Smiley from millan.netGood morning!  I know it’s been quite some time when I’ve come here to actually post and write what is going on.  Well maybe not quite some time to you . . . but for me to actually get into the post and write . . .  it’s been quite some time!

First, the pink cast is gone and I’m wearing a wristlet type of brace.  I go back to the doctor on the 11th and I guess we’ll see what happens then.  Smiley from millan.netSecond, the bronchitis is breaking up and I’m feeling a lot better in that regard.  Have I cut down on my smoking?  You bet I have.  Have I quit entirely?  Not yet . . . but it is an inevitable reality for me.  I’ll know more about that on October 15th when I see yet another doctor.  I do have to tell ya though . . . my favorite time of all during the day is when I get up and I have that first cup of coffee and cigarette.  I don’t care where I am . . . in my recliner, watching the sunrise from the hot tub or sitting on the curb in a parking lot of a non-smoking hotel . . . it is my most favorite part of my day!

So much for my medical updates . . . I can think of so many more fascinating things to tell.

During the last month or so while sitting around letting my flabby ass get even flabbier Smiley from, I’ve been keeping a notebook of ideas.  Mostly they are pictures I’ve found of items that inspire me, just like the boots in my new banner.  Have you noticed it?  LOVE those boots and would have them on my feet if I didn’t think they would break the bank.   But seriously now, take a close look at those boots.  Then, take a look at this scrap 1×6


and this Grungepaper, Grungeboard and Maya Road alphabet


Do you see what I do?

All I can say is this!  I finally walked into the studio last night with the intent of working  . . .  it felt foreign to me.  I’ve been somewhat unmotivated and decided that if I didn’t make myself start a project, I probably never would again.  A friend of mine said recently that she could shuck the entire stampy, crafty thing.  I was taken aback and was surprised . . . I understand it now.  All that is a post for another day however.   Let me just say . . . the wood is now painted black and there has been some die cutting going on.  It’s a work in progress!

So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous day!  Me?  Mr. Stodgy told me last night to go buy myself an iPad . . . maybe I’ll Smiley from today!

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Please join The E-Team in helping to celebrate Operation Write Home. We are making and sending cards and would love to have you join in with us.  You can read about the Operation Write Home guidelines HERE.

Visit the E-Team to get more tips and tricks creating multiple cards.

The E-Team

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Daisy Sparks

AND, if you leave a comment at each blog you’ll get a chance to win some paper crafting goodies. If you play along with us, and upload your card creation to eclectic Paperie Flickr Group by Sunday, October 3rd you’ll have another chance to win 1 of 2 eclectic Paperie box of goodies.

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You’ll notice that my name is missing from my fellow designers.  That’s because I’ve been a little under the weather recently.  I did get my cast off this past week and am now wearing a wristlet brace  . . . and that is all a good thing!  However I have been battling bronchitis for over a week and haven’t been up to doing much but watch movies and sleep.  I went back to the doctor yesterday and received more drugs (better I hope this time) and was instructed to call the doctor Monday if I didn’t feel any better.  Keep your fingers crossed for me  . . . . I’m tired of feeling bad and going to doctors . . . . in all honesty, I’ve felt so bad I asked the doctor to admit me to the hospital just so I could get some rest and appropriate care.  She said it wouldn’t work and that I would be home within a couple of hours.

So, go visit my buds and see what they’ve been doing . . . leave them some comments and share your love with them!  Then head over to Operation Write Home and watch this video at the bottom of the page!  I know you’ll want to make and send some cards to our troops . . . and when you do, make sure you upload a picture of your cards to the eclectic Paperie Flickr Group.


Hey y’all!  There was a new festival in town this weekend.  We have a great riverfront here in Jeffersonville with a wonderful view of downtown Louisville.  It’s been a few years since our long-standing Steamboat Days Festival fell apart and with that with the only arts and crafts festival we had.  One of the shop owners in downtown decided on her own to start “River Walk Art-Tiques Show” on Riverside Drive this year.  There was a barbeque booth set up for some good eats and and music on the RiverStage.

The show was very small with maybe 10 or s booths, but the Mayor has already talked to the organizer and has committed the City to support the festival in upcoming years.  Hopefully it will get bigger and better each year.   I called my sister this morning and talked her into going with me, since we both need to get out in the sunshine and walk a little.

My favorite booth of them all was the antique store’s booth which belonged to the organizer.  It was the first booth going down the street and the first thing I saw . . . . I bought!


and it still works with only a few keys sticking.


Now the case shows lots of wear and abuse, but after looking it over I know I can do some minor repair work and it will be good as old!  However, I LOVE the way it looks and this is what made me decide to buy this particular typewriter over another model.


I also found some folding rulers and locks.  Can you guess what these will be used for?


The wrist is starting to feel better and now I find that I’m almost using  the thumb on the left hand when I type.  It’s no longer a peck and find type of thing.  Maybe, just Maybe, I’ll find myself in the studio this week.  However, I’m not holding my breath and neither should you.  I have been working on some ideas though and can’t wait to get at it with both hands . . . because for some of those, it’s going to take two!

Well, that my highlights of the weekend. . .  unless you want to see my laundry!  I hope you have fabulous day and take advantage of the adventures that come your way . . . life is too damn short as it is!


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The E-Team

Broni Holcombe

Latrice Murphy

Linda Duke

Linda Ledbetter

Micki Harper

Sherry Cheever

Starla Nelson

The first stop along your way is the eclectic Paperie Blog, where you’ll find a video introduction of the E-Team Designers.

Your final stops will be the Designers’ blogs to see what they have each posted today. It’s a small glimpse of what to expect from the E-Team including different techniques, different products and different styles.

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My favorite technique that I would like to share with you is my love for all things altered . . . taking trash to treasure so to speak.  One of my favorite altered projects has been transforming this

Trash 2x4

to this


and this


and this


and this!


Product used available at eclectic Paperie:

I believe that’s all I have for today.  I hope you enjoy your “E” Trip today and remember . . . . life changes, so make every day count!


Happy Labor Day!  Well, I have to show you what I did.  never one to leave well enough alone . . . I totally “f’d” this one up.


now I’m thinking I need to paint the whole thing black, add some gold chains and kick some butt!

Can you tell what I did? 

some purple alcohol inks, some rock candy stickles . . . hated it.  Decided then to wipe it down with blending solution and it still looks like crap.  last night while watching the race I was filing my nails and the nail file slipped.  can you see some white areas?

Cindy I like your idea of dollhouse furniture!  How long will it take you to get here?

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I know, you don’t have to tell me . . . BAD girl that I am . . . I am such an enabler.  BUT seriously . . . I have a project to show you and I would hate for you to miss out on these great Maya Road canvas tags!   Here’s why!


So how did this tag become to be?  I was at CHA in the Maya Road booth and saw the tags.  I had already been in the Unity Stamps booth and had fallen in love with the new Suzi Blu stamps.  Daisy and I asked if we could try something with the tag and they very graciously gave us one.  We ran back to the Unity booth, told them of our plan and there we had it . . . a canvas tag stamped with a Suzi Blu stamp.  I‘ve hesitated in uploading this because eclectic Paperie is still waiting on their shipment of Suzi Blu stamps.  I’m having faith that since I’ve now posted it, they will be arriving any day now and Daisy will let me know so I can order some!  You know . . . it’s like waiting for your dinner to arrive in a restaurant, you finally give up and go to the bathroom and when you get back . . . your dinner was served!

This image was water colored with Distress Ink re-inkers, and I can’t wait to try it with some acrylic paints.

SEE why I said I didn’t want you to miss out on the canvas tags

That’s all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by and remember . . . life is short, take advantage of the adventures that some your way!



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