well meet Kate’s puppy, Neyland.  He is a Basenji who after Friday night found himself in obedience school Saturday morning.


Of course, we can’t forget Sydney and Elliot.  Here’s Syd in her now favorite hiding spot . . . her old puppy carrier.


Elliot (Miss Ellie) finds any place to lay where Zeke is not.  We’ve decided that she is now the middle pup and is having a hard time acclimating to the changes.


Thanks all for today!  I’m planning on some great adventures over the next few days and will try to keep you updated!


20 Responses to “Chicago – The Windy City!”

  1. Yay for doggies!! happy story! no better dog than a dog you save! they will be grateful & love you unconditionally until death you do part! *hugs*
    be safe in Chicago (my hometown!) & have lots of fun!

  2. Such good news about Zeke. But don’t you remember you just took the doggie pen down…. LOL Is that like when you take an umbrella it never rains…..
    You are so lucky to be able to go to CHA and work there. But that is because you are so talented. Phyllis in sunny southern Maryland

  3. Oh my heart! Zeke will shower you with love (as soon as he’s finished with the meds) and be so appreciative for a loving home. Mr Stodgy and you have earn more stars in your crowns…..thank you !

  4. Oh what a wonderful ending to a great doggy story 🙂 I have two of my own and they are my children now since my girls are grown and live on their own!! I don’t know what we would do with out them!
    Now have a Wonderful time at CHA you lucky devil you!! I would love to be able to do that!! Have a BLAST Sherry!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. Bravo to you and Mr. Stodgy! I just had to put my fifteen and a half year old keeshond on Saturday. It is the hardest thing in the world to do (as I am sure you well know if you are a doggy family) and I can’t believe that others can be so cruel to a creature with so much unconditional love. I am glad that Zeke found someone to give that unconditional love back. Now wish me luck as I roam petfinder to locate my own new family member.

  6. What a nice story! Yay for Zeke!!!

    Have an awesome time at CHA, lucky girl!!!

  7. How fortunate for Zeke that Mr. Stodgy came along!! Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  8. Congratulations on your new family member! Hope he settles in and gives you lots of fun pics to scrap…he’s already arrived with a great story!!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  9. Oh my, Zeke looks like such an adorable cutie! What a great rescue story! Pets are so loving. Right now we have a rabbit and german shepherd. In the past we’ve had fish, cats, hedge hog, chinchilla, and cocker spaniel. Pets take a lot of work and money. But, they sure do give back with lots of love! Congrats on your new dog, Zeke!

  10. Oops…wanted to say…have a great time at CHA!

  11. Thank you Mr. Stodgy for being such a kind soul – we need more people in this world like you all!!! Looks like Zeke is part Shih Tzu like Ms Ellie and Sydney. I have two Shih Tzu’s myself, Benjie Boy and Katie Bug!!! Luv the breed; you are one lucky girl — have fun at CHA and bring us back some inspiration!!!

  12. I’m looking forward to being updated Sherry!

  13. Congrats on the new member of your family, sounds like he needed a better family!
    Hope you have a great trip and look forward to hearing about all the new finds!

  14. Hooray for rescuing Zeke, what a sweet and loving story, with a happy ending. Have fun at CHA. I’ll be looking forward to any news at all. So wish I could be there, maybe someday. TFS!!! 😀

  15. Love the pets and have a good time at CHA. Can’t wait to see your finds. HAVE A BLAST!

  16. Mr. Stodgy just made my day. I will NEVER understand why people treat animals like they are a throw away commodity. Cheers to you and here’s to a happy healthy life for Zeke.


  17. Awwwwww!! Mr. Stodgy is going to blow his reputation being so sweet!!
    Have a miserable time at CHA without me!! BHWHAAAAAA!! (ya know that I love ya!!)

  18. Yeah for Mr. Stodgy!! Nothing like a doggy story with a great ending!! So happy for Zeke….seems he has suffered enough!!

  19. I’m so glad Mr. Stodgy is not stingy with his love & concern for animals. It breaks my heart to know animals have a miserable existance because their owners are heartless. May Zeke have many healthy happy years being loved by you & Mr. Stodgy!

  20. What a lucky pup to find such a loving home!!! We’ve had 2 Basinjis in the past at separate times – still am wondering why we got a 2nd one after the 1st died. They are about the most stubborn and most intelligent dog in this world. then we had a solid black Shih Tzu who was a love!!! Now we have 2 very spoiled rotten Yorkies that rule our empty nest!!! Our adult kids declare that we pay more attention to them than our grands. Not so!!! Good luck with Zeke.

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