Picture it!  Friday night and Mr. stodgy was home early.  I suggested we go up the street to Best restaurant and have dinner.  I called mom to see if she and Uncle Billy wanted to meet us.  She declined saying they were tired from working at the river house.  Mr. Stodgy then decided it was too much food and we decided to order in pizza.

While waiting for the pizza to be delivered, I went out on the deck and checked the hot tub.  It was probably 30 minutes or so  . . . adding chemicals, changing filters, cleaning the one I took out, blah blah blah.

well, I was closing the lid and grabbed the strap to pull the lid forward into place.  The next thing I knew, I was on my ass, up against the house and completely stunned.  The strap gave way on the lid and ripped, sending me flying backward.  It was loud enough for Mr. Stodgy to hear and actually came to check on me.  Did he help me up?  No!  Did he ask if I was okay?  No!  He did ask what happened though.  I sat up then and said my wrist was hurting that I thought I broke it.  yeah right,  Mr. Stodgy said more than likely soft tissue damage.

I finally made it into the house to sit for awhile.  The pizza was delivered and while I ate a few pieces, my thumb was getting sore and the pain was shooting up my arm.  I told Mr. S that I felt I needed to go to the ER.  he pointed to his pizza as if to say . .  . duh I’m still eating.  I asked him if I should call my aunt to take me and he said he would after he finished his pizza.

So I waited, changed out of my wet clothes, grabbed a pillow and we finally left.

After a few hours, x-rays, etc. . . . . here I sit typing one handed . . .


An impacted radial break.

I won’t know for a few more days what’s going to happen, but when I know you’ll know!

Oh and yes I called mom to let her know it was all her fault.  If the had met us for dinner none of this would have happened!


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