Wow it’s Hump Day already!  Hard to believe that the first part of this week has gone to quickly.  Of course I’ve been running for two days non-stop it feels, so what should I expect.  I need to spend some serious time working in the studio today as I have a tutorial and video to write for Splitcoaststampers next week.  YES, you are going to LOVE it! 

I’ve got a project to show you today that was totally turned down.  I submitted it for a publication and as always . . . rejected! 

This is very cool because I used an image from and did an inverted pyramid.  I started to type card, but it’s not a card but a wall hanging using a page from the Grungeboard Bracket Book.


I covered it with papers from Webster’s Pages and added some fun elements.  The tattered pages behind the image and heart are the words to Bette Midler’s The Rose.  The rose is made from Webster’s Pages, the heart is Grungepaper and the leaves are Gungeboard.

That’s all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . .  life is short, take advantage of the adventures that come your way today!


42 Responses to “Rejected!”

  1. Well,I liked it. Maybe because it wasn’t a “card”.

  2. It’s absolutely stunning Sherry, I love it! Certainly not a reject . . . it’s too beautiful!!

  3. This is so beautiful and creative. It’s the publication’s loss because this is a lovely wall hanging.

  4. I think it’s beautiful and very creative. They don’t know everything.
    Brooke G.

  5. Wow your card is sooooooo gorgeous!

  6. Sherry,
    It is fun to see your marvelous creations, as always…WE certainly don’t reject your project…hope you are doing well. Did you go to CHA?

    Cheers, Eli

  7. Yes, I like it too! I think it’s very creative and lovely. The words to the “Rose” song is a great touch…love it!!!

  8. wowsers, sistah – do NOT let that discourage you (yeah, I’m a good one to talk, lo) seriously, my mouth dropped when it pulled up on the screen. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Wowsers!!!!! LOVE it!!!! Yeah, I definitely wanna come to your house and play….uhhh the things I could learn…


  9. Hi Sherry –

    They must have had their eyes closed when they look at this! It is just beautiful! I mean, look at all the work you put into it, just fabulous, their loss.

    Elaine Allen

  10. Don’t understand the ‘rejected’, it’s a very awesome project! Love your Grunge:)

  11. Sherry, really nice. I think someone was in a bad mood that day. I would never have rejected it……Crazy! Well, your fans love it! Keep up the good work.

  12. It’s gorgeous as all your work! (Stupid publishers, what do they know???!?) I love the inverted pyramid!
    Thanks for sharing!!! :o)

  13. Rejected??? Who in the heck rejected that beautiful card? I thank it is wonderful. If you can tell how you did it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Very cool project! Those rat bast*#ds rejected you?! We won’t reject you:)

  15. Guess that just goes to show what the “experts” know. This is absolutely gorgeous. Their loss is our gain. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I cant imagine anything of yours being rejected!! The NERVE! Love your stuff – wish I was that good.

  17. That is so cool!!! Chin up girl, not that I understand why???…..but it will happen your work is just the best!! I love to see what new things you’ve created. Keep it up and I CAN’T wait to see the new video 🙂

  18. What a absolutely beautiful project. I wish I could give you a hug to help you with the rejection part. Keep being creative. I love your stuff.

  19. Sherry, I watched your video on this and I got to tell you…It is a lot of cutting!! Anyone who realized how much work goes into these would never turn you down for publication! Sadly, it is their loss!

  20. Whoever turned this beauty down for publication is, simply, NUTS, and maybe should be in engineering or science instead of papercraft publishing. It’s GORGEOUS!

  21. Well, if you send it to me I won’t reject it! LOL
    It is absolutely STUNNING!

  22. Where ever you submitted this must have no taste – it’s beautiful!

  23. I love it…and it’s hard to believe somebody
    would reject it. They must have some type of
    eye problem…..very bad eye problem!!!!

  24. Wow Sherry,….this is so beautiful. Not a reject in my book at all… I suspect it was rejected more because the average joe would have a hard time recreating it because it is so artistic… I notice most publications only accept things that are very simple to recreate.

  25. I agree with Beth….I think it was rejected as us mere mortals would not be able to re-create such a work of art!! (and how did I miss this yesterday? Your blog is always my first “cuppa” in the am?!!)

  26. Wow this is totally Awesome, I can’t imagine it being rejected, have you ever tried Stampington publications? I can so see your work in their magazines!!

  27. Hi Sherry!

    It was great meeting you at CHA last week and dog chatting with you on the shuttle to the hotel. How is your fabo furry rescue? We just got our new rescue mama and her 6 surviving puppies on Monday. I’ll blog about them in a few days, once I have pictures. The mom has the most amazing gold eyes!

    Your project is terrific! I haven’t given the inverted pyramid a go yet, but this may give me the kick in the hiney I need to give it a go. The weekend is getting close – enjoy it!

  28. Love it, love it, love it! I read a comment that mentions a video, so I might need to look for that, but right now, I’m getting my nestabilities out and having a go at this. I subscribe to only one magazine right now and that’s Technique Junkies (yeah, I wanna be a lifetime member). Your rejection is a prime example of why I don’t subscribe to much anymore. I love variety, but where’s the beef?

  29. They probably didn’t have their glasses on. If I owned a magazine I certainly would publish this work of art, I would even put it on the cover. Your project is gorgeous, Sherry. So much eye candy and tons of texture. I love the all over composition. Gorgeous work. TFS!!! 😀

  30. you may be bad, but the ones who rejected you are stupid! innovative design! you could have started a fad. maybe you already have. now, “they” will be sorry! you never are rejected by me and alot of others!

  31. REJECT???? That’s so hard to believe. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  32. The turner-downers got no taste whatsoever!

  33. Can’t believe this beautiful piece was rejected. There’s no accounting for taste. But hey, their loss is our gain. We don’t have to buy the magazine to see it.

  34. Pffffffft – well the rejectors are NOT SMART!!! It is STUNNING!!!! 🙂

  35. I’m not sure where you submitted this, but it is obvious that your talent is WAY OVER THEIR LEVEL OF APPRECIATION. This is an awesome piece of work which they are not prepared to recognize. Keep up the fantastic creations, cause we do appreciate them.

    It was great to see you at CHA! Can’t wait to see what else you are up to!

  36. Have to go along with Sandy, up above, as to why I stopped subscribing to paper craft magazines; there isn’t much that grabs my attention like your work does and I’m not b**l sh***ing 🙂 By the way, love your new family addition; your dogs are extremely photogenic. Oh, if you get rejected again, hop on a plane and join me in Barcelona for a good pick me up visit; the sangria I made yesterday is delish!

  37. Hello sherry …..Just want you to know that I have had the most super fun thanks to a Melting Pot and your Faux porcelain flowers ……..I have put a link to you on my blog and posted my first attempts ….love it ….many thanks for sharing ..WE in the UK will never reject you !! ( they don’t know what they are talking about )!!!

    Eileen x

  38. Sherry
    This is the most amazing card. The Rose by Bette Middler is my all time favorite song and for you to feature it in this marvelous card just makes it so special.
    You do fabulous work.

  39. Hi Sherry

    WOW that’s gorgeous!!! I have been neglecting my inks of late, got side tracked after getting a sewing machine for my birthday. Having seen this you have made me want to get inky again.

    Thanks for the nudge, I needed it, as want to start Christmas cards VERY soon.

    Best wishes

    Billie x

  40. FIRST, I know you have posted a tutorial on how to do this pyrimid technique and I have never had the time to try it out, but I’m thinking this weekend I’d like to sit down and try this out. Can you or somebody send me the link for this tutorial please?

    SECOND: Well, I love everything you do. Sometimes when I’ve entered contests or submitted ideas, and then I see what was actually chosen as their pick, I sometimes wonder what exactly they were looking for. Me and three of my friends submitted cards in a contest last year. Friend #2’s card was so awesome. We all really thought she might win, but when they showed the winning entry we were truly baffled. Not that that persons entry was horrible but it was very simple and very beginner like. So maybe sometimes, they have a certain topic they are looking for and you just never know. Keep submitting your awesome art…….you never know.

  41. Rejected? The FOOLS! It’s GORGEOUS!

  42. What!?! somebody had the nerve to turn this down? Pick me! Pick me! I’ll take it. this is go-jus and don’t let anybody tell you different. humph.

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