Hey y’all!  There was a new festival in town this weekend.  We have a great riverfront here in Jeffersonville with a wonderful view of downtown Louisville.  It’s been a few years since our long-standing Steamboat Days Festival fell apart and with that with the only arts and crafts festival we had.  One of the shop owners in downtown decided on her own to start “River Walk Art-Tiques Show” on Riverside Drive this year.  There was a barbeque booth set up for some good eats and and music on the RiverStage.

The show was very small with maybe 10 or s booths, but the Mayor has already talked to the organizer and has committed the City to support the festival in upcoming years.  Hopefully it will get bigger and better each year.   I called my sister this morning and talked her into going with me, since we both need to get out in the sunshine and walk a little.

My favorite booth of them all was the antique store’s booth which belonged to the organizer.  It was the first booth going down the street and the first thing I saw . . . . I bought!


and it still works with only a few keys sticking.


Now the case shows lots of wear and abuse, but after looking it over I know I can do some minor repair work and it will be good as old!  However, I LOVE the way it looks and this is what made me decide to buy this particular typewriter over another model.


I also found some folding rulers and locks.  Can you guess what these will be used for?


The wrist is starting to feel better and now I find that I’m almost using  the thumb on the left hand when I type.  It’s no longer a peck and find type of thing.  Maybe, just Maybe, I’ll find myself in the studio this week.  However, I’m not holding my breath and neither should you.  I have been working on some ideas though and can’t wait to get at it with both hands . . . because for some of those, it’s going to take two!

Well, that my highlights of the weekend. . .  unless you want to see my laundry!  I hope you have fabulous day and take advantage of the adventures that come your way . . . life is too damn short as it is!


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  1. What a great purchase! Cool info about the riverfront festival too;D Get better soon and make something!

  2. I’m glad you had a great weekend! I miss seeing your wonderful creations, but don’t rush and start back too soon! Follow Drs. orders! {Even tho it’s difficult!} We’ll still be here! {wink!}

  3. Awww that is so cute how you typed “medicated and motivated”! That is one cool typewriter! Great finds with the rulers, lock! Will be looking forward to your wonderful creations, but you take it easy for now and take care…hugssssss!!!

  4. What a great purpose. I bought a typewriter a year ago and need new ribbon. I giggled over the “medicated and motivated” note you typed.
    Those rulers were a steal….glad you found some. Are you going to use them to display cards or pictures? (I am jealous.)
    Glad you got to go out and have some fun!!

  5. OMG, that’s an awesome find….. and love the ‘medicated and motivated’…. I so need to get me a t-shirt that says that and wear to work….

  6. You TOTALLY need to copyright that phrase… I’d TOTALLY have that as a bumper sticker!!!! LMAO!

    WAHOO on the gold mines you found… I have a couple of those rulers somewhere in the old storage…. Thought that DH would like them being a carpenter and all… Guess not!!! LOL

    Take care and I’m sure when you can your blog is gonna catch on fire… all those loads!!!!!

    Headin out on VACATION to the RODEO!!!!! PS My Stamps arrived the other day!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! I am gonna be SO excited to ink them after I return from home and the RODEO!!!!!! YEEEEEHAWWW!!!!!!! Let’er Buck!!!!

  7. I wish I could come over and play. We could make cards while I picked your brain while having coffee and some of my home made cinnamon rolls. Later we could have some spirits. Like spiked lemonade and have lunch and then go back to fun again.
    On the serious side of life I am glad your arm is getting better.
    Hugs and prayers. Sylvia

  8. WOW! Awesome find!

    Glad to hear you’re starting to feel better…me too! YAY, US!! :o)

  9. Now that typewriter ROCKS!

    Gee, you wouldn’t be *altering* those rulers, would you? I sure wouldn’t expect to see that! 🙂

    GREAT finds.

    And glad to hear you’re left hand is feeling better!

  10. Hi Sherry

    What an amazing find. I was the same with my book press, the ‘distressed look’ was part of the appeal, adds to the character and all that.

    OMG on your wrist! We are a pair this year aren’t we. Fingers crossed next year will be our year 😉 I can’t leave you alone for a minute can I, missed your blog for a few weeks and here you are in plaster.

    Here’s hoping next time you get plastered only alcohol is involved NOT bones!!!

    Take care and sending healing thoughts to your wrist.

    Billie xx

  11. So glad to hear your hand is mending! You found some great buys! I can see the rulers and locks on a wall hanging. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  12. OMG I owned a typewriter like that!! A “portable” it was a graduation gift… You did good girl!!! And I too totally love “medicated and motivated” the question is motivated to what????? Glad your wrist is “getting there”… soon it will time for physical therapy….aaaahhhh talk about medicated and motivated!!!

  13. LOOOOOVE the typewriter!
    Medicated and Motivated…..hehe…..Love that one

  14. fun finds, I almost bought a typewriter at a flea market but really nowhere to put it 🙁

  15. Some really cool finds there, Sherry! I love the old typewriter!! Can’t wait to see your altered art with the rulers and lock! I’m so glad to hear the hand is getting better!

  16. Awesome finds Sherry!!! I would love to get my hands on a typewriter!!!

  17. So cool! What treasures you found. Those rulers really take me back. My Dad (a carpenter by trade) always had these rulers in the garage. I was the youngest of six, and we all loved playing with these. Needless to say we always broke them and whenever he needed one he found several broken ones and would be so angry. His anger never lasted long, he would go buy more and we couldn’t help ourselves, play and break. 🙂

  18. […] Sherry Cheever found a vintage typewriter at the city’s flea market and the moment I saw her blog post and picture, I was wishing I still had the one that I played with as a child.  It looked just […]

  19. Whats up! There is no post from you or several of the ladies?? hope everythings ok…just wondering

  20. GREAT typewriter find, Sherry! I have one (a Royal) in very similar condition that my uncle, who was a WWII correspondent, carried with him throughout the war and used for his articles home. I simply cannot part with it – I just know I can “dude” it up and use it as a very cool decoration, but just not seeing what that “duding up” should be. I’ll be anxious to see what you do with yours! I’m writing this after reading your article on 9/26 – prayers going up for your hand and healing your bronchitis! God bless you!
    Kris, Wadsworth, OH

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