Wow what a day it has been!  I’m a little tired and my back hurts a tad bit, but my feet don’t hurt  . . . . WOO HOO!

I have to say that this has been one awesome day!  First off, who did I get to meet this morning but none other that Leslie Miller.  OMG, we were having breakfast and I was taking my tray up when I saw the Flourishes Team.  I walked over to hug Jan Marie and THERE sitting next to Jan Marie was Leslie.  Can I just say that I have been a fan of Leslie’s for ever and a day.  We’ve emailed, we’ve chatted and have always said we would love to meet one day!  TODAY WAS THE DAY!  I was overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make the day even better I walked the floor with Daisy from eclectic Paperie, our roomie Micki and Cindy Lyles!  Okay I have a new sister friend  . . .  Cindy.  There are very few times in your life when you meet someone and automatically feel comfortable and click.  We’ve laughed, joked, been BAD and had an absolutely awesome day!

I can’t end the day without telling you of some of my favorite finds of the day.

First off, Tim’s new Configurations rock!


Then Wendy’s Art Parts are going to be a major “MUST HAVE.”


Another thing I saw at the Stampers Anonymous booth was Darcie’s new releases.  These made me stop in my tracks, congratulate and praise Darcie.  I actually walked right up to her, introduced myself and told her I thought it was the best release I had seen in a long time.  Not her typical style but alas I failed to get pictures.  I’ll have them for you tomorrow!

Graphic 45 has gone Steampunk!  I LOVE it.  Cindy and I stood there, drool running down our chin.  If we could have figured out how to get these projects out of the showroom . . . .  well, maybe we shouldn’t go there.


Just look at this!


Last but not least, BasicGrey!.  I have really not liked the last few releases and haven’t purchased any BasicGrey for some time.  THIS you will see plenty of  . . .  BasicGrey Curio!


This is all I have for now.  We still have lots to see and I’m sure I’ll have more tomorrow evening!  Thanks for stopping by and all of you who stopped me on the floor today, introduced yourself as a blog follower . . .  THANK YOU!  You absolutely made my day!!!!!


18 Responses to “Summer CHA 2010 – Day 1!”

  1. I wish I were in Chicago…it sounds like you girls are having great fun. Thanks for sharing your first day. I look forward to more….

  2. Sherry, I have to agree with you about the recent Basic Grey collections. But it appears that they are coming back with the new collections. I totally love all the Graphic 45 collections. And what can we say about Tim Holtz, Wendy and all the awesome artists at Stampers Anonymous. They are rocking the house!!! In all, I really envy you because I wanted to go to CHA-S. But you are doing a great job of sending us these wonderful pictures that makes us drool also. Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Sherry, where were you, how could I have not seen you??????? Your pictures are way better than mine, but I musta have been right behind you all the way. G45….OMG! Gorgeous!!!!

    Hope to see you tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for the pictures. I know you are
    having a great time. Have a great day
    tomorrow and I will be waiting to see more
    great pics.

  5. WOW are you one lucky woman!!!! Share more please!!!!! I need to have those configuration boxes – Oh yes I do!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the pictures Sherry!! I love Tim’s new items and I have not heard of Wendy’s Art Parts?? Is that the line or is it under something else I love what I am seeing. 🙂

  7. What great pictures! Thanks soooooo much for sharing. More please…….I have to admit, I dream about CHA…..and search blogland for pictures, pictures……I’m so glad you are having a great time! ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. So many of us would love to be there, so you are wonderful to bring us some of it to us. Jackie

  9. Great review and I too, like the new graphic 45 and basic grey. Thanks for taking time to post and I hope your back is “back to normal” this morning.

  10. waouh, super
    merci md

  11. so enjoyed the sneak peeks, so glad your having a great time!

  12. Sherry, beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us and telling me about Cindy! 🙂

  13. It’s so cool that you focused on exactly what I wanted to see! Knew you would! I’m anxious to find out about the new Darcie release and can’t wait to get your thoughts on all the new die cutting machines! Keep the photos and reviews coming!

  14. Wow…thanks for sending us all the CHA pictures…such goodness…wish I were there!!! Too much eye candy all in one place…I think I would have passed out…hehehe!!! Love that word…”steampunk”…too cute…SO love Graphic 45. And I love Tim Holtz too! I need to get my Tim Holtz inks back out and play again! And like you said Basic Grey has been not on my likeable meter either, but I do like the paper line in the picture ya took…very pretty! Ok…anyways…thanks so much for the pictures…glad you are havin’ a great time!!! HAVE FUN for me!!!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your good time with us. It’s so nice to hear first hand what you are enjoying. I’m crazy for the Art Parts and the Basic grey papers look so awesome. Continue having fun and I’m looking forward to hearing more. TFS!!! Sherry. 😀

  16. Thank you Sherry for sharing all this with us. I would love to be there but since I can’t it’s great that you can, and show pictures of all the neat new things.

  17. I had the absolute best, hands-down ultimate time with you these past two days Sherry!! I can’t wait to do it again, and soon, and if I can ever get the chance to spend time with you again I am sooooo there! Talk about a blast times ten – you are incredible my friend.

  18. Ditto to what Cindy said, and that goes for BOTH of you! Dang, I still didn’t get to see the Darcie stamps! How could I have missed them? What a great trip it was! Hope to get together again someday!

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