Oh wow . . . what a fast and furious weekend it was!  So much happening and so much to do.  I did make it to Stampaway on Saturday much to my delight.  If I had stayed at home it would have been a waste of the entire day.  After the U-Haul was brought in, etc., it took them all of 30 minutes to load Mallory’s stuff into the truck.  Yes, I guess keeping my head up my stamping-ass was a good thing that day.  I got to give my friend Nami from Denami Designs a hug and also talk with Rick and Debby from Just For Fun®.  Let’s not forget Ted from Stampers Anonymous . . . he’s always a hoot!  I spied Mario and Tim and did say hi but that’s all the time I wasted . . . had other things to do.

Here’s a big ole Smiley from millan.net for all of you who recognized me, stopped me and said hi! YOU absolutely made my day!!!!  Thanks for for introducing yourselves!

Sunday was the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductions.  Both my dad and my uncle were inducted and what an honor it was.

Here’s my mom accepting on behalf of my dad.


Here’s me accepting on behalf of my uncle who was too ill to attend.  Because my uncle had previously received an award in the winter, they had a second one made that I accepted.  My uncle later made me a gift of one of the awards. . . . . I was so touched and honored that he gave it to me.


It was made even more special in the fact that a re-induction of Harry Hyde, Sr., was being made that day and his son, Harry, Jr., was there to accept the award on his behalf.  My dad raced against and with Harry Hyde for years and my uncle is a friend of Harry Jr.’s.  Harry was gone to NASCAR by the time my uncle started driving, but still they knew each other.

harry jr

For movie and racing fans, if you’ve ever seen the movie with Tom Cruise, Days of Thunder, then you know about Harry Hyde.  The character Harry Hogge was based on Harry Hyde.  I asked Harry, Jr., how much of the character was based on his dad and how accurate it was . . .  his reply . . . a whole lot!  (I had heard rumors that it was very accurate and that it was done without his approval.)

Oh and let me not forget that one of Harry’s drivers was also inducted, Andy Hampton.  Andy drove the local tracks for Harry and won numerous championships.  He drove for my dad (his promotions) for years and years.  It was such an honor for me to finally meet him . . . needless to say I had been a huge fan for many, many years!  He doesn’t look the same without the cigar!


Then yesterday we finally got Mallory moved back to school!  It’s more quiet around the house this morning and quite honestly . . . I already miss her!  But ssshhhhhh don’t tell her!

Now it’s time I head back into the studio and work.  I’ve got some projects that are time sensitive that need to be done and I think . . . maybe . . . . there might be some exciting news coming soon!  Just sayin’.

Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, enjoy the adventure!


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